Orthodontics Limited is an Orthodontist with offices located in Philadelphia, PA and Hatboro, PA. We specialize in Braces, Invisalign, and Invisalign Teen. Here are some resources to help guide your research.

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Invisalign Guide

Smoking And Your Oral Health

YOU’VE INVESTED A LOT to get your ideal smile, so of course you want to keep it looking great for life. That’s why, as your orthodontic team, we...

Dr. Charles Gemmi in Blog

Eating With Braces Dos And Dont’s

We know it's not fun when one of your favorite snacks—such as hard candy—is suddenly off the menu! But eating right while you have braces will...

Dr. Charles Gemmi in Braces

When You Smile, The World Smiles Back

LET’S DO A QUICK EXPERIMENT right now! Look across the room and catch someone’s eye. Now smile at that person. Did they smile back? We’re...

Dr. Charles Gemmi in Blog

Alcohol’s Effects On Your Oral Health

MOST PEOPLE UNDERSTAND HOW ALCOHOL affects their bodies, but we rarely talk about the effects on our oral health. As your orthodontic team, we want...

Dr. Charles Gemmi in Blog