Your After-Braces Smile And The Science Of Attraction

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day—and what better day to talk about smiles, attraction, and relationships… and how it all relates to your orthodontic treatment. The fact is that smiles have a surprising amount to do with attraction. And beautiful, straight smiles have even more to do with it.

It’s Not So Much About Makeup And Primping

Women in many countries annually spend up to $8 billion on makeup. And, the average woman in those countries spends 20 minutes a day (or more) applying it. But according to a Wrigley Gum study where participants looked at thousands of photos of women smiling with makeup, smiling without makeup, not smiling with makeup, and not smiling without makeup, the study found that both men AND women think that a smile makes a person more attractive than makeup does (and it may save a woman 20 minutes a day)!

Smiles Literally Draw People Closer

Why are smiles so attractive to us? A smile is a “social cue”. It can signal apology, welcome, gratitude, or celebration. A smile means “you’re clear to approach” and we all react to it subconsciously.

Your Smile Ranks #1 In How You’re Initially Judged

Sometimes it’s unwise to judge a book by its cover, but the importance of a first impression is undeniable. A recent survey of over 5,000 singles found that both men (58%) and women (71%) judge the opposite sex MOST on their teeth.


Unfortunately, this is rough news for the 30% of people who are unhappy with their smiles. If you have a friend who’s one of them, please let them know about our practice. We would love help them love their smile.

Thanks for your trust in our practice! We appreciate you!