Our Facebook Promise To Our Valued Patients And Friends

WHEN IT COMES TO SOCIAL MEDIA we believe it’s the quality of the online relationships and content that matters—not the quantity. We’re a relationship-based business where our team members have personal relationships with you. Sometimes we don’t see you for six months! So, as part of our efforts to stay connected, we love Facebook. We love it because we believe it helps us serve you better.

Would You Consider Doing Us A Little Favor?

Occasionally we have patients express concern that they missed a cool, funny, or important post or promotion on our page. Very recently, new functionality has been added to our page that provides a way for you, our fans, to never miss these posts again.

Please go to our Facebook page and follow these simple instructions:

Our Promise To You, Our Valued Patients And Friends

To confirm our sincere thanks to you for opting-in to our post notifications we make this promise… We won’t bombard you with self-promotional posts or irrelevant dental gobbledegook. Each time before we post, we’ll continue to ask ourselves, “Will this be truly helpful, relevant, interesting, or fun for our patients?” When the answer is “yes” we’ll post it, and when the answer is “no” we won’t.

Two-Way Conversations That We Respect And Cherish

Social media allows us to better connect with you. We consider it a platform for dialogues, not monologues. We want you to always feel comfortable reaching out to us with questions and/or suggestions on how we can better serve you. Your feedback is appreciated and helpful!

We’re grateful to you. You make our work rewarding and enjoyable. Thanks for connecting with us and for helping our practice grow!