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in Philadelphia & Hatboro, PA: Orthodontics Limited

Your Expert Orthodontists in Philadelphia & Hatboro, PA: Orthodontics Limited

Crafting perfect smiles isn’t just our job; it’s our passion and we’re the best at it. Recognized by Philadelphia Magazine as one of the top orthodontic practices in the Philadelphia and Hatboro area for nine years, Orthodontics Limited has spent over three decades going above and beyond for kids, teens, and adults when it comes to quality of service and care.

Drs. Pale, Gemmi, and Middlebergs focus on a holistic approach to aesthetic improvements, dental health, and jaw functionality. With expertly trained staff in three conveniently located offices in Hatboro, Northeast Philadelphia, and Center City Philadelphia, we invite you to experience a legacy of transformative smiles.

First-Class Orthodontic Treatments in Philadelphia and Hatboro

The Future of Orthodontics at Your Fingertips

Braces: A Time-Tested Technique for a Stunning Smile

Traditional Metal Braces

Clear Ceramic Braces

Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment

First-Class Orthodontic Treatments
in Philadelphia & Hatboro

Whether it’s Invisalign, braces, or interceptive orthodontic treatments, Orthodontics Limited has the expertise and tailored approach to meet your unique needs.

Our highly specialized, board-certified team collaborates with you to select the most effective treatment for your goals and lifestyle, ensuring that you’ll achieve the stunning smile you’ve always desired.

The Future of Orthodontics at Your Fingertips

Orthodontics Limited is a VIP Diamond Plus Invisalign practice, meaning we’re the most qualified experts at creating beautiful smiles using this innovative treatment. We are in the top 1% of all Invisalign practices in the United States, and among the top 3 Invisalign practices in the state of PA.

Perfect for adults, teens, and children as young as 6 years old, we offer Invisalign, Invisalign Teen and Invisalign First, giving everyone the freedom to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile in a modern, barely-noticeable way. If you’re ready for a change and newfound confidence, we’re the most qualified to provide you with stunning results.

A Time-Tested Technique for a Stunning Smile
Braces: A Time-Tested Technique for a Stunning Smile

At Orthodontics Limited, we take traditional braces and elevate them to new levels of efficiency and comfort. Whether you opt for our sleek metal braces or our nearly invisible clear ceramic alternatives, rest assured that you’ll receive cutting-edge, reliable treatment capable of addressing all types of dental misalignments. We bring time-tested orthodontic solutions into the modern age.

Traditional Metal Braces

Gone are the days of bulky, uncomfortable metal braces. Today’s versions are designed for both ease and efficiency, making your smile journey more comfortable than you ever thought possible. From the design to the materials, today’s braces are much more gentle without sacrificing stellar results. Explore more about this tried-and-true method for a healthier smile and find out how we set the bar for effective orthodontic treatment.

Clear Ceramic Braces

Achieve the smile of your dreams with the same precision of traditional braces but without the metal. Clear ceramic braces offer all the strength and effectiveness of their metal counterparts, but they blend seamlessly with your teeth for a nearly invisible treatment. Discover how we can elevate your smile while being discreet. 

Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment

Set your child on the path to a healthy, confident smile with Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment. Designed to catch and correct issues in developing teeth, gums, and jaws early on, this proactive approach paves the way for easier, more effective treatments in the future and prevents potentially serious issues later on. If your child isn’t ready for treatment, our doctors will be able to monitor the development of your child’s teeth to decide when, and if, intervention is needed. 

Orthodontists With a Legacy
of Expertise and Education

Meet the exceptional team that makes your dream smile a reality—Drs. Justin Middleberg, Kathleen Pale, Charles Gemmi, and Harold Middleberg. Orthodontics Limited was founded by Dr. Middleberg in 1990, and it wasn’t long until Dr. Pale, Dr. Gemmi, and Dr. Justin joined the family, bringing decades of experience and unmatched expertise to every treatment. Along with being board certified orthodontists, they’re all esteemed educators in the field, teaching the next generation of orthodontists at Einstein Medical Center. With these four outstanding doctors, your smile is in the best hands in the business.

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