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2017 Back to School Hair Trends

by Dr. Gemmi on August 29, 2017

If you are like most kids, you are probably look at the start of the school year as a chance as a clean slate, to redefine yourself. What better way to do that then to sport a new haircut or hairstyle for the first day. Here are some 2017 Back to School Hair Trends: The Razor Bob One way girls can make a big splash this year is by sporting a sleek but edgy razor bob. In this modern version of the bob is shorter in the back and longer sides and layers. The Pixie The pixie will never...

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fashion trends 2017

2017 Back to School Fashion Trends for Teens

by Dr. Gemmi on August 29, 2017

If your kids aren’t stuck wearing a uniform to school then they are probably equal parts excited and dreading putting together their back to school wardrobe together. Excited to have a fresh start and a new look for the year, but also dreading any negative reactions? Here are twelve 2017 back to school fashion trends that will be a surefire success: The Minimalist Approach We have all heard the expression “less is more” when it comes to home design, but this can hold true in...

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how retainers protect

How Retainers Protect Your Smile

by Dr. Gemmi on June 30, 2017

The day has finally come. You are finally getting those braces off, but before you can completely celebrate, your orthodontist tells you will still need to wear a retainer. While this is the last thing you want to probably hear, don’t ignore your orthodontist’s recommendations. Retainers are necessary to protect your smile and keep your teeth from moving back to their original position. For your most beautiful smile, wear your retainer as recommended by the orthodontist. How do...

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orthodontics in philadelphia

Your Guide to Orthodontics in Philadelphia

by Dr. Gemmi on June 28, 2017

Has your dentist told you that you need to see an orthodontist for treatment, but you are nervous because you don’t know what to expect or how to find the best orthodontist in Philadelphia? Don’t worry. Knowledge is power. Here is your guide to Orthodontics in Philadelphia: What is Orthodontics Orthodontics is a special branch of dentistry that focuses on the alignment of your teeth and jaw. Orthodontists use devices and appliances to reposition teeth and remodel the bone underneath....

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candidate for accelerated orthodontics

Am I a Good Candidate for Accelerated Orthodontics?

by Dr. Gemmi on June 26, 2017

In our fast-paced society, we want everything instantaneously so the thought of a wearing braces for a couple of years probably seems like a tortuous proposition. While good things like a beautiful smile are certainly worth waiting for, what if you could speed up the teeth straightening process? Accelerated Orthodontics is when additional treatment is added to the braces to help get you to a straighter, more beautiful smile. There are different types of accelerated orthodontics that your...

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shouldnt ignore crooked teeth

8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Crooked Teeth

by Dr. Gemmi on June 22, 2017

Crooked teeth are so much more than an aesthetic issue, but too often people think about forgoing correcting it because they don’t have the money to fix something that is just related to their appearance. When you are worried about making ends meet each month, it can seem impossible to have the resources to invest in orthodontic work for either you or your child. But crooked teeth have a way of impacting many more aspects of your life than you realize and by correcting dental issues, you...

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fix your smile

Why It’s Never Too Late to Fix Your Smile

by Dr. Gemmi on June 10, 2017

Maybe your parents couldn’t afford to fix your smile when you were a kid or maybe your teeth didn’t start to shift until you were older. Either way, there is no short window of time for correcting your smile. You don’t have to be a middle school aged kid to wear braces and lucky for you, there are other alternatives to the metal braces you remember your friends wearing in school. If you are self-conscious of the condition of your smile and your dentist has told you that braces...

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How to Teach Your Teenage Children to Eat Healthier

How to Teach Your Teenage Children to Eat Healthier

by Dr. Gemmi on May 18, 2017

No matter how much you try to teach your kids the importance of healthy eating, by the time they get to their teenage years they often tend to make poor food choices. Fast food, soda and late night pizza pies….Don’t be surprised if you see them making strange food choices. Part of it is because they are away from home more hanging out with friends and doing extracurricular activities. When you are out and about, it is easy to go grab a burger and fries or even worse just a bag of chips....

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Safeguard My Smile

Kids: How to Safeguard My Smile

by Dr. Gemmi on April 30, 2017

It is an inevitable situation. Your child trips and falls on the playground at school and hits her mouth. A blow to the mouth can not only crack teeth, but can also cause bruising and cuts to the gums as well. You want to protect your child’s smile, but is seems impossible with all the scrapes they find themselves in, whether simply playing or participating in sports. You only get one set of teeth once your permanent ones comes in though so you don’t want anything to happen to them....

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Invisalign i7 Philadelphia

5 Ways Invisalign i7 Provides More Individualized Care

by Dr. Gemmi on March 22, 2017

Orthodontic treatment is a big investment in time and money, with most treatments taking between 12 and 24 months or sometimes even longer to see results. If you only have one or two crooked teeth or only a small gap between your two front teeth, these might seem too minor to get braces for. Luckily though you don’t just have to just deal with the slight imperfections if you don’t want to. Invisalign i7 offers you an easy way to fix minor dental problems. Here are 5 ways Invisalign...

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