5 Creative and Beneficial Ways To Change Yourself This New Year

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Published by Dr. Charles Gemmi

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It’s a new year and you might be ready for some changes. If you’re serious about it, this is the guide for you. We’ll go over five creative and beneficial ways on how to change yourself this new year. You might be considering some serious goals that you want to achieve. You may have put them off in the past. Yet, now is the time to finally follow through and get the job done.

Ready to learn what you can do? Keep reading and we’ll show you these ways to change yourself right now.

Focus on your personal growth

Your personal growth is important. Not to mention, becoming a better person may be one of those New Year’s resolution examples you want to follow. It’s important to set specific, measurable, and achievable goals to make this a reality.

What exactly will turn you into a better person? Will it be learning a new skill? Volunteering your time in a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter?

There’s a wide variety of options at your disposal. Working on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being is important. Take care of yourself and make sure you never sacrifice anything that pertains to these three aspects of your overall health.

It’s important to find balance in your life. Yes, you may be working on big goals. You might be working on a huge project. But don’t sacrifice your physical, mental, or emotional health. If you need to rest, do so. If you’re feeling stressed, step away for a bit and do something else.

If you really want to know how to change yourself, this tip will be a must-follow for anyone.

Learn a new skill

You’re thinking to yourself ‘new year, new me’. Why not back that up with learning a new skill? It can be something related to arts and crafts. Or it can be something that you’ve always wanted to do for a long time. Now is your opportunity to learn that new skill. You can put it to good use and reap whatever rewards you aim for.

It can be a skill where you can make money on the side. We live in a time where you can create something and sell it on sites like Etsy. The real questions are the ‘how’ and ‘where’. How are you going to learn this new skill? The best place could be online. Where online exactly? There are plenty of places online where you can learn a new skill. This can be YouTube (which is free). Or you can find an online course that will help you develop the skill and become good at it.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to learn a new skill online. There might be a class in your local area that will teach you the same thing. Check to see if there may be offline options in your area. Otherwise, online might just be your best resource for learning new skills. Once you learn the ins and outs, you might not get enough of putting it to good use.

Get more organized

You might have Googled something like ‘how to make new year’s resolutions’. Perhaps you came across an idea like improving your time management. In fact, you can do just that by becoming more organized. To do this, you can consider things like decluttering your home or establishing a new daily routine. Whatever that may be, put it to good use. Organization will set you ahead and make the day a lot easier.

Time management is one of the best organizational skills you can have. Schedule a time for a task and stick with it for the amount allotted. Meaning if you schedule an hour for studying, make sure you do just that.

Exercise on a regular basis

If you are looking to lose weight and look great, it may be a good idea to exercise regularly. To start, you can do this 30 minutes for three days a week. Then, you can work your way up to five days a week. One of the best ways on how to change yourself can be setting a goal that will help you lose a specific amount of weight by a certain deadline. For example, you can say you want to lose weight by 3 months after today. From there, you can get started with the exercises and keep track of your progress.

Exercising regularly doesn’t have to be intense. It can be something like taking brisk walks, jogs, biking, or any kind of cardio. If you want to really take it up a notch, you can also throw in strength training exercises.

Also, make sure your diet is good as well. Eat more fruits, veggies, whole grain, and protein. This also means cutting out the bad stuff like sugar and processed foods.

Keep life as simple as possible

Life doesn’t have to be complicated and chaotic. You can simplify things the way you see fit. This includes adjusting your work-life balance. You should also cut out the things that waste your time. This can include commitments that are unnecessary. You should also consider who you hang out with on a regular basis.

It’s better to hang out with positive people rather than those who are negative and bring you down. This is another way to keep things simple in life.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering the idea of changing yourself, make sure you follow this list of five creative and beneficial ways above. It’s important that you make smart, achievable, measurable, and realistic goals. If you stick with them, you’ll feel better knowing you’ve improved yourself.

You will notice the changes you’ve made. It’s a new year, so what are you waiting for? Sit down and make a list of goals that you want to achieve for the purpose of changing yourself. And remember – make sure you break them down into smaller goals so they are more achievable.

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