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What is the Best Age for an Orthodontic Checkup?

by Dr. Gemmi on July 31, 2017

When you think of the most common age for wearing braces, you probably picture the pre-teen and teen years. If you have spent any time in middle schools or high schools, you tend to see a lot of kids sporting one of the many orthodontic options available today including the traditional metal braces and Invisalign aligners. Orthodontic care should start a lot earlier than this though. What is the Best Age for an Orthodontic Checkup? According to the American Association of Orthodontists,...

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Why the Timing of Loss of Baby Teeth Matters to Your Smile

by Dr. Gemmi on July 27, 2017

What’s all the fuss about baby teeth, you make ask. They are not permanent so does it really matter when your child loses them? Actually it does and that is why proper oral hygiene is so important for your child even as a baby.What’s all the fuss about baby teeth, you make ask. They are not permanent so does it really matter when your child loses them? Actually it does and that is why proper oral hygiene is so important for your child even as a baby. Baby teeth, referred to as the...

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play sports braces

Can You Play Sports With Braces?

by Dr. Gemmi on June 23, 2017

Keeping your child safe is your number one priority so when your sports-loving kid was told he or she needed braces, your first thought probably was, is it safe to play sports with braces? While your child’s mouth will need extra protection from blunt trauma when he or she is wearing braces, there are effective ways to keep your child safe without having to give up on sports for a while. So can you play sports with braces? The answer would be a resounding Yes! Talk to the orthodontist...

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healthy habits for teens

Healthy Habits for Teens and How to Encourage Them

by Dr. Gemmi on June 15, 2017

The teen years are a fun and exciting time for your child, but often a very nerve-wracking time for you as the parent. It is a time when you are giving your teen more independence and responsibilities which is a good thing, but it is also important that you instill in them healthy habits that are essential to living a long and happy life. If you help them form these habits now, you will be giving them the tools to navigate any obstacles they may face as they grow into adulthood. Here are...

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Activities Kids Adhd

Great Activities for Kids with ADHD

by Dr. Gemmi on May 29, 2017

When your child has ADHD, it is especially important that they don’t spend long hours watching television or playing video games. This will do nothing to help them develop those skills that tend to be underdeveloped in children with this disorder. Instead try to find activities for after school and on the weekends that can help them expend all that extra energy and boost their confidence as they develop new skills. Especially if your child is struggling in school, the extra outlets will...

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Summer Job Ideas Teens

Eleven Summer Job Ideas for Teens

by Dr. Gemmi on May 23, 2017

A summer job is a rite of passage for most teenagers. Whether they are looking for spending money for clothes and hanging out with their friends or saving up for a car or college tuition, the summer is the perfect time to earn money and hone new skills without having the extra stress of school work. There are a lot of full-time and part-time options out there if you know where to look and with the right job, your teen can earn a couple thousand dollars (before taxes) during one summer....

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How to Teach Your Teenage Children to Eat Healthier

How to Teach Your Teenage Children to Eat Healthier

by Dr. Gemmi on May 18, 2017

No matter how much you try to teach your kids the importance of healthy eating, by the time they get to their teenage years they often tend to make poor food choices. Fast food, soda and late night pizza pies….Don’t be surprised if you see them making strange food choices. Part of it is because they are away from home more hanging out with friends and doing extracurricular activities. When you are out and about, it is easy to go grab a burger and fries or even worse just a bag of chips....

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Safeguard My Smile

Kids: How to Safeguard My Smile

by Dr. Gemmi on April 30, 2017

It is an inevitable situation. Your child trips and falls on the playground at school and hits her mouth. A blow to the mouth can not only crack teeth, but can also cause bruising and cuts to the gums as well. You want to protect your child’s smile, but is seems impossible with all the scrapes they find themselves in, whether simply playing or participating in sports. You only get one set of teeth once your permanent ones comes in though so you don’t want anything to happen to them....

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brushing apps

Top 11 Brushing Apps for Kids

by Dr. Gemmi on April 25, 2017

Brushing your teeth twice a daily is ingrained in most adults, but for children it can be a hard habit to form. They are too busy exploring their world, learning new things and having fun to want to slow down and do something as boring as brushing their teeth. Children tend to feel invincible and are not concerned with problems that might pop up down the road. All they care about is what is going to happen in the next ten minutes. Even older children and teens don’t always to put the...

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get your kids to brush

7 Ways to Help Get Your Kids to Brush Regularly

by Dr. Gemmi on April 23, 2017

You know how important it is for your kids to brush their teeth regularly, but getting them to do it sometimes feels liking trying to move a mountain. It is a known fact of parenthood that your child will fight you on doing anything that is good for them like taking a bath or eating their vegetables. And brushing their teeth is no different. While it might not seem like a big deal to let it slide every once in a while when your child is feeling particularly cantankerous, it can be a...

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