10 Back to School Tips to Make This Your Best Year [Fall 2019 Edition]

A group of children with backpacks walking out of a building.

It’s about that time again for the kids to go back to school. The more laid back summer days are coming to a close, are you are ready, Mom & Dad?

Don’t worry, we have for you Fall 2019 back to school tips to make this your best year.

1. Get Them Ready for Those Early School Days Wake-up Call

If your kids are like most kids, they have been enjoying more relaxed bedtime and wake-up times this summer. Because of this, they are going to need some time to adjust to getting up early for school and going to bed at a set time every night. To help them adjust to this, a few weeks before they start slowly start weaning them back a half-hour at a time. For example, if they have been going to be at midnight all summer long, then that first week have them hit the sheets at 11:30 pm instead and slowly work your way back to their regular school bedtime. Do the same with the time they get up in the morning.

2. Set Goals & Expectations for the School Year Now

What types of activities are your kids going to be involved in this year? How much time will they need to devote to this? When and what time will they get their homework done? What will be the rules for screen time during the school year? Create a regular routine together with your kids that both of you clearly understand so there is no confusion once the first day of school is upon you. Don’t forget to incorporate any chores you expect from them.

3. Set Up a Special Area to do Homework

It’s important to set up a special area in the house for homework. It should be a quiet area away from the distractions of television, phones and video games. If your children are small, it should also be an area that is near where you are like the kitchen while you are cooking dinner so you can help them when they need it. If you have several school age children, consider setting up separate study areas for each of them, unless you need them all together to monitor their work.

4. Plan Healthy Snack and Meal Ideas

If you have been spending your summer eating out a lot and filling up on delicious snacks and treats that are not necessarily the healthiest for you, it may take a minute to get back into the healthy eating mode. It is important that you do though because your kids need brain food to help them learn. Stock up your house with fresh ingredients for healthy snacks and meals so that eating healthier isn’t such a chore.

5. Get Your Kids’ Immunizations Up-to-Date

Most states have certain immunization requirements for the start of school and you probably have forms you need to send back so now is the perfect time for your child’s wellness checkup. Get all the medical and dental checkups out of the way now so you are not trying to squeeze them in those hectic first few weeks of school.

6. Get That Summer HW Done

Nothing is worse for kid or parent then to be stressed over finishing up summer homework assignments last minute. Don’t push it off until the last minute and cause all that unnecessary stress. Make sure your kids are working on their assignments throughout the summer and that they are finished way before the night before school starts.

7. Institute Regular Reading Time

A love of reading just for fun is so important to instill I your child. It will help them with their vocabulary and reading comprehension and give them a love of learning too. Don’t let this slip during the summer months by having regular reading times every day for your kids. Make sure they see you enjoying reading too.

8. Take Some Education Trips Before the Summer Ends

Before the summer ends, take the kids on some fun educational trips like to museums and historical sites. They are fun outings that will also get them in the learning mode again.

9. Put Together a Family Calendar

If all your kids are in different activities, it can be hard to juggle along with you and your spouse’s work schedules so a family calendar is a must. And then there are all the school days off you need to plan for. With a family calendar, everyone is always on the same page of where everybody is at all times.

10. Prepare Yourself

Of course for all this to be successful, it is really up to you, Mom and Dad. You need to get yourself in the right frame of mind to focus back on routines and academics. Do as much prep and planning as you can plan ahead of time so you are ready to help get your children ready.

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