Top 10 Colleges in Philadelphia

Time has flown so quickly and now your son or daughter is looking at colleges. The college search can be a stressful process for both them and you. From picking the school that is the right to figuring out the money, there is a lot to consider.

Philadelphia is a central hub of some well-known colleges and universities. Consider these top 10 colleges in Philadelphia.

1. University of Pennsylvania

Founded by Benjamin Franklin, University of Pennsylvania is not only one of the top colleges in Philadelphia, but one of the top schools in the country too. Penn’s campus is in the heart of the city, but still feels like its own little world. This Ivy League school has an acceptance rate of about 9%.

2. Swarthmore College

Founded in 1864 by the Religious Society of Friends, Swarthmore is situated just outside of Philadelphia where you can enjoy a lush green campus, but still not be far from the activity of the city. Swarthmore College stresses the importance of community service and offers students many different activities to get involved in.

3. Bryn Mawr College

Bryn Mawr College is a small, women’s liberal arts college in Bryn Mawr, Pennnsylvania, 11 miles outside of Philadelphia. Bryn Mawr also offers coeducational graduate programs in the arts and sciences and in social work and social research.

4. Villanova University

Villanova University is the only Augustinian Catholic University in the U.S. They offer both undergraduate and graduate programs in the arts and sciences, engineering, business, law and nursing. It is located 12 miles outside of Philadelphia on a pretty suburban campus.

5. Temple University

Situated in North Philadelphia, Temple University is a top research institution with about 40,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional students. They offer more than 500 academic programs, including dentistry, law, medicine, pharmacy and podiatry.

6. Drexel University

Located in the University City section of Philadelphia, Drexel University is a global research university and one of the 15 largest private universities in the U.S. with more than 24,000 students. Drexel is affiliated with the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, the oldest major natural science museum in the U.S.

7. Saint Joseph’s University

Saint Joseph University, a Jesuit Catholic University in Philadelphia, they encourage their students to always pursue the greatest good and to always give your best. Founded over 160 years ago by the Jesuits, social justice is a key component of their mission.

8. University of the Sciences

University of Sciences located in the Spruce Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia was the first college of pharmacy in North America. Today the University of Sciences’ curriculum is focused on pharmacy, science and healthcare.

9. La Salle University

La Salle University, located in the Olney section of Philadelphia, was founded by the Christian Brothers in 1863. La Salle was the first college in the world to bear the name of St. John Baptist de La Salle. La Salle offers both undergraduate and graduate programs through its School of Arts & Sciences, School of Business and School of Nursing and Health Sciences.

10. Holy Family University

Holy Family University, located in Northeast Philadelphia, is a Catholic private, co-educational university, first charted in 1954. Service is a major component of the university’s mission and values. Holy Family offers both undergraduate and graduate programs through their School of Arts & Science, their School of Business Administration, their School of Education and their School of Nursing & Allied Health Professionals.

As you guide your child through their college search process, here are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that the schools on their short list all have strong programs in the majors they are interested in. Even if they plan on starting as undecided, they should have a couple of programs of study in mind.

Second, help your child make a list of what other elements are important for a college to have. Do they prefer a small teacher to student ratio or are they comfortable with lecture hall style learning? Are internships and co-ops important to their possible profession? Which schools offer the best professional experience? Also does he or she prefer a more urban school or a quieter, more suburban campus?

Third, make sure your child also consider the types of activities and clubs the school offers. If community service is important to them, then they will want to attend a school with a strong community service program for instance. And if your child plays sports, then their athletic standing will also matter.

Finally, money also matters. How much tuition and room and board costs and financial aid packages will also need to be considered by you and your child.

One of the most important things to do during the college process when looking at colleges in Philadelphia and universities in Philadelphia is to visit all the schools on your child’s short list. Actually being on campus and interacting with current students and faculty is always the best way to make sure a school is a good fit.