7 Healthy Gift Ideas for Teens This Holiday Season

healthy gift ideas for teens

If you have a special teenager in your life and want to make their holidays a little brighter, you’ve got lots of great gifts to choose from this year. You can also give a gift that will enhance the teen’s health, so you know you’ll be contributing to your child or grandchild’s wellbeing. Whether you’re searching for the ideal holiday present for a niece, nephew, Godchild or close family friend, here are a few healthy gift ideas for teens to consider.


If your teen likes to write or uses writing as a way to express his/her feelings, you can purchase a journal as a holiday gift. Some journals designed for young writers also include inspirational quotes and mantras that your teen can read and recite for daily motivation. There are also journals that include spaces for pictures, which motivates your teen to take Polaroid shots of life milestones and moments with family and friends and write journal entries to express their feelings about the pictures.

If you want to further customize the gift, you can present the journal with a monogrammed pen that your teen can use exclusively for writing in the journal. You can also write a personalized note in the journal wishing your teen well and encouraging them to keep writing.

Snack Sample Box

Teens are taking more control of their health these days, and a gift basket filled with healthy snacks is a wonderful present for the holidays. You can make the treats yourself and include foods like vegan cookies, kale chips and an assortment of teas. Or, you can buy your teen a subscription to a snack delivery service that provides non-GMO, gluten free, vegan or paleo snacks. This is a gift that keeps on giving, since your teen can order the snacks each month and have them on hand during work or school. A snack sample box can help the teen in your life stick to their health goals and explore new foods.

Organic Makeup Sample Bag

There are several vegan and natural makeup brands available, and you can choose from these companies to put together a makeup bag that your teen will love. An assortment of lip glosses, blushes, lipsticks and eyeshadows that are cruelty free and made from quality ingredients allows the teen to change looks often and color coordinate to add the ideal finishing touch for both casual and formal looks. Presenting the makeup in a quality bag or case makes the gift even more appealing and allows the teen to keep all the makeup organized.

Workout Bag

Teens who want to work out more may be more motivated to stick to their exercise plans if you present them with a workout bag this holiday season. Once you purchase a workout bag in your teen’s favorite color(s), you can fit it with gym outfits, a sweat-proof headband, a pair of new tennis shoes and a reusable water bottle. You can also include a gift card for a music subscription service so your teen can download his/her favorite songs onto a mobile device to create a soundtrack for working out. A fitness tracker can also be a part of the gift. This device helps people monitor their workouts and progress. Including a book about meditation, some meditation music tracks and tips for yoga poses can also make the gift complete. These items can help your teen cool down after a workout or prep the mind and body for exercise.

If your teen would rather work out at home or outside, you can purchase weights that attach to the arms and legs or a workout DVD from a celebrity trainer will make the gift worthwhile.

Book Collection

A collection of books by your teen’s favorite authors or books that are based on the movies your teenager watches the most can make the holidays more exciting. While technology is a way of life these days, some teenagers still prefer to hold a book in their hands and connect with their favorite characters. Of course, you can also use technology to give this gift by paying for an audiobook service that allow your teen to choose the books they’d like to hear or read.

Hair Care Set

Teens want to look their best, and some teenagers are concerned about their beauty products being environmentally safe. Give the special teen in your life a collection of natural and plant-based hair care. Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that moisturize and nourish the hair make wonderful gifts, and you can add serums and leave-in conditioners from the same product line to give your teen a complete hair care system. Adding more quality items like a flat iron, blow dryer or styling products like bamboo combs and brushes will make your teen feel like he/she is in a professional salon.


If the teen in your life would like to start the journey to straighter teeth this holiday season, you can give them the gift of Invisalign. Invisalign Teen is specially designed for a teenager’s developing teeth and gums and can make him/her feel more confident in social situations. A bright, healthy smile can make a huge difference in the way your teen sees him/herself. This gift continues giving well after the holiday season, and it can be especially rewarding for your teenager to see progress after wearing the aligners for a few months.  You can talk with your teen’s orthodontist to determine which Invisalign plan is best. Your gift can be a down payment to start treatment, or you can pay in full and receive a discount. If your health insurance provides partial funding for orthodontic treatment, you can utilize this to give the gift of Invisalign as well. You can even get details on teeth whitening services for your teen after he/she has completed Invisalign treatment to complete your gift. To find out more about Invisalign Philadelphia options, check out what Orthodontics Limited has to offer. Visit orthodonti3stg.wpengine.com for more information.