Regular Dental Checkups Are Important During Your Orthodontic Treatment

HOW  DOES PREVENTIVE DENTAL CARE AND MAINTENANCE on your teeth and gums relate to orthodontic care? There are several ways. Here at our practice we want to make sure you’ve got the straight teeth you deserve, but we can’t give you proper orthodontic treatment if your teeth are decaying! Devoting small amounts of attention to your teeth and gums will help you keep your smile for your entire life. We want you to be proud of the teeth you flash to the world each time you smile! But it isn’t just about the way you look—it’s also about your health and the way you feel. The biggest factor in your oral health is simple maintenance. Daily maintenance through proper brushing (for at least 2 minutes) AND flossing techniques not only improves your smile and makes your teeth stronger, it dramatically reduces your risk of gum disease. We know that you’re urged to schedule regular checkups and cleanings A LOT, but did you know there’s a lot more in it for you than just a free toothbrush? Not only does it improve your oral health and keep your teeth healthy and strong so they can benefit from orthodontic care, it improves your overall health too! Diseases associated with our mouths like oral cancer and gum disease are probably familiar terms to most people, but few people realize that other health issues can manifest themselves initially in the mouth as well.

Making sure your teeth are getting regular care and attention can help catch potentially larger problems before they get out of hand—problems you may not even realize exist. Here at our practice, mouths are a huge part of our lives. Not only do we stare into them every day, we even read about them while we’re on vacation…(kidding). All jokes aside, please be sure to keep those talk to us if you have any questions or concerns. We want to help keep you healthy! Whoopi’s right. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, can kill you. In case you missed Whoopi on The View, you can see her talk about her experience with gum disease and tooth loss below:

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