The Process Behind Accelerated Orthodontics

accelerated orthodontics

Most of us are aware of what modern orthodontics are. We all know someone who has been to an orthodontist to straighten teeth, apply braces, or do some other oral health procedure to provide the perfect smile.

Orthodontists are generally known as the trained medical professionals who create and maintain the braces that people wear to adjust and perfect their mouths. And, sadly, most people assume that braces have to be in someone’s mouth for a very long time. In fact, a lot of people have braces for years before they achieve the results they really want.

But did you know that there is a process that speeds all of that up? It’s called accelerated orthodontics and there are now many orthodontic care specialists who are experts with it. Via accelerated orthodontics, patients are able to reap the many benefits in a much shorter amount of time.

Imagine having the smile you have always wanted after only a few months of work by your orthodontists instead of years? That is possible because of accelerated orthodontics.

How It Works

If you choose to use an orthodontic clinic that specializes in accelerated orthodontics, you should be aware of what they are going to do. In short, they are going to follow many of the same procedures you would experience with a regular orthodontist, only faster. The techniques are designed to speed up existing treatments that have worked so well for people for so many years. But accelerator orthodontics uses a mix of both surgical and non-surgical methods too.

The non-surgical processes are of course less invasive than surgery. Paired together, both of these approaches will drastically cut down the amount of time needed.

Surgical Approaches

Periodontal oral surgery is one of the couple approaches that doctors use when they are doing accelerated orthodontics. One of the most popular is micro-osteoperforations. These are basically small holes that are made along the teeth using screws, which will be used to aligned the jaw and teeth in a
fast fashion.

Piezocision are incisions that are made by the bone and into the gums. Corticotomies are like piezocision, but separate a flap of gum tissue and lift it away from the jaw bone. All of this will help the teeth and jaw bones move faster, heal quickly, and start to give results in a brief amount of time.

Non-Surgical Approaches

Some people don’t want to have surgery when they are trying to perfect their smiles. Luckily for them, there are non-surgical options with accelerated orthodontics that can achieve that. For those are who are afraid of scalpels and needles, these options would be perfect.

One of the most common methods of non-surgical accelerated orthodontics is something called micro-vibrations. This is a method that moves the teeth with different forms of vibrations. These tiny vibrations push and align the teeth quickly.

Of course, braces is yet another non-surgical option that many orthodontics pursue. While it is true that braces usually take months upon months to achieve their goals, when they are done with other accelerated orthodontics procedures everything moves a lot faster.

There are also certain medications that can help shorten the orthodontic process for patients.

Additionally, laser treatments and using electrical currents can also be part of the procedure suite used by your doctor to tighten up the schedule and make it all much shorter.

Benefits Of Accelerated Orthodontics

Obviously the biggest benefit that comes with accelerator orthodontics is in the name: the acceleration.

The shorter amount of time needed to craft and perfect your smile is the biggest reason why people pursue this path of dentistry.

Many people want results now. They want to look the way they have always dreamed of in the shortest amount of time possible.

Unfortunately, that’s simply not possible. Doctors can’t just flip a switch and straighten all of your teeth in the blink of an eye. However, they can shorten the tie period that you can expect to be working on your smile by quite a lot.

All of this will reduce the amount of discomfort that patients feel. Many of the procedures that orthodontists pursue to work on your smile aren’t the most comfortable. When you have to have appliances in your mouth or go under the knife regularly, it can not feel great. But accelerated orthodontics shortens the amount of time you have to go through that.

And for those who hate the intrusive look of wearing braces, accelerated orthodontics is a relief because they don’t have to have as much time with the braces on their teeth.

Did you know that orthodontics often open you up to some medical problems with your mouth? This may sound counter intuitive but it’s actually true. That is because braces and other orthodontic appliances create tiny holes in your mouth that are, naturally, harder to clean. Because of this, bacteria can grow in these sports and, over time, gum disease and other things can prosper.

With a shortened time period for your orthodontic procedures, there is less time for the bacteria and disease to flourish. Therefore, a shorter time with these procedures is actually better for your smile, your health, and your future.

They Are Safe

Some people fear that accelerated orthodontics aren’t safe. They feel that because the entire process is faster, it might be rushed and more susceptible to mistakes and mishaps.

But accelerated orthodontics are actually very safe. While some of the medications that patients use might have some side effects, the methods used by doctors have very low risks of problems. Vibrations, laser treatments, and electrical currents in the mouth don’t cause problems for the vast, vast majority of people.

While there is some risk that comes with surgical techniques, the trained professionals who do accelerated orthodontics take great pride and put a lot of energy into making sure all patients are safe and comfortable throughout the entire process. They are also well aware of what to look for when it comes to pain, infection, and reaction to drugs so you will feel like you are in good hands for the duration of your accelerated orthodontics process.

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