Should I Consider Getting a Virtual Orthodontic Exam

Virtual Orthodontic Exam

A virtual orthodontist is great for people who use Invisalign to straighten their teeth or are unsure which treatment plan they want. There are several benefits to using a virtual orthodontist that you haven’t considered yet. For example, not every dental problem you have needs to be seen in the office, and you can enjoy a virtual consultation without leaving your home.

Please continue reading to learn if you should consider getting a virtual orthodontic exam. Some people would be better off seeing a dentist in person, but some situations can be done online.

Use Invisalign For Completely Virtual Visits

Using Invisalign in Philadelphia is a fantastic way to treat your orthodontic needs without visiting an office. Unlike braces, you can have most of your orthodontic visits with Invisalign on the computer. However, you can only complete these virtual visits if you have access to a camera so that your orthodontist can view your mouth.

You can’t do completely virtual visits when you use braces because an orthodontist needs to adjust your braces as you wear them. However, if your invisible aligners go well, a dentist doesn’t need to adjust. Virtual visits are great for Invisalign users who don’t have severe mouth problems and need minor adjustments.

Virtual Visits For a Busy Lifestyle

One of the best parts about having your orthodontic visits online is that you can maintain your busy lifestyle without interruption. For example, if you only have a few hours in the morning to complete your orthodontic exam, going to an office can consume more time than you have. Setting up an online visit will cut out the waiting period because you’ll be at home while you wait in line for your turn.

Consider every time you’ve been in a waiting room and had to wait more than 30 minutes for your turn. When you wait at home, this waiting period isn’t a big deal, but when you’re waiting in an office, it can feel like an eternity. Additionally, this could be a massive stressor if you have somewhere to be after your visit.

Enjoy an Orthodontist Checkup From The Comfort Of Your Home

Not only will having a virtual orthodontist exam help you avoid the waiting room, but you can also have your visit in your pajama pants without judgment. Preparing yourself for a dentist appointment is never fun, so virtual consultations are the way to go if you want to kick back and relax before your visit.

Leaving your house can be a hassle, especially if you don’t have a way to get where you need to go. For example, having an orthodontic exam at home could be a lifesaver if you rely on public transportation to get to your appointment. Completing tedious tasks like appointments and exams from the privacy of your house can greatly relieve your stressful day.

Save Money When You Go Virtual

Another huge benefit of online orthodontic exams is that they are cheaper than office visits. These exams are more affordable because they’re more convenient for yourself and your orthodontist. So, if you have a situation where you can complete virtual exams instead of going to the office, you could save a lot of money.

Your orthodontist might want to see you in person for your initial consultation to determine if online visits are a good choice. Before you get any dental treatment done, your dentist will want an X-ray of your mouth, and that task cannot be completed at home. You’ll need an X-ray to determine if you have cavities or any severe issues that your orthodontist needs to know before starting your teeth straightening treatment.

If your orthodontist determines that you need braces for your procedure, then you’ll have to make an office visit because an orthodontist needs to adjust braces in person. However, if your orthodontist thinks it’s fine to use aligners instead of braces, you can save more long-term money by avoiding the dental office. Virtual visits are one of the huge benefits people experience when they choose Invisalign or other aligners to straighten their teeth.

Situations When Virtual Isn’t an Option

Virtual orthodontic treatment it’s a fantastic option for our large array of people, but it doesn’t work for everybody. For example, how braces work requires patients to visit an office to adjust their treatment. Many braces patients cannot use virtual orthodontists for their treatment plans because of how frequently orthodontists need to check and adjust braces.

Alternatively, if you have severe oral issues, an orthodontist will need to monitor your progress in person, even if you use aligners. A virtual orthodontic exam is great for people with minor problems with their teeth that have already visited a dentist in person for more intrusive examinations. If you have severe oral problems, then an online exam won’t be able to detect those problems because they rely on standard cameras.

With that said, you cannot have a virtual exam if you don’t have a camera to use during the exam. Even for regular checkups, your orthodontist needs to see the inside of your mouth to monitor your progress. A camera is often enough for a basic visit, which is why virtual exams are popular. However, you can’t just tell your dentist how you think your teeth are doing during your visit, so you need to have access to a camera so you can show them.

Final Thoughts

A virtual orthodontic exam is a great option for people who live a busy lifestyle and only need minor adjustments to their teeth. That is why people who use Invisalign have the easiest time with these virtual appointments because most people who use Invisalign only need minor corrections. Online exams are not a good choice if you use braces to straighten your teeth because your orthodontist might need to adjust your braces.

It would be best to start with an in-person exam and then ask your dentist if online would be a good choice. That way, you won’t have to worry about neglecting any serious oral health problems that can only be detected with an X-ray.