What To Expect During Initial Orthodontic Consultations

A man with a backpack and a woman with a backpack.

If you’ve just become one of our valued orthodontic patients, you may be experiencing a flood of emotions. You’re probably excited to begin the journey that will lead to a more attractive, healthier, drop-dead-gorgeous smile—but you may also be experiencing some apprehension over what the process will entail.

Here at our practice you can rest assured! We’ll walk you through every step of your care.

The Importance Of An Initial (and ongoing) Oral Health Examination

Before moving forward with your treatment (and during your treatment as well), it’s important that we’re always assessing your complete oral health. As we’re getting started, an oral and facial examination will help us better determine which treatment methods are best for you.

We’ll Consult With You And Create A Plan

Once we have information from your examination, we’ll explain the specific needs and outline treatment options. After we’ve created a plan together, we’ll go over any treatment specifics (such as appliances, their duration, etc.). This is your opportunity to ask any and every question you may have. Our success is largely determined by your level of dedication and involvement.

Why An Orthodontist?

Take Time To Get To Know Our Team!

We like to look at your first few visits as “meet and greets” where we get to know each other better. Your friendship and trust matters at great deal to us. We want you to feel comfortable from the very beginning. As your orthodontic partner, we’re going to be working together for a while—and we’re honored to do so.

To set up a consultation or to learn more about our practice, you can call or send us a private message on Facebook.

Thanks again for becoming one of our patients!