10 Things to Expect From a Virtual Orthodontic Consultation

virtual orthodontic consultation

Published by Dr. Charles Gemmi

A Board Certified Orthodontist and a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, Dr. Charles Gemmi has been a practicing orthodontist with Orthodontics Limited since 2000 and is a member of the teaching staff at Einstein Medical Center. Orthodontics Limited is a Diamond+ Provider of Invisalign in Philadelphia and Hatboro, PA.

A virtual orthodontic consultation is something that is worth doing. Especially at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing. Even though our office is slowly but surely opening back up, we understand that things can be a little uncomfortable for those who might not be ready to venture back out into public or much less go back to the orthodontist. That is why we offer a virtual orthodontic consultation for those who are interested in orthodontic treatments or are current patients.

If you have yet to do a virtual orthodontic consultation, here are 10 things that you can expect:

1. You Can Still Choose A Time That Best Fits Your Schedule

Just like any traditional appointment, you can still be able to choose a time that will be the best fit for you. If you are doing a virtual orthodontic consultation (which we offer for free), you can send us your pictures at any time both day or night (and even weekends). But if you are a current patient and wish to make an appointment with us without going to our offices, then you can reach out to us and schedule a consultation.

2. The Consultation Won’t Be Fairly Long

We know that appointments at the orthodontist’s office can be long. But with a virtual orthodontist working with you, you’ll get one-on-one consulting in the quickest amount of time possible. It will feel more personalized and on the orthodontist’s end of things, it won’t feel like they are juggling with multiple patients. Not to mention, you won’t have to be sitting in the waiting room too long either.

3. We’ll Provide You With Treatment Options

If you are looking to do any sort of treatment whether it’s with braces or Invisalign, our virtual orthodontist will examine the photos that you took as instructed on our virtual orthodontic consult page. We’ll be able to look through the photos and be able to determine which treatment options will be best for you. We’ll hop on a virtual call with you via Skype to explain to your which are the best options and why. We will then set up an appointment for when the treatment will begin.

4. It’s Quick And Painless

If you think that these consults will be painful, then not to worry. They won’t. Because part of your consult will basically comprise of having to take pictures. All you need is a friend or a family member to take pictures of each angle of your face and your teeth. If you need any help regarding this process, there’s a video on our virtual orthodontic consult page that will show you how to do it properly

5. We Will Send You Reminders About Your Consults and Follow-ups

During the consulting process, we will remind you of any follow-ups or additional appointments. This way, you won’t have to miss it at all. It will basically be like any appointment you will have with the orthodontist. We will remind you at least 24 hours in advance by way of a text message or email. You will be given a date and time of when you will visit with us over Skype. If you need to reschedule, no need to worry. We will make time for a new appointment that will better fit your schedule.

6. Have Any Information We May Need Handy

If you are a new patient or an existing patient that might need to update their information, it is important to provide it to us when necessary. There may be some information that will be considered confidential and must be protected under HIPAA guidelines. Alternatively, you can fill out the necessary forms and send it to our office via mail. Keep in mind that your information will be protected and will not be leaked or compromised. If you want to wait until your next office visit, that’s entirely up to you. Some of the information we might need is your contact information and your insurance provider.

7. Know That This Is Only The Beginning

As a new patient, you’re more than aware that this is only the beginning of a new journey. A journey towards a better smile. As long as you follow the treatments to a T, the treatment process will be successful. And nothing is more rewarding than following the treatment we will have in place for you than a healthy, straighter smile.

8. You’ll Have A Chance To Meet The Team

During the consultation process, you’ll have a chance to meet our team of virtual orthodontists and the office staff that keeps our office running like a well-oiled machine. We like to get to know our patients on a personal level and connect with them. We are a friendly, energetic staff that is always helpful and will be able to answer any questions or address and comments or concerns you may have.

9. We Are Usually Responsive

During business hours, you may have some questions about your treatment process. And you may have some concerns about it. Rest assured, our office staff or our orthodontists will be happy to listen and give you our best answer. You can reach out to us by phone or contact us via Skype or our social media accounts. Your questions, comments, or concerns will be private and none of it will be out in the open. If you contact us after business hours, you can expect a response from us within the next 24 hours or so.

10. Your Consultation Is Free

If there is one more thing to expect from your virtual orthodontic consultation, it’s absolutely free. That’s right. You don’t pay a single penny for using our free virtual orthodontic consultation service. We are always accepting new patients and we want to build a trusting relationship with them. And that is one of the best things money can’t buy. Plus, we know that you want a better smile. So you want to know which treatment options are best for you.

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