14 Ways to Have Rainy Day Fun

A child in a blue raincoat is running in the rain.

We all love warm days filled with sunshine that can be spent outdoors with friends and families, but just because you have a rainy day or two doesn’t mean that all the fun has dried up. Here are 14 ways to have rainy day fun with friends or with the kids.

1. Coffee Party

What could be better than a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day? How about whole coffee party with some of your favorite people? Invite your friends over for some good brew and good conversation and if you all have kids, make it a little play-date too. Set the kids up with some arts and crafts while the adults chat or all snuggle under blankets together for a movie marathon.

2. Get Baking

Wet chilly days are perfect for turning the oven up a notch and to get baking. Gathering the kids into the cozy kitchen and experiment with fun cookies, cupcakes and other baked goods. Even your smallest kids can help with some measuring and rolling dough and then you can all celebrate by taste testing everything afterwards.

You can even do a girls’ night of baking with your friends. Just don’t forget the wine!

3. Build a Fort

Outdoor camping might be off the list due to the forecast but what about building a fort in the living room or family room? Use one of your kids’ play tents or use blankets to build one. Then simply play games, read or watch movies. You can even have a picnic in the tent.

4. Museum Trip

If you are getting stir crazy in the house and live not too far away from the museum district of your hometown, you can make it a museum day. Pack up the kids and some snacks and have some educational fun together. Whether you look at art or exploring dinosaurs it is the perfect way to beat the rain.

5. Dance in the Rain

While you usually tell your kids to not jump in puddles and to stay as dry as possible on rain-soaked days, channel your inner child instead today. Grab the kids, don those rain boots and raincoats and go out to play. Jump in those puddles and have a little dance party in the rain. Then when you are all soaked and exhausted come in and get warm and dry and play games and watch movies together.

6. Volunteer & Do Some Good

If the rain has curtailed your plans for the day, use your day to do something good for others instead. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter or if you can’t get out because of the weather spend the afternoon cooking meals for those in need. Your kids can get involved too. Find a service project the whole family can get involved in and a dreary day will start to feel really good.

7. Make up a Board Game

Rainy days are the perfect time for letting your creative juices flow. If everyone is crabby and bored, why not make up a board game to play together. All you need is some color pencils or crayons and some construction paper and get everyone involved in coming up with the game concept and creating the pieces. Then when it is all completed, you can still have hours of fun playing the game you just created!

8. Time for a Pillow Fight

Both adults and kids can get behind good pillow fight, right? It is easy to do. All you need is a bunch of pillows to get started. It is great exercise and it will bring a smile back to everyone’s face. Just don’t break any lamps or precious antiques in the process.

9. Channel Your Inner Shakespeare

Another way to get everyone’s creative juices flowing on a rainy day is to create a play together. Assign everyone different tasks depending on the interest whether writing the script, creating sets and costumes or doing the acting.

10. Go on a Treasure Hunt

If you have young children filled with energy bouncing off the walls, then an indoor treasure hunt might just be what you need. Make a set of clues for each player and be creative with writing the clues out. Then hide the clues and the treasure which can simply be a small toy or some type of treat and let everyone go off exploring. It will surely lead to hours of fun and give you a break from all the whining.

11. Host a Tea Party

Your daughters or even your girlfriends will love an excuse to dress up and have tea and treats on fancy china. Host a fun tea party for any age at your home. Bring out the fancy linen and good plates and put out an easy menu of tea and juice (for the kids), baked treats and tea sandwiches filled with egg or chicken salad. If you are throwing kid tea party, then let your kids invite their favorite dolls and stuffed animals to the tea party.

12. Movie Binge

If you and your kids love to watch movies, why not do a movie binge fest? Pick a theme, like all Harry Potter films or all Star Wars and binge all the movies in one day. Or if you have all been wanting to watch a new television show, use this rainy day to catch up on all the old seasons. Doctor Who anyone?

13. Lose Yourself in a Good Book

On your own for the day? Why not lose yourself in a good book for a few houses. Commandeer your favorite chair and pour your favorite beverage and curl up and have some “me time”. Even if you have kids, get your partner to hang out with them for a while so you can finally have a chance to get into that new book you bought ages ago.

14. Create an Art Gallery

Storms keeping you from your day at the art museum? Why not create your own art display at home. Pull out all the art supplies you have in the house and have everyone work on their own masterpiece. You can create a theme for everyone to follow or just let everyone follow their heart’s desire. Then when everything is done and dried, display them in a room in the house like your very own art gallery.

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