4 Ways Invisalign Teen Can Improve Your Child’s Smile

Luckily today there are a lot more affordable options than their used to be. Invisalign Teen is an affordable and convenient treatment option that both you and your child will love. Invisalign is a safe and affordable alternative to metal braces, but with the same effective results.

Invisalign treatment involves placing clear plastic aligners on your teen’s teeth to move them instead of brackets and wires. Here are 4 Ways Invisalign Teen can improve your child’s smile:

1. A Healthier Mouth

When your teeth are crooked teeth, it very hard to get all the plaque and food stuck between your teeth. Your teen might be struggling with trying to keep her mouth clean and this is a problem that will expound with time. Plaque when it builds up can lead to gum disease which will lead to lost teeth at an early age. Remember that we only get one set of adult teeth so if your teen starts having dental issues early in life things will only get worse and more expensive as they get older.

2. Better Compliance

No teen likes the idea of wearing metal braces for two to three no matter if they are self-conscious by a crooked smile. But because Invisalign aligners are clear they will be less embarrassed about wearing them and therefore will be more compliant about wearing them and taking proper care of them.

Think about how much more confident your teen will feel. We all know that the teenage years are tough because kids are so very image conscious. Why not help your teen feel better about herself during treatment and afterwards? You will love seeing all the positive changes in your teen.

The fact that Invisalign aligners are also more comfortable and convenient to wear and can be easily taken off to eat and brush and floss also means your child will also be more compliant in following the orthodontist’s instructions.

3. A More Beautiful Smile

Because of its advanced technology, Invisalign treatment will provide your child with a more beautiful smile. Because the aligners are focusing on just a few teeth at a time, your orthodontist will be able to reposition them with much more precision.

4. An Affordable Alternative

The cost of Invisalign treatment is not much different from what it would cost for traditional braces and most insurance plans will cover some of the cost for you. It is a lot more doable than you probably realize.

How Does Invisalign Work?

With Invisalign treatment, only a few teeth are moved at a time and your teen will receive new aligners every 2 weeks. . With Invisalign, the orthodontist will show you a model of your teen’s teeth and explain the gradually repositioning process so that you and your teen know what to expect every step of the way.

You do need to make sure that your daughter or son wears the aligners for at least 22 hours every day. If he or she doesn’t wear them the recommended time, they won’t be as effective at repositioning your teeth. The aligners can simply be brushed and then rinsed with warm water or your teen can use an Invisalign cleaning kit. While teens are more responsible than younger children are, you should still keep watch to make sure they are doing everything the orthodontist told them to do. If they don’t, they will only delay their treatment which will be frustrating for them and for you.

Overall though, Invisalign is just as effective as traditional braces and now orthodontists can add rubber bands to them if needed. Both you and your teen will love how little your teen’s life will be impacted while wearing Invisalign.
Invisalign in Philadelphia

Not all orthodontists specialize in Invisalign so if you know you want to go that route instead of traditional metal braces, make sure you do your research to see who does Invisalign in the Philadelphia area. Get a sense of your options and what it will cost and ask about their years of experience doing Invisalign. Ask about dental health insurance and if they have payment plans.

If your teen would prefer Invisalign, then make sure you choose an orthodontist who specializes in Invisalign and has years of experience with the treatment procedure. Don’t just settle for the first one you find though. Do research on the internet and ask family and friends for good references. Also, make sure you go on a couple consultation visits to make sure you are comfortable with not only the treatment but the orthodontist. No matter if you choose traditional metal braces or Invisalign it is important to invest in your child’s smile.

Consider including Orthodontics Limited on your short list of Invisalign Teen providers. Drs. Pale, Gemmi and Middleberg are Invisalign Elite 1% providers and Invisalign Teen Philadelphia Providers, which means they are among the top 1% of all dentists and orthodontists in the world that use Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. They are also certified by the American Board of Orthodontists. Only 40% of all orthodontists have this certification.

Drs. Pale, Gemmi and Middleberg know what a big difference a straighter smile can make in a person’s life. Not only does it help restore self-confidence, it makes it easier to practice proper oral hygiene so you have a healthy, beautiful smile for years to come. They also understand that each person’s situation is different so that is why they take the time to sit down with you and go over your options. They can help you create the best treatment plan for your child’s particular needs.

If you choose Invisalign for your child, Drs Pale, Gemmi and Middleberg can use 3D technology to map out your child’s treatment so you can see it stage by stage as well as get a glimpse of what the final results will look like. The orthodontist will take x-rays and impressions of their teeth to create a 3-D image of the teeth and then uses this to map the exact movement of teeth needed to straighten them out. The treatment plan will also give you and your child a good idea of how long the treatment process will take. Knowing how pleased your child will be with the final results will certainly help make the whole process more bearable.

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