How to See a Virtual Orthodontist In the Age of Coronavirus

virtual orthodontist

In an age where the word pandemic and Coronavirus are becoming a normal term for all of us, how are companies utilizing technology to get around social distancing? A prime example of this is orthodontic practices utilizing virtual orthodontist treatment. We will get into this more as we progress. However, we live in an age where technology is going to start becoming a go to in order to decrease in person contact as time goes on.

Virtual Orthodontist

Until now many offices have been unable to open due to coronavirus, or have been limited to only emergency appointments. In lieu of this, virtual orthodontic treatment has been an option to keep patients up to date on what to do in the mean time. Utilizing options such as FaceTime, Skype, Instagram, etc. Technology has quickly been a way to stay in touch with patients who have issues that need to be fixed, but aren’t deemed an emergency.


With modern technology it is easier and easier to be able to see patients over the phone/computer without actually being there with them in person. Skype, FaceTime, etc. give everyone the opportunity to adhere to social distancing, while not even being remotely close to one another. It provides the ability to answer questions, but do it safely as well.


While services have been discontinued, we know that virtual orthodontic treatment isn’t want you expected, but it gives us the opportunity to answer your questions that do arise while you are unable to be seen in an office setting. We understand that the coronavirus has been ongoing, but these means of communication will help to ratify some of the common things that happen while not being seen for this period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

While utilizing these technologies and providing virtual orthodontic treatment, there have been some frequently asked questions. These apply to braces, Invisalign, brackets that have wires poking out, etc. This can be a quick reference if you are in need of assistance and have not yet seen a virtual orthodontist. Here are some of the common ones.

Treatment Time

Many people want to know if the mandatory closures that have taken place for the past few months will affect their treatment time. This shouldn’t have much of an impact on your plan. Even though you haven’t been in the office, the equipment you have in your mouth is still working. It is made to last for a long time, and once back in the office, will continue to do so.

Self-care Braces Tips

  • Stay away from hard and sticky foods.
  • Brush and floss your teeth
  • Fluoride rinse every night
  • Choose the foods you eat wisely
  • What you eat can determine if you break a bracket, or not.
  • Continue the treatment that has been provided until you can come into the office

Invisalign Aligners

If you have Invisalign continue to wear your aligners. Even if you are out of new trays, they will continue to hold your teeth in place until you can be provided with more. Talking to us virtually is a great option to see if we can get you some more. Even if an attachment, or piece breaks, continue to wear them.

Braces Brackets

Brackets are one virtual topic that have come up a lot. Whether it is a broken bracket, lose wires, etc. In most instances you can try to gently remove the bracket, or clip the protruding wire with clean nail clippers. When in doubt, use was to cover the wire to stop it from poking you and causing irritation.


If you have retainers, keep wearing them. Even if they are cracked you can still wear them as long as they are comfortable. If they are causing you pain, discontinue usage until you can be seen in an office setting


If any of the questions above do not help answer your questions about your current treatment. Or, your need for something else, technology has provided us the means to be able to talk to you without actually seeing you in person. This enables us to not only see what the problem is, but give you real time advice. Unfortunately, the coronavirus is still having us enforce social distancing, but the ability to utilize technology makes it a lot easier to stay in contact.

Office Visits

Although virtual orthodontist visits are a means to help you while you are unable to come into the office,


In the middle of a pandemic, coronavirus, has made many of us start to rely heavily on technology to get supply the communication that is needed. For patients this is a great way to get consultations that would have not been able to happen if it weren’t for these forms of technology. FaceTime, Instagram, Skype are all platforms that give everyone the opportunity to stay in contact. This pertains to at home in everyday contact, as well as contact that is needed through providers. Being able to utilize a virtual orthodontist is one of the ways that a patients individual treatment plan can be upheld. Things will arise, and this will help to answer your questions.