6 Benefits of Virtual Orthodontic Appointments

virtual orthodontic appointments

The concept of virtual appointments is not new, however, it has exploded since the spread of COVID-19. Virtual check-ups also are expanding improving health care.

There are plenty of benefits to going through with a virtual orthodontics appointment- especially during the current health pandemic. You can ease your worries by lowering your chances of coming into contact with strangers and be sure that you stay healthy.

If you need an orthodontics appointment, you should know that virtual appointments are effective and can help you get the treatment you need while you are stuck at home.

Here are 6 Benefits of virtual orthodontics appointments!

1. Use Virtual Waiting Rooms

Being around strangers in your typical waiting room could expose you to the virus without your knowledge. Orthodontics Limited is now practicing using “Virtual Waiting Rooms” to keep your health safe.

This option is great for when you still need to come into the practice for your appointment, since it still limits outside contact. On the day of your appointment, text the office that you are there and wait for them to respond. When they do, it is safe to send in the patient.

Orthodontics Limited is practicing social distancing, which means that only the patient should enter. The exception is that young children should be accompanied by one parent only. Please also remember to bring a mask.

Utilizing the Virtual Waiting Room and following these rules allows everyone to safely visit for their appointments.

2. Saves Money

Virtual appoints save money for patients and dentists. Any routine check-up that could easily be done virtually typically costs less to do so. This also saves the office and orthodontic care specialists on some expenses- meaning that it benefits both you and the specialist who you see virtually.

3. It’s Convenient

In the digital age, convenience is something we all seek out with our devices. They provide ways for us to access information easily and can be used where ever you are.

Being able to see your optometrist and update them on your ongoing treatment from anywhere is convenient. Virtual visits reduce the time you spend traveling or in a waiting room- plus, you could even call from the comfort of your bed.

With orthodontics treatments, there always is the chance that something can go wrong. In the case of an emergency- a snapped wire on your braces or something similar- you can video call your orthodontist care specialist right away. They can provide you immediate assistance over your cell phone and tell you what steps to take. All of this without you having to call the office first and ask when you can come in to fix your problem.

4. Set Up Your Treatments

If you are looking for Invisalign in Philadelphia, you should know that you can set up treatment at home. Consult with your orthodontist over virtual appointments and send them a mold of your teeth. They can use this to set up your Invisalign Treatment.

Invisalign orthodontists can provide you many benefits over traditional braces- you can eat what you want, take them off, and the aligners are practically invisible. If you are looking for orthodontics treatment, this could be a good option while you are at home.

It is important to note that you should not participate in mail-order braces or aligners where there is no consultation with a professional orthodontist. These products can damage your teeth, so be sure to set up a virtual orthodontist appointment before attempting something like this.

5. Keep You Healthy During the Pandemic

One of the most important benefits of virtual appointments is that they keep you healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Encountering strangers, who may show no symptoms of the virus but are carriers, is how people become infected.

Anywhere crowded and enclosed is where the virus is most likely to spread. You may take public transportation to your appointments, but now you can safely call in from home. You also can avoid the waiting room or passing people on the street while you walk to the appointment.

There are many ways that virtual orthodontist visits keep you safe and healthy during the pandemic. Practicing social distancing by video calling from home also keeps others safe, in addition to yourself.

If you come visit the practice for an in-person appointment, you should know that Orthodontics Limited sterilizes all equipment and frequently cleans. They have installed air purifiers that kill the virus and also require all patients to sanitize their hands upon entering the building. They are up to OSHA and CDC regulations on staying open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

6. See Two at Once

The virtual orthodontist appointment set-up also allows for more than one specialist in your call. You could talk to two specialists at once, or have your dentist in the call to help explain the problems you have.

This benefit would not normally come up in an in-person appointment. Typically, it would just be the patient and the orthodontist, but now there is the potential to talk to more than one person at a time.

This saves you time and money as well. If you need to see two orthodontics specialists, seeing them both at the same time could be an option to lower costs. In addition to this, it also lessens the chance of any miscommunication between your specialists.


As you can see, there are many reasons why virtual orthodontic appointments can be of benefit to you. Technology is widely available these days, meaning that you can have access to dental care anytime that you need it.

This is great if you run into an emergency with your orthodontics treatment. Virtual appointments allow you to fix any problems that crop up immediately through advice and care from your specialist.

Finally, during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing and self-isolating are the responsible things to do. Staying home while calling in for your appointment keeps you and other people safe and healthy.