How Do I Choose an Orthodontist in Philadelphia?

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In their search for the perfect orthodontist, Philadelphia residents often take to the internet to see what they can find out about what an orthodontist does, when they should visit one, and how to pick one that will actually be able to address their problems in an effective and efficient manner. Dr. Gemmi and Dr. Middleberg have a passion for helping their patients, and because they are certified both in traditional metal braces and Invisalign treatments, they have the ideal mix of skills to help just about anyone with their orthodontic needs.

An orthodontist works with patients who have crooked teeth to straighten those teeth. There are a number of different treatment options, including metal braces and Invisalign. While these treatments are most often done on preteens and young teenagers, about a fifth of all orthodontic patients are adults. Here’s what you need to know in order to help you pick an Orthodontist in Philadelphia.

1. When to Go

The most popular time to get braces is as a young teenager. Most teens would prefer to have their braces off by the time they enter high school, though some teens might not even be ready for treatment by the time they enter high school. In reality, the best way to know if you or your child is ready for braces or Invisalign is to consult an orthodontist.

Your dentist may mention, at a regular checkup, that it might be time for braces, but an orthodontist can tell you for sure whether you should wait or start immediately—or even if treatment is even necessary. If you are an adult who has been considering getting braces, right now is the perfect time to contact our office. Adults can definitely take advantage of braces, but the longer you wait, the longer the treatment will take.

2. Costs

One of the biggest factors in deciding whether or not to get orthodontic treatment is the cost. Many people feel they have to save up for this cost, while the truth is that many insurance plans will greatly off-set the costs of a treatment, and that our office, like most offices, will break your treatment down into affordable monthly payments, so you do not have to present us with a huge chunk of cash when it is time to put on your braces.

Costs for braces and Invisalign will depend heavily on your individual situation, but both have the same average cost: $5000. This is, of course, before insurance and any other payment options you might have. To read more about the cost of braces vs. Invisalign, see our blog post here.

There are some patients for whom Invisalign is simply not an option. There are some orthodontic issues that cannot be solved by these aligners, no matter what features we add to them. For simpler cases, however, Invisalign might be an excellent option, if you are willing to comply with the “rules.” Invisalign requires the patient to wear the aligners for a minimum of twenty-two hours every day. Patients who do not follow this guidelines will see very slow, minimal results.

3. Reasons for Treatment

Though the primary reason many people come into our office is cosmetic, the truth is that having a straighter smile means having a much easier to clean and healthy smile. When your teeth are not all crowded together, angled in one direction, or separated by large gaps, they are much easier to keep clean, chew your food better, and are less likely to cause your jaw problems. Even if you come into our office just to get a straighter smile, you will also leave with a healthier smile. If you come in to get a healthier smile, you’ll also leave with a more beautiful one. Healthy and beautiful smiles have a lot in common!

4. How to Pick an Orthodontist in Philadelphia

If you are looking for an orthodontist, Philadelphia residents should follow these simple rules for choosing one that meets their needs:

Pick an orthodontist that has a range of treatment programs to choose from. Ten years ago, metal or ceramic braces were pretty much the only choices. Today, there are many more options that an orthodontist can offer you. In our office, we have some of the most advanced orthodontic treatments available to our patients and we are an Invisalign Elite provider, which means we have the training, skills, and patient base to be among the top 1% of all orthodontists and dentists who offer Invisalign.

Pick an orthodontist that has a schedule that meets your needs. One of the perks (as a teenager) of getting braces was having a free pass to get out of school when you had an appointment. Most middle and high schools are very understanding when it comes to orthodontic appointments and are more than happy to check a child out and in. However, if you’d prefer not to have your child miss school, an orthodontist who has plenty of afternoon appointments is a better choice.

Pick an orthodontist who treats children, teenagers, and adults. This will ensure your orthodontist has the ability to work with a huge variety of issues. You want a provider who does not just give you a cookie-cutter treatment, but who designs a treatment specifically for you, so your specific needs are expertly met and you do not run into more problems in the future.

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