The Benefits of Choosing Invisalign Teen for a Teenager

philadelphia invisalign teen

In Philadelphia, Invisalign Teen is a popular choice for teenagers who want the benefits of straighter teeth without all of the annoyances, inconveniences, and confidence issues that come along with traditional metal braces. Though Invisalign was originally introduced for adults, they quickly realized that it could be easily adapted for teenagers, and that many teenagers would far prefer the removable and invisible aligners to metal braces.

Our Philadelphia Invisalign Teen program offers teenagers in our area an effective, convenient solution for straighter teeth that requires few adjustments to your lifestyle and makes your smile straighter and more beautiful, without first making it painful and full of metal. Here are just some of the benefits of choosing Invisalign Teen over metal braces:


While it’s impossible for the aligners to be completely invisible, because they are completely clear and made to be slim and to fit the form of your teeth, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will notice that you are wearing them. While some of our patients do still feel a little self-conscious about the aligners, especially during the early days of their treatment, they report that no one really notices they are wearing them unless they point them out.

Though it is an adjustment to learn to talk with a pieces of plastic in your mouth, once you have adjusted to wearing your aligners, they are as invisible as possible and do not affect your ability to talk, drink, or even eat.

Fewer Diet Restrictions

If you have friends that have had metal braces, you know that they are required to stick to a very rigid set of dietary rules. Why? Because the metal brackets on their teeth and the wire that actually moves their teeth can be pulled or snapped off if they eat the wrong foods. Even healthy foods like corn and apples are off limits, because they can pop off a bracket when a person bites down onto this food. Most hard foods are forbidden, like corn chips, but even foods like popcorn and caramel are off-limits simply because pieces of the food can get under the brackets or the stickiness of the food can pop a bracket off of the tooth.

When you have Invisalign, however, you do not have to follow those strict diet guidelines. If you ever want to eat something hard, chewy, or sticky, all you have to do is take out your aligner and the brush and floss your teeth before you put it back in. Metal braces are stuck in your mouth until your treatment is over. You can remove Invisalign Teen at any time in order to eat whatever you want.

Easier to Keep Your Teeth Clean

Again, if you’ve ever watched your friends with metal braces try to brush their teeth, you know that it is a process. There are extra brushes that they have to use and getting around the brackets to all of the surfaces of the tooth takes extra time. Many people who have traditional metal braces slack off during their treatment and can see an increased number of cavities because they are not putting in the necessary time in order to really get their teeth clean.

Invisalign, however, makes it much easier to keep your teeth clean, since you can take out your aligners in order to brush and floss your teeth. Because there are no brackets or wires that are literally standing in the way of your toothbrush and floss, getting and keeping your teeth clean and preventing cavities while you get your teeth straighter makes Invisalign a much, much better choice.

Allows You to Keep Doing What You Love

Do you play trumpet, flute, saxophone, French horn, or any other instrument that has a mouthpiece of have to press against your lips in order to play? Playing any of these instruments while wearing metal braces is a serious problem. Not only is there a lengthy adjustment period where you learn to play with a new layer of metal in your mouth, constantly pressing something against your mouth can cause damage to the interior of your mouth, as it rubs against the metal brackets. Though you do eventually get used to playing an instrument with metal brackets, the adjustment period is much shorter with Invisalign.

While you are still adjusting to your Invisalign, you can take them out to play. Once you have the hang of your aligners, you can put them in to play. There will be no pain as you press the mouthpiece against your teeth! Invisalign also makes playing a sport while getting straighter teeth much less painful, though if you play a sport that requires you to wear a fitted mouth guard, you will want to make new mouth guards as your teeth continue to change.

The Bottom Line: Invisalign Teen vs. Braces

While traditional metal braces are a better option for many people, the truth is that Invisalign Teen has a comparable price point and treatment length that may make it more ideal for a teenager, especially one that does not love the idea of having a mouth full of metal for the next eighteen months to three years (depending on the length of your treatment). Talk to Drs. Gemmi and Middleberg to determine which treatment option is best for your budget, situation, and life.

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