What Are the Benefits of Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen

Adolescence is a delicate time in the development of a child. The personality of a person is forming during the teenage years, and at this time, friends, rivals, and the combined stress of school, sports, clubs, and jobs can make life very difficult for a teenager. Add onto all of that the pain and hassle of metal braces, and braces may cause more problems than they solve. Especially if the teenager only needs their teeth straightened for cosmetic purposes, metal braces are not the best path.

Unfortunately, children rarely understand that the opinions of their peers are not important, or that metal braces will not interfere with their ability to play the sports they want or play the instruments they want to play.   Teenagers rely heavily on what their friends think of them, and even a snide remark made by a mean child can devastate a teenager for several days or longer.

In order to avoid all of the trials that come along with metal braces, we recommend Invisalign Teen.  Invisalign is easy to clean, care for, and use.  Don’t let braces stand in the way of your confidence anymore!


One of the main complaints that teenagers have about metal braces is that they are so visible and prominent. As soon as someone who has braces opens their mouth to speak, everyone in the room can see, and even sometimes hear, that they have braces. This can be embarrassing for a child who is just forming their opinion of themselves.

Though any kind of braces are only temporary, most teenagers receive teeth straightening treatments during the period of their lives when personal appearance becomes very important to their peers and therefore, to themselves. One of the best benefits of Invisalign teen is that they are virtually invisible. Though, if you are looking for them, you can sometimes see the plastic, the aligners are very difficult to see and unlike metal braces, do not interfere with the teenager’s voice or speaking patterns.

Fewer Food Restrictions

Another of the biggest complaints about metal braces is how restrictive they are when it comes to food. When a set of braces is put on, the patient is generally given a huge list of foods that they are not allowed to eat, including popcorn, chips, crackers, gum, caramel, any kind of gummy—and the list goes on. Metal braces are very easily damaged by these foods. Whether it is by popping open a door that holds the wire in, by leveraging a bracket off of the tooth, or by bending or damaging the wires, the diet of a person wearing braces is seriously restricted.

Invisalign, on the other hand, allows teenagers to eat whatever they want, since the aligners are removed for eating. Because the child actually has the ability to take out the teeth-straightening device, there is no possibility of damage, and therefore no limit on what the teenager is allowed to eat.

Easier to Care for

When a teenager first has their braces put on, they are usually provided with a special set of tooth brushes that make it easier for them to clean around the brackets and wires. One of the main dangers of metal brackets are cavities, which, some orthodontist say, can form even under the bracket itself. The cleaning process for bracket-style braces is very complicated, and can take a long time. Because of this, some teenagers will simply forgo the process, brushing quickly and not taking the time to really get their teeth clean.

With Invisalign, however, all the teen has to do is take out the aligners, brush them down, brush his/her teeth as normal, and then replace the aligners. As long as this is done properly, Invisalign is far less likely to cause cavities or damage the teeth in any other way.

Invisalign Teen
Invisalign Teen

Less Painful

The pain and discomfort is probably the biggest complaint of traditional braces, aside from how visible they are. Not only are they uncomfortable to put on, every adjustment can be uncomfortable, as well as just the general discomfort of having that much metal in your mouth. If a wire pops free from the bracket or a spacer gets lodged, it can be extremely painful for the teenager.

Though with Invisalign Teen, there will still be some slight soreness and discomfort, there will be far less than with metal braces. Because there is nothing that will pop free, cut, or scrape on the gums or inside of the lips, Invisalign provides an overall less painful experience.

Freedom to Play Sports and Instruments

Some orthodontists discourage their patients from playing certain sports or instruments, simply because there is an increased possibility of damage to the braces and the teeth. Soccer, football, hockey, and brass instruments are especially discouraged when wearing braces, as all of these things can easily cause a bracket to pop off or a wire to become dislodged. (Some tips for to protect your smile when playing sports)

However, with Invisalign, the teenager can either remove the aligners during the activity or keep them in. Though it may take some adjustments to relearn how to play an instrument, for example, while wearing the aligners, there will be no pain from the lips pressing against the brackets—because there are none! If you choose Invisalign over traditional braces, there are far fewer limits placed on your child’s activities and life.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

The only disadvantage that parents and orthodontists report is that is can be difficult to get teens to wear the aligners as much as they are supposed to wear them. If they refuse to wear the aligners, the treatment will not be as effective as it should be, and can significantly lengthen the duration of the treatment. Braces cannot be removed, so the child does not have the choice to straighten their teeth.

However, with proper education and commitment, Invisalign aligners are perfect for teenagers, who can greatly benefit from all of the features that these invisible, plastic teeth straighteners have to offer.

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