The 10 Best Foods for New Braces


When you first get your braces on, you are probably going to experience some discomfort and soreness. It may take some time to get adjusted to your new braces, but even then, you might not be ready to jump back into your normal eating routine. Anything too hard or too crispy might be difficult for you to delve into for a few days. Here are ten of the best foods for new braces.

1. Yogurt

Looking for something to have for breakfast, but you aren’t quite ready for cereal or a breakfast burrito? Yogurt is a great alternative. It requires no chewing, which means that if your jaw and teeth are sore, you won’t even have to use them to eat this food. And because there are literally hundreds of different types of yogurt, you are sure to be able to find one that you enjoy. Just be sure to brush your teeth after eating yogurt, as it usually has a high sugar content and you want to protect the health of your teeth.

2. Mac and cheese

Especially if you can convince whoever is preparing it for you to boil the noodles for an extra minute so they are extremely soft, mac and cheese is a great choice for individuals wearing new braces. It requires some chewing, but the pasta will be soft enough that you will not really have to dig your teeth into it in order to chew it up enough to swallow. Again, there are lots of different types of mac and cheese, so you are sure to find one that you enjoy.

3. Chicken noodle soup

While this might have originally been reserved just for cold winter days or when you are sick, soup is the perfect food for new braces. The protein and vitamins and minerals in chicken noodle soup will help keep your healthy and increase the rate at which your mouth heals after having braces put on, and you do not have to worry about doing very much chewing in order to eat it. You can even soak bread or crackers in the broth long enough that they are extremely easy to eat, too.

4. Ice cream

The cold of ice cream makes it an ideal choice for new braces, as it will help to numb the pain and relieve some of the inflammation that comes along with wearing braces. Plus, as a bonus, getting to eat ice cream after getting your braces on is sort of like a reward. You did something that might be a little difficult and a little scary, but you also get to have ice cream! Like with the yogurt, it is important to remember to brush your teeth after eating ice cream, to prevent the sugar in the ice cream from hurting your teeth.

5. Mashed potatoes

If you are looking for something a little bit more substantial, but still soft enough to eat when your teeth and jaw are sore, mashed potatoes is the perfect food. Not only are they super simple to make, they can be made in several different ways, so you’ll never get bored. Add in a little cheese or some sour cream for extra flavor! When I first had my braces on, I probably ate mashed potatoes for three days straight until I moved on to eating more substantial foods.

6. Pancakes

Pancakes hit both of the criteria for new braces food: they are delicious and they are easy to eat. They are soft enough that you can easily eat them without having to worry even a little about how exacerbating the soreness in your jaw and teeth. For breakfast or dinner, pancakes are a great meal.

7. Bananas

Bananas are another favorite best foods for new braces. Because they are soft and easy to eat, you can pack one to go with your lunch, have one for breakfast, or eat them along with your dinners. If you are particularly sore, you might wait until they are fully ripe and very soft before eating one.

8. Fish

If you need some meat in your diet, but are not quite ready for beef, pork, or chicken, which can be a little difficult to chew if putting pressure on your teeth causes you any pain, fish is a great alternative. Whether baked, boiled, or fried, there are lots of different ways to prepare fish, and because it is naturally soft and flaky, you will have no trouble eating it, even if your jaw is still sore.

9. Cooked vegetables

Raw vegetables might be too hard to get your teeth into when you are wearing new braces, but there are lots of ways you can cook vegetables that will make them soft enough to eat. Boiling is a good option, as is baking. Your goal will be to get them as soft as possible. Veggies like carrots, broccoli, and zucchini will usually be too crisp when they are raw, but when boiled or baked in the oven, will be just soft enough that you can still enjoy them. Squash is another good option, as are steamed greens.

10. Scrambled eggs

More substantial as a breakfast than yogurt, but still soft enough to be comfortable to eat, scrambled eggs are one of the best foods for new braces. There are also ample possibilities for additions to your scrambled eggs. You could add cheese, onions, and peppers, for a quick, easy-to-eat breakfast!

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