Why Your Health Is Worth the Cost of Braces


Orthodontic treatment is not cheap, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Too many people consider crooked teeth as just an aesthetic issue, but it so much more than that. It affects so many parts of your health and cause you a lot of pain and cost you a lot of money later in life.

Here is why your health is worth the cost of braces.

Your Oral Health Is Affected

The biggest issue with crooked teeth is that because the teeth are all jammed into one another, it is harder to properly clean your teeth. It can be very difficult to get the floss in between crooked teeth. This leads to plaque buildup and food particles getting stuck in between your teeth. When bacteria is allowed to grow in your mouth, it can lead to a lot of dental issues.

You may also not realize that by ignoring your alignment issues you are increasing your chances of getting gum disease. Your crooked teeth actually don’t sit right in your mouth and your gums don’t fit as tightly around them as they should. This leads to the development of small pockets between your teeth and gums which attracts bacteria which turns into plaque and can lead to periodontal disease, which is a serious disease where you can lose teeth. Crooked teeth are also more likely to get cavities as well.

There is also a link to bad breath. It is hard to get close to people when you are constantly worried that you are grossing them out with your breath. While you probably just chalk bad breath up to something you ate, your crooked teeth might be causing that bad breath. That odor is coming from the lingering bacteria stuck between your crooked teeth. If you are always very diligent about proper flossing and brushing and still suffer from constant bad breath, it is time to see an orthodontist.

Increased Risk for Tooth Injury

Did you know that when your teeth are crooked, the surfaces are uneven, with some teeth protruding out? This often leads to the teeth rubbing against each other. This can speed up the wear and tear on your teeth and the thinning of enamel causing them to age a lot quicker than normal.

In addition, if you play sports and get hit in the face during a game or you just trip and fall while you are out and about, protruding teeth are more at risk of being injured. They can get easily chipped or even fractured. If this were to happen, it is best to see the dentist right away to have any cracks or fissures sealed up so that the rest of the tooth doesn’t start to decay.

Increases Your Risk for Disease

It is not just your dental health that crooked teeth can adversely affect. It can affect your overall health as well. Gum disease has been shown in countless studies to have direct correlation to serious disease like stroke, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer’s disease. The inflammation in the gums can lead to higher levels of inflammation throughout the body, making you highly susceptible to many diseases.

How to Tackle the Cost of Braces

Regardless of how long you have had crooked teeth, it is never too late to do something about it. Make it today that you schedule a free consultation with a trusted orthodontist. They will evaluate your particular situation and come up with a treatment plan that works best for you.

If cost is a big issue, don’t worry. There are ways to make it more affordable.

  • Planning Is Key. In everything in life, when we plan ahead for something, we are usually better prepared and things go a whole lot smoother. If you don’t have the extra money right now, then look at your budget and figure out how you can squirrel away the money you will. Set a goal and stick to it.
  • Treatments Vary in Price. The great thing about technology today is that because of it, you have so many more options when it comes to braces. There are the traditional metal braces, Invisalign clear plastic aligners and ceramic braces. The braces can also be adhered to the front or the back of the teeth as well. There are pros and cons to each option and the cost of each may differ as well so you need to weigh everything carefully. Also always be on the lookout for news about any new trends in orthodontic care.
  • Ask about payment options up front. Dental insurance will often pay for some of the treatment and then you have to put up the difference. If you have money saved up, then you can simply pay upfront for whatever you need to. If you don’t have a cushiony savings account, then you will need to see if they offer any payment plans. Choose an orthodontist who has your best interest at heart and will truly work with you on finding options that fit your budget.

Choosing the right orthodontist also plays a big role. The metal braces tend to be the least expensive choice, but with the right payment plan all options are affordable. Your orthodontist will help you create the best plan for your particular situation. Remember though, that while the orthodontist will evaluate your child’s particular situation and give you a recommendation of what treatment will be best, by coming in prepared, you will be able to ask the right questions and feel more confident in your final decision.

You have every right to pick someone who will give you and your family the best experience possible. Consider Orthodontics Limited for all your orthodontic needs. Drs. Pale, Gemmi and Middleberg offer all the latest technology in their offices and they always stay current on important trends in their field.

For more information contact us at Orthodontics Limited today and set up your free initial consultation. Remember, your dental health is important. Don’t let cost keep you from taking proper care of yourself and your family.