The Benefits Of Wearing Braces

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Published by Dr. Charles Gemmi

A Board Certified Orthodontist and a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, Dr. Charles Gemmi has been a practicing orthodontist with Orthodontics Limited since 2000 and is a member of the teaching staff at Einstein Medical Center. Orthodontics Limited is a Diamond+ Provider of Invisalign in Philadelphia and Hatboro, PA.

Chances are you have known a great number of people who have had braces on their teeth. According to Humana, there are over 4 million Americans currently wearing braces, and of those wearing braces, a quarter of these are adults. With braces being so prevalent, it is clear they have major advantages for the dental health of many people. There are many benefits to braces, and as a result, every day people make the decision to obtain braces, commonly on the recommendation of their orthodontist.

What are some of these benefits?

The most obvious advantage of braces is their ability to straighten teeth. Having a crooked smile can lead to dental problems, as well as esteem problems. By straightening teeth, braces make individuals feel better both physically and personally. Braces can straighten teeth in several ways. First, they can help to align crooked teeth, which may have grown in haphazardly. Second, they can help close gaps that have developed between teeth, giving them a more straightened look. Finally, they can help better space teeth that have grown too close together, preventing a clustered look. All of these are ways that teeth can be straightened by braces, and each is both an aesthetic improvement as well as a healthy one.

Another advantage of braces is their ability to contribute to future dental health. There are different dental health issues associated with different needs for braces. One such problem involves having an uneven bite. Some individuals who need braces have an uneven bite, likely as a result of misaligned teeth. This uneven bite could lead to dental issues such as overly worn teeth or chipping of teeth. Braces can not only help prevent these issues, but align the teeth as well, as previously discussed.

Another health issue that braces can help to prevent is gum disease. Often a result of unflossed teeth, gum disease is likely to manifest in overcrowded teeth, where floss is difficult to use in places. Braces can help space teeth out properly, allowing for proper dental maintenance, such as flossing. Braces can also prevent future jaw weakness and muscle pain, which can result from misaligned teeth. While not strictly a dental issue, prevention of these issues is an obvious benefit of obtaining braces.

Once the decision has been made to obtain braces, it is time to consider the types of braces to obtain. This is where any aesthetic concern about the braces themselves can be addressed. There are multiple types of braces, and many looks to choose, depending on one’s preference. Unlike some perceptions, braces are no longer as uncomfortable and noticeable as they were in previous decades. Stainless steel braces are by far the most common. These are made up of wires and brackets.

Individuals can choose colored braces if they desire, or they can choose something much more subtle. In addition to stainless steel braces, those looking for a less visible option can select ceramic brackets. These ceramic brackets are colored to blend in with teeth, as many false teeth, crowns, caps, and veneers are. A third option is plastic brackets, which tend to be clear. These are also less noticeable; however, plastic brackets are not as sturdy as their metal and ceramic counterparts. As a result of this, one may have to wear the braces longer to fully realign their teeth with plastic brackets.

Whether you decide to choose plastic, metal, or ceramic brackets, you have made the right decision for their dental health if braces are needed. One concern about obtaining braces can be the cost. Braces can be costly; however, many dental insurance plans cover much of the costs involved, from consultations with dental professionals to the procedure to any follow up visits. It is best to check with your dental insurance provider while looking into obtaining braces.

Overall, the decision to obtain braces is your own. There are many benefits, as have been listed here. They can help prevent future gum disease and damage to teeth. They can straighten teeth, close gaps in teeth, and better space out teeth, all resulting in a more confident smile. They can help prevent future discomfort and weakness due to misalignment of teeth or bite. They can also make you feel better about both your oral health and your appearance.

With all these benefits, braces are a good decision for many people for whom these problems may arise. We are ready and waiting to offer advice and a free consultation if you are considering braces. Do not be embarrassed about inquiring about braces. As mentioned before, a quarter of those with braces are adults. So, whether you are a teenage girl in Philadelphia or a 40-year old man in Horsham, braces could help improve your health and confidence today. With so many possible benefits to obtaining braces, how could you afford not to make this investment in your future?

Contact our office today for a free consultation. Don’t hold back–straight teeth are now within your reach!

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  1. Dio Marsaille says:

    Thank you for pointing out that even if braces can be a bit costly, most of the time, insurance companies cover most of the costs. I don’t really mind if I have to shoulder the expenses as long as my brother gets the braces that he needs. It seems that his teeth are shifting further and further, and it’s actually affecting his self-esteem. He needs them ASAP.

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