6 Top Advances in Kids’ Braces in Philadelphia

Philadelphia orthodontists stay up-to-date on the latest research and cutting edge technology in the world of orthodontics.

Here are 6 top advances in kids’ braces you can find in Philadelphia:

1. Digital X-rays and 3D Dental Imaging

Digital x-rays have a lot of benefits to them that orthodontists can now enjoy. They are better quality and allow orthodontists to get a more detailed look at the structure of the mouth. And because they are digital, orthodontists can gain immediate access to the images. No more waiting around for the images to be developed.

There is also the i-Cat Cone Beam 3D Dental Imaging System which can provide a full set of x-rays in one 360 degree scan and create 3D images of the teeth. Another plus is that there is less radiation with this type of x-rays.

2. More Accurate Brace Creation

Creating the braces has also gotten a lot of easier. The iTero scanner allows orthodontists to create the teeth impressions digitally instead of manually. They simply scan the patient’s mouth and then they can view the impressions on the computer just a few minutes later. In addition digital impressions are more accurate reducing the number of fit issues with the braces.

3. Temporary Anchorage Devices

Temporary anchorage devices are mini screws or mini implants that can be used to help shift more stubborn teeth when braces can’t do it alone.

4. CAD/CAM and Robotic Wire Bending Technology

While lingual braces have been around for a while, they have become much more effective with CAD/CAM and robotic wire bending technology used in combination with digital scanner. Getting the brackets and wires on the backs of the teeth can be challenging and used to only be the purview of the certain orthodontists. It is a lot easier to perfect now with the robotic wire bending assistance.

5. Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign braces has also changed the face of orthodontic care. When metal braces were your only options, you were forced to deal with a mouth full of metal and wires for long periods of time. This can be really hard especially for tweens and teens who are very appearance focused. Concerns about how braces make you look now though is not as big of a problem because of innovative technologies like Invisalign.

Unlike metal braces, Invisalign clear braces are almost invisible inside your mouth. People will really need to look inside your mouth to notice them compared to the blaring glare of metal that comes with more conventional braces.

Invisalign braces were designed with the wearer’s comfort in mind and are more flexible. With these braces, you can remove them on your own for short periods of time, like for instance, when you want to eat or drink something or when you are cleaning and flossing your teeth. And with Invisalign there are no barriers to getting a proper clean.

Remember though that the longer you go without wearing them, the longer the teeth straightening process will take so only remove them when absolutely necessary. It is recommended that you wear them at least 20 to 22 hours a day.

6. Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is an orthodontic treatment that involves clear adult braces that concentrate just on realigning the teeth that show when you smile. These braces are meant to only improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile, not correct the bite. The biggest benefit is that you won’t be tortured with a mouth full of braces and that treatment on lasts 6 months instead of the 2-3 years traditional braces usually have to be worn.

Most adults with crooked or gapped teeth are good candidates for Six Month Smiles. The most common dental issues that can be treated with Six Month Smile are crooked front teeth, extrusions, rotations and intrusions. It also works for diastemas and spacing issues as well as overbites, open bites and crowded and overlapping teeth. However if you have serious misalignment or bite issues, regular braces or Invisalign will be better because they will actually correct those issues instead of just focusing on cosmetic appearance.

Another great benefit of choosing Six Month Smiles is that with them it is easier to maintain proper hygiene. Because the braces are only a few teeth, it will be easier to get in there and brush and floss making sure you get rid of all the plaque and bacteria. And because you only have to wear them for six months, there is less of a risk of developing cavities or gum inflammation which can sometimes happen with regular braces.

Why Orthodontics Limited is one of the top orthodontists in Philadelphia?

When choosing an orthodontist it is important to find one that is up to date on all the current technology and is very skilled at the different methods of orthodontic care. For the best results, you want an orthodontist who is experienced in braces for kids and has proven success in treating different alignment issues. Here is why Orthodontics Limited is one of the top orthodontists in Philadelphia.

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