10 Tips for Taking the Perfect Selfie


Taking the perfect selfie is an art form, one that few people have truly mastered. Most people have to take hundreds of selfies before they find one that they truly love and want to post online. Here are some tips for taking the perfect selfie every single time you snap a shot.

1. Take a look in the mirror before you snap the first pic.

Make sure that every hair is in place and your clothes are properly arranged before you take the first picture. We’ve all opened up the camera, taken a picture, only to realize that our hair is a mess or our clothes are out of place. You can save yourself a little bit of time by making sure that you look in the mirror and fix and smeared eyeliner or flyaways.

2. Get better lighting.

Have you ever taken a picture of yourself and thought “That’s not what my skin looks like!” If you look tired or drab in your selfies, it is probably because you do not have adequate lighting. Just turning on your overhead lights might not be enough to really illuminate your face. Instead, try throwing open your windows and letting the sun stream in. If the sun is not out, you might try strategically placing a few lamps or finding a room with better lighting before your snap your pictures. Look for soft, but still bright lighting.

3. Pick a good background.

The background is just as important as your face in a selfie. If there are other people in the background, you might find your camera focusing on their faces, instead of on yours, leaving you blurry. If the background is too busy, you’re going to find yourself drowned out. A neutral background, such as a white or beige wall is always a good option. Basically, any location that is uncluttered will be ideal for taking a selfie, but you should also beware of environments that are brightly colored and are going to give your face a strange color.

4. Hold still.

Did you know that when cameras were first invested, subjects would have to sit still for upwards of a minute in order to get a clear picture (that’s why so few old photographs are of people who are smiling, because it was simply impossible to maintain the same smile for as long as it took to take the picture)? While you might not have to hold your pose for a full minute to get a clear picture, you will want to be standing still long enough get a good picture.

5. Bring in a friend.

You’ll get more genuine pictures if you pull a friend to your side and do something to make both of you laugh. If you don’t want to be the sole subject of your selfie, roping in a friend will always be a great way to get a good picture. Just make sure that they are willing to take a few different iterations of the same picture to make sure you have one that you both like.

6. Be confident.

If you are not confident in your pose, it is going to translate into the picture. Unless you are taking that selfie in front of a crowded room, no one is going to be watching and judging how you act while perfecting the art of taking a selfie. If you are being confident and having fun, that will come across in your pictures.

7. Don’t be afraid to edit.

Every smartphone has tools that make it fast and easy to edit your pictures. Whether you just want to get rid of a few blemishes, brighten up a picture that is sort of dark, or want to create a collage out of the man different silly selfies you’ve taken, use the editing apps on your smartphone to change up your picture. Even just adding the right filter can help cover up a blemish or adjust not-so-perfect lighting to make it look great.

8. Find the perfect angle.

Too high, and it’ll look like you’re a head without a body. Too low, and you’ll give yourself double chins just trying to get your face in the picture. The best angle for most people is slightly elevated, with their chin cocked towards the camera. This smooths out any wrinkles and makes the face and body look thinner. That said, this might not be the perfect angle for you. Find the one that displays your face just the way you like it by experimenting.

9. Make a silly face.

If you’ve taken picture after picture of yourself smiling and you just don’t like any of the pictures you’ve taken, it might be time to do something else. Don’t box yourself in to just smiling. Why not try making a silly face, instead. This is particularly great if you’ve pulled a friend or family member into the picture, but you can make a silly face all on your own, too. Why not also try including some props!?

10. Look at the picture before you take it.

Most smartphones have a forward facing camera that makes it really easy to look at the picture you are taking before you take it. Using this functionality will ensure that you like the framing and angle of the picture. If you like how the picture looks, take it! If you don’t make a few adjustments until you do like it.

Taking the perfect selfie is easy when you use these tips!