Why You May Need Teeth Extracted

Creating a beautiful smile through orthodontic treatment often requires that certain teeth be extracted. We’re sharing the following information to help you better understand why this is done.

When Might An Extraction Be Necessary?

  • If teeth are too crowded it can be hard to straighten your smile using braces. Removing certain teeth can make room for the other teeth to move into better positions.
  • To help fix an over or under bite. Removing teeth can be one step in the process of aligning a patient’s upper and lower jaw—and it’s less intrusive than jaw surgery.
  • To help with protruding lips. If a patient’s upper teeth stick out, extracting teeth on the sides can help them move backwards and can improve the appearance of the lip.

Why A Patient’s Age Matters

Extractions are less common for young patients because children are still growing and its hard to gauge the impact of teeth removal on their appearance. Their continuing growth also provides alternative ways to shape their smile.

Who Removes The Teeth?

Although there are other oral health professionals with training in extraction, it’s usually done by an oral surgeon. You can call us to learn more about how we handle extractions.

During And After The Procedure

The extraction of bicuspids and other teeth (not including wisdom teeth) is relatively simple. With the help of anesthetics and medication, the pain is minimal during and after. The procedure can be as quick as 20 minutes! Once you’re home, just make sure to eat soft foods and avoid using a straw.

We hope this information was helpful. If you have any additional questions about extractions or orthodontic treatment, please call us or message us on Facebook.

Thank you for trusting us with your orthodontic needs!