There Are Lots Of Benefits Of Straight Teeth!

getting braces

In today’s world magazine models and movie stars flash their remarkably straight white smiles at every turn, making it apparent that we associate straight teeth with beauty.

Perfectly aligned smiles bring confidence that crooked smiles can’t and many times the owners of those gorgeous smiles develop an entirely different outlook on life. It’s amazing what a beautiful smile can do.

When we see actors with crooked teeth, we usually take note… and wonder why they haven’t seen an orthodontist yet to have their teeth fixed.

What most people don’t consider is that we straighten your teeth for more reasons than just making you more beautiful… although that’s definitely an added bonus!

Crooked teeth can actually make it much harder for you to maintain good oral hygiene. There are more “hard-to-reach” places in a crooked smile than there are in a straight one, making it harder to brush and much more difficult to effectively floss. In fact, there’s a good chance that if your teeth are crooked you aren’t cleaning your teeth as effectively each day as you could. Over time, this can lead to serious consequences like cavities, gingivitis and/or tooth loss.

Fortunately, here at our practice we specialize in straightening teeth and fixing abnormal bites, and we offer a variety of different solutions for crooked teeth. For those of you who are hesitant about having to hide your smile behind metal bands and wires, ask about the less conspicuous options we offer. There’s a solution here for everyone!

Visit our website, or contact us today to learn more about how a straighter smile can benefit you. We promise you won’t regret it!