How to Determine Cost for Teeth Aligners

Teeth Aligners

Finding Invisalign in Philadelphia isn’t difficult, but you might have a few different quotes for what you pay. This situation may make you wonder what determines the cost of aligners. Orthodontists consider a few contributing factors before giving you a price for your teeth aligners or braces.

Please continue reading to learn how to determine the cost of tooth aligners and what factors professionals consider. We will teach you everything you need to know and help you prepare for your dental consultation.

Average Costs For Aligners

If you’re getting aligners for your teenager, the cost is usually about $3000 for Invisalign. If you’re an adult looking for aligners, the cost is about $5000, usually because more repairs need to be made. However, these prices fluctuate quite a bit depending on how severe your teeth crowding, gaps, or other dental problems are.

If you choose an off-brand aligner, the price might be lower, but you could sacrifice some of the quality you expect with Invisalign. Prices might also vary depending on how much your insurance is willing to cover if they choose to cover anything. Some insurances do not cover aligners or braces, so you’ll have to pay out of pocket in those scenarios.

Set Up a Consultation

You should always set up a consultation to determine an orthodontist’s price. Different offices might charge you varying rates for the same service or offer different options. You need to set up a consultation so that your orthodontist can determine how severe enough problems are and give you an accurate price for your treatment.

Without consultation is impossible to determine how much you will pay for your aligners because you won’t know the status of your mouth. This consultation will also help you get insight into any other dental problems you might face and determine if liners are the right option. Some people need braces to fix their dental issues if they’re severe.

How Some Oral Conditions Affect Teeth Straightening Costs

The cost of your teeth straightening procedure depends a lot on how difficult your situation is. For example, if you have severely overcrowded or overlapping teeth, this could increase the price because it will take more time for your orthodontist to apply the treatment. Orthodontic care is labor intensive, and charges are based on how much labor they put into straightening your teeth.

The cost of your teeth straightening also depends on whether or not you choose phrases or aligners to handle your problem. Name brand aligners can also cost more than off-brand aligners, so you should consider that. Your orthodontist will look inside your mouth and give you an accurate price that you can expect for teeth straightening to ensure you can afford the procedure.

How to Pay For Teeth Aligners

Unfortunately, the cost will be in the thousands, whether you’re using braces or aligners. That is why many people go without teeth straightening procedures even though it would benefit them in the long run. However, you don’t necessarily have to pay for your teeth aligners all upfront. There are several ways you can make payment plans anti the liners so that they don’t break your budget.

Some people have dental insurance that covers their teeth aligners, so they don’t have to worry much about the situation. Although not all insurance plans cover teeth straightening, some people must make payments through an exterior company or a flexible savings account. People can set up a flexible savings account through their employers, so they don’t have to think about how much money they put into that account.

Your dentist or orthodontist office might also offer payment plans for effective dental procedures like teeth straightening. Also, if you have the money upfront, you may be able to write off the teeth straightening procedure on your tax forms. It would be best to call your tax expert to determine if this exemption would apply to you.

Should You Use At-Home Aligners

You can purchase aligners that you can apply at home, but this can be risky business. Many people use at-home aligners because they are more affordable than purchasing aligners from an orthodontist. However, going through your orthodontist is important to get the right care for your needs. Not everybody has a one size fits all need for straightening their teeth.

When you straighten your teeth, it would be best to go to an orthodontist and purchase aligners through them. That way, your orthodontist can monitor your progress and adjust as needed. If you use at-home aligners wrong, this could cause damage to your teeth.

How Braces Compare

Braces cost a few thousand dollars less than aligners, but they’re much more cumbersome. For example, cleaning and maintaining your braces can add much time to your oral care routine. Plus, if you don’t take good care of your braces, you can erode your teeth and create more dental problems than before you started treatment.

Similarly to aligners, your braces price can vary greatly depending on your oral situation. If you need more intense straightening, braces can cost more, but if you only need minimal adjustments, the procedure will cost less. However, you need to check in with your orthodontist more often when you use braces instead of aligners. Plus, when you use braces, you cannot use virtual visits with your orthodontist.

Braces are a lot more work, but they are the right way to go if you need an affordable option. During your orthodontist consultation, you can ask how much more aligners would cost than braces to determine if you can afford them.

Final Thoughts

The cost of teeth aligners varies depending on how much work it will take to resolve your dental problems. Some insurance companies don’t cover the cost of dental aligners, so you’ll have to choose a different payment option. A few ways to pay for aligners include payment plans, savings accounts, or upfront payments. If you pay for your aligners out of pocket, you may be eligible for a medical tax exemption.