10 Fun Fall Activities for Teens

Fall Activities For Teens

School is back in session, and that can make fall seem like the very worst time of the year if you are a teenager. Summer meant ultimate freedom, and even if your teen enjoys school, they might start to feel a little stifled in their routine. Luckily, there are still plenty of fun things that your teen can do during the fall. Here are then fun fall activities for teens:

1. Plan a camping trip.

Right now, before it gets too cold, is the perfect time to hit the wilderness for one last camping trip. Even if your teen and his friends do not want to sleep over in the woods (or if it is too cold at night with the gear that they have), they could simply make it a day trip. Bring some camping chairs, light a fire, and make s’mores. On a Friday or Saturday night, they could stay up late, telling ghost stories around the crackling fire. It’s the perfect way to get in the mood for Halloween!

2. Organize a yard sale.

This might not sound like fun at first glance, but an industrious teen will enjoy gathering up any and all items from both your garage and the neighbors’ to sell, making signs, and getting the word out about your yard sale. If you have a bunch of furniture, books, and other trinkets you want to sell but just haven’t had the time, you can incentivize your teen to put together your yard sale by offering him part or all of the proceeds.

3. Learn to make a fall dish.

Thanksgiving is coming up and that makes right now the perfect time to teach your teen how to make something delicious they can recreate for your Thanksgiving feast. Pumpkin or apple pie are both great options and a simple recipe is easy for your teen to learn, especially if you use premade crusts. If your teen enjoys cooking or baking, you might want to enlist him to help with dinners on a weekly basis, as long as his school and extra-curricular activities allow.

4. Take them to the bookstore.

There is something special about bookstores in fall. If your town has a small local bookstore, now is the perfect time to take them to pick out a few books for the upcoming season. Try and help them pick out titles that they are actually going to be excited to read. Many teens get bogged down in their reading lists for school and forget that there are actually tons of other genres and authors to explore, some of which they will probably enjoy more than what they are assigned to read for their English classes. If they’re not sure what they’d like, sign up for a Goodreads account, add a few of the books they liked to their account, and see what the website suggests, based on those titles.

5. Get geared up for a game.

A high school football, soccer, or field hockey game might not be their usual scene, but it can be a great bonding experience and it’s always nice to root for the home team. It’s extra fun when you go the extra mile and make signs, wear the school colors, and even paint your face. Have them get a group of their friends together to attend the next home game.

6. Make locker decorations.

When I was in school, decorating someone’s locker for their birthday or favorite holiday was a great way to show them you cared. If one of your teen’s friends has a birthday coming up or if they just want to create some fall decorations for their own locker, pull out the construction paper and help them come up with a few ideas. Pumpkins and red, yellow, and orange leaves are a great idea for fall!

7. Help them take new profile pictures.

While you don’t have to change your profile picture to match the season, it might be fun for your teen to get out in the fall landscape and take a few pictures. If you act as their photographer, using their smartphone, and then help them edit and add filters to the pictures, they’ll be sure to find a new snap that they want to show off to their friends.

8. Look for a volunteer opportunity.

If your teen loves hanging out with younger kids, encourage them to see if there is anyone in your neighborhood who could use a babysitter. If they enjoy playing an instrument, ask around if anyone wants or needs lessons. Volunteering their time and talents can be fun if they find an opportunity that actually allows them to show off something they are good at. Helping someone else can be very fun!

9. Join a club.

Just about every high school will have clubs that cater to a wide variety of interests. Encourage your teenager to look for a club that matches their pursuits. If they enjoy playing video games, there is probably already a club on campus for people who love exactly that. If not, most schools just require you to find a teacher to act as an advisor if you want to start your own.

10. Plan a Halloween party.

Teenagers are usually too old to go trick or treating (unless they are escorting a younger sibling around, which could be fun for some teens, especially if they want to dress up and ask a friend along), but that doesn’t mean that Halloween is a bust. Help your teen plan a spooky party, complete with scary movies and Halloween-themed treats!