10 Creative Halloween Costumes for Kids

Creative Kids Halloween Costumes

Finding the perfect Halloween costume for your kid can be trying, especially if you don’t just want to dress them up as a character from this year’s big Disney movie. If you want something a little more creative and unique, you have come to the right place. Here are ten creative Halloween costumes for kids:

1. Where’s Waldo

If your streets are going to be mobbed with parents and kids on Halloween, out getting candy, you might feel like you are playing Where’s Waldo, so why not dress your kid up like the titular Waldo? All you need is a red and white striped shirt, beanie, some blue jeans, and a pair of round glasses. If you can’t find a red and white striped shirt or beanie, making one is very easy and should only take you a day, which makes this a great option for a last-minute Halloween costume, too.

2. Mummy

This is another one that is really easy to put together and which no other kid on the block is probably going to be. It’s also great if your kid is looking for something that is a little more traditionally spooky for Halloween. All you need is some muslin. It’s really cheap at a fabric or big box store like Walmart. Then, just rip it into strips. The raw edges will actually improve on the effect of the costume! Wrap your kid up, using a few safety pins to keep the wraps in place, and he’s ready to get out there and grab some candy!

3. One Man Band

If you love the concept of the one man band, this is actually a pretty easy costume to recreate, especially if you already have a set of toy drums on hand. Al you would realistically need to craft is a harness for holding the drum onto your kid’s back. Put a harmonica in their pocket and give them a horn to hold, pin a tambourine to their side and they are all costumed up. If you have a kid that loves to make noise, this might be the perfect idea for them.

4. Skeleton

This is another creative option for parents that are tight on time or resources (for example, if your kid told you just today that he needs a costume to wear to school tomorrow). Grab either a black jumpsuit or a pair of black paints and shirt. Then, get some white tape. You can simply cut out lengths of tape to represent bones, or you can get a little more creative and cut the tape to a more bonelike shape.

5. Caveman

If you want something fun that requires little to no sewing, caveman is the perfect option. Get some fake fur, preferably in an animal print, from your local craft store, and then cut it into a Fred Flintstone-esque dress, complete with jagged end. Use a few of the scraps to make a headband and some arm bands. If Halloween is going to be especially cold this year, you might want to choose another color of fur to make them a cloak or cape out of.

6. Three-armed kid

Not every costume has to be complicated in order to be unique. You can easily give your kid a third arm. For a baby, just pull an arm off of a doll and add an extra sleeve to their favorite onesie. For an older child, look for a mannequin or Halloween prop that is about the right length and size, and attach it to their side and slide it through the third sleeve you’ve put in their shirt. Draw a little more attention to the third arm by giving it something to hold, like their candy bag!

7. Little Red Riding Hood

Make a red cape and hood is actually really easy. All you need is some red fleece and a simple pattern. Then, dress your little girl up in some boots and dress, equip her with a basket of treats for Grandmother, and send her on her way!

8. Tornado

Making your kid a visual representation of the tornado that they actually are is not that difficult. All you need is tulle, a hula hoop, two dark t-shirts, and a stapler. Staple the fabric of one of the shirts around the hula hoop so that it holds itself up when your child is wearing the shirt. Then, start wrapping the tulle around and around your child, stapling as you go, until you have the desired effect.

9. Astronaut

This option is especially good if you have a kid that is obsessed with space. All you need are a pair of white paints and shirt, a bucket to make the helmet, and some cardboard to make the pack that goes on the back of a space suit. Use a picture for reference and some construction paper and pipe cleaners to make all of the buttons and gear that your little space cadet needs.

10. Katniss Everdeen

If you have a kid who was obsessed with the Hunger Games franchise, all you need to do to turn them into the main character is get them a black shirt, black pants, and black boots. Top it off with a bow and arrow and quiver, a side-braid, and maybe a makeup scar over their left eye, and you’ll have the perfect Katniss Everdeen impersonator! You can probably use clothes and shoes you already have around the house to get this costume started!