How One of Philadelphia’s Orthodontists Went From Patient to Orthodontist

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There is more to being an orthodontic care specialist than just straightening the patient’s teeth- that is what Dr. Kathleen Pale believes. After receiving orthodontic treatment from Orthodontics Limited at a young age, she realized that this was her dream profession. She worked hard to get where she is today as an orthodontic care specialist.

Dr. Pale loves working as an orthodontic dentist and is passionate about getting to know her patients and helping them achieve their best possible smiles. She is an active member of the American Association of Orthodontists and even helped the practice achieve the Invisalign Diamond+ status- which demonstrated her skills as an orthodontist.

So, how did the young patient become one of Philadelphia’s top Orthodontists? This is Dr. Pale’s story.

Meet Dr. Pale

Dr. Kathleen Pale was born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia and attended high school at Saint Basil Academy. Later she would be accepted into Saint Joseph’s University, then the University College of Dental Medicine in Arizona to start her path towards becoming an orthodontic dentist.

After completing her residency at the Albert Einstein Medical Center, she returned to Philadelphia and began her wonderful career as an orthodontist.

Dr. Pale lives in Hatboro with her husband, Michael. The pair have an exciting life with their daughter Quinn, their cat Martha Stewart, and their black lab named Walker Texas Ranger. She loves the Philly sports teams and exploring new cities. Her favorite hobbies include gardening, hiking, and baking.

How She Came to Love Orthodontics

Dr. Pale was 8 years old when she began receiving orthodontic treatment. After putting on her first set of braces, she became curious about the profession, and wanted to learn everything that she could about it. She enjoyed her trips to the practice, as the staff always welcomed her and asked about how she was doing.

Her orthodontist was Dr. Middleberg, who she had many questions for. Dr. Pale was a curious child when it came to orthodontics- she wanted to learn about her treatment process and became absorbed in everything about oral health. The young Dr. Pale’s interest in orthodontics only grew after her braces were removed, so she began to go with her sister to her appointments.

When she turned 16, Dr. Pale applied to an after school job at Orthodontics Limited. She was quickly accepted and began to work with Dr. Gemmi and Dr. Middleberg as their orthodontic assistant. She kept the position until she started college- and would later return to them with her dental degree and qualifications!

Now, Dr. Pale has her dream job as a Philadelphia orthodontist and is very happy to be back home. The patients love seeing her as she makes them feel comfortable and welcome at the office. Orthodontics can be scary for some children, but Dr. Pale knows how to make the treatment process informative for them, and is very reassuring. The young patients also enjoy hearing her story of how she became an orthodontist.

Why She Continues to Love Orthodontics

Dr. Pale has mentioned that she enjoys interacting with her patients and feels happy when she can finally reveal to them their new smiles. She also said that she loves getting to know the patients and their stories as well. With Dr. Pale on the team, the practice always feels very welcoming to everyone.

This is because the practice had a positive effect on her from the time she first walked in. She enjoyed the way the staff treated her like family- until one day, she did join their family as a team member. Dr. Pale continues to inspire her patients in the same way she was inspired by her orthodontist at a young age.

Why Patients Love Dr. Pale

Dr. Pale learned much through her schooling, and before that, her treatment process. From this, she can be inspiring to patients. They enjoy hearing from her and appreciate the way that she explains their oral treatments to them. She is a kind person who is passionate about what she does- and that always shows through to others.

If you decide to have us as your orthodontics team, you can be sure that you will enjoy your visits to our office. Not only will you leave satisfied with your smile, but you will love getting to meet Dr. Pale.

Out of all the Philadelphia Orthodontists, Dr. Kathleen Pale is one of the best. All of her patients appreciate what she does for them and know who they can turn to for help with their teeth. Not only is she a wonderful and kind person to be around, but Dr. Pale also many professional achievements. One of those is her helping the practice get recognized with a high Invisalign status.

Contributions as an Invisalign Orthodontist

With Dr. Pale’s assistance, the practice was able to achieve Diamond+ status with Invisalign- meaning that they see over 280 patients a year for this specific treatment. That is no small feat for orthodontics care specialists, so you can have confidence that Orthodontics Limited is exceptional at treating patients with Invisalign braces.


Dr. Kathleen Pale was inspired to become an orthodontist at a young age after she had to receive the treatment herself. She enjoyed learning about the science behind her braces and soon found herself applying to the practice as an after school assistant to the doctors there.

Dr. Pale continued to work there through college and eventually returned with her certifications as a professional orthodontic care specialist- her dream profession.

Dr. Pale’s story is inspiring to many and she continues to be a positive role model for her younger patients- giving them the desire to learn about their treatment and ask questions about oral health. All of her patients leave the practice satisfied with their smiles.

Stop by or contact us today if you would like to learn about our orthodontics treatment options, you might get to meet Dr. Pale herself and hear her story from her first-hand.