5 Reasons Why an ABO-Certified Orthodontist Is Better

Dr. Pale, Dr. Gemmi, and Dr. Middleburg posing for a photo

Choosing an orthodontist for your children or for yourself is a big undertaking. You want someone who will offer you the best type of treatment for your particular alignment issues and who has the skill and experience to give you the best results possible.

All orthodontists must graduate from a Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA)– accredited orthodontic training program after dental school, but one important way to cull out the leaders of the pack is to see who is American Board of Orthodontics certified. It is a voluntary certification that only about one-third of the orthodontists in the United States have completed.

The American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) was formed in 1929 as a way to push for more excellence in the field of orthodontics. They are the only specialty board recognized by the American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontists.

Here are 5 reasons why an ABO-certified orthodontist is better:

1. They Will Go the Extra Mile for You

How do you know they will go the extra mile for you? Because they already have. To be ABO-certified they must complete a written and clinical examination and go through a renewal process every 10 years. By committing to this, they are demonstrating their dedication to the highest level of care. When it comes to their patients, they will always give their best.

2. They Are Constantly Self-Evaluating

Being able to critically evaluate your own knowledge and skill is important for all of us, but especially those in health care. The ABO certification process requires an orthodontist to not only pass the exams, but also analyze their own treatment plans, technique and artistry in creating beautiful smiles and healthier mouths with detailed case reports of their work. The most skilled orthodontists know that it is not just a patient’s bite that matters, but also the jaw and facial structure.

3. They Are Up to Date on all the Latest Technology

When you choose an ABO certified orthodontist, you can also feel confident that he or she is up-to-date on all the latest technology because they are constantly learning the latest trends and new cutting edge technology in their field through not only the original certification process, but every time they renew it as well.

4. They Are the Leaders in their Field

The leaders in any field are always constantly striving for to make positive changes for the betterment of the people they serve. It goes without saying that the same applies to the leaders in orthodontic care. ABO-certified orthodontists are always at the forefront of new orthodontic research that can benefit you as the patient.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

You have probably heard the saying, “Practice Makes Perfect,” a lot and probably say it a lot to your kids too. Well, it is true. ABO-certified orthodontists are constantly working on their craft to keep their skills and technique sharp.

Drs. Pale, Gemmi and Middleberg of Orthodontics Limited have all taken that extra step to get ABO-certified which shows their dedication to patient care. They have also been consistently recognized by Philadelphia Magazine as one of the top Philadelphia orthodontists in the area. And because of their proficiency in Invisalign treatment in particular they have also been given the designation of Diamond Plus provider.

In addition, Drs. Pale, Gemmi and Middleberg offer all the latest technology in their offices and they always stay current on important trends in their field, and can offer you a variety of options for your orthodontic treatment.
They know what a big difference a straighter smile can make in a person’s life. Not only does it help restore self-confidence, it makes it easier to practice proper oral hygiene so you have a healthy, beautiful smile for years to come. They also understand that each person’s situation is different so that is why they take the time to sit down with you and go over your options. They can help you create the best treatment plan for your particular needs.

Another benefit of choosing Orthodontics Limited is that they offer flexible payment options. Cost for any orthodontic treatment can be a big factor for many people. Often people opt out of getting it done because they consider it a mostly aesthetic problem that doesn’t necessarily have to be fixed, considering it a more luxury item. This couldn’t be more further from the truth however. Crooked teeth and bite issues need to be fixed in order to prevent tooth decay and gum issues down the line. It is not just about a pretty smile so at Orthodontics Limited they will work with you to come up with an affordable plan.

Orthodontics Limited has convenient offices in Hatboro, Northeast Philadelphia and Center City Philadelphia which make scheduling your appointments a lot easier too. For more information about your orthodontic care options, give them a call today and schedule your free initial consultation.