What Are Virtual Orthodontics and How Can You Get Consultation

virtual orthodontics

We are now in the age of telehealth appointments being popular and commonly found in many medical offices. This extends to virtual orthodontics which has helped many people find answers about their dental health in the comfort of their own homes. 

For those who aren’t aware of what virtual orthodontics is and how it can help you with your dental health, you have come to the right place. Virtual orthodontics is easy to understand and even easier to get your first consultation.

What is Virtual Orthodontics?

Virtual orthodontics is a new form of orthodontics that allow you to have a consultation from the comfort of your own home. You can have virtual orthodontics exams and virtual orthodontics appointments where you can talk to an orthodontist without having to walk into the office. 

While you can’t get your braces or have any adjustments done from your home, you can cut down on the trips you need to make to the orthodontist by having a virtual orthodontics consultation at home. 

How Does Virtual Orthodontics Work?

The specific method of how a virtual appointment works will vary from office to office. However, the consultation process is quite similar for many different orthodontics offices. 

The process only takes a few steps and won’t take too much time out of your day. Having a virtual orthodontics appointment can help people save time by reducing driving time. 

First, you will take several images of your smile from different angles. Typically, you will have to take about 8 photos. The angels you must match will be shown to you before and while taking your photos so you can get the right angel.

You will then submit these photos using the online tool provided to you by the orthodontist. Other information about your dental health will be requested and there will be a spot where you can share any dental problems that you have been having. 

This gives information to your virtual orthodontist who will later get in touch with you about the photos you submitted. You can then schedule an in-person or virtual consultation to discuss the results of your photos where you will learn everything that you need to about your mouth. 

Forms of Virtual Orthodontics

Virtual Orthodontics takes many forms and allows you to do so much from the comfort of your home. You can have virtual consultations, appointments, and sometimes even virtual exams. 

Of course, as we mentioned earlier, you can’t get any work done through the screen. However, virtual appointments are great if you need to talk to your orthodontist about any questions or concerns that you have. They are great for check-ins and for discussing the next steps in your treatment process. 

Everything is super easy to do with virtual orthodontics. The only thing that you must have is a working device that can take photos and strong enough Wi-Fi to have virtual appointments. 

How Can I Get a Virtual Orthodontics Consultation

Getting a virtual consultation is super easy and involved the same steps from above. You will take a collection of photos of your mouth from different angles and send them in. Your orthodontist will get back to you about your results and you can talk about a plan of treatment with them. 

Starting the consultation process can be done through the website of your orthodontist. Orthodontics Limited makes it incredibly easy to get a virtual consultation as all you have to do is head to the New Patients tab and click on “Free Virtual Consultation.” That’s right, these consultations are completely free!

Virtual orthodontics consultations remove many of the barriers that have prevented people from getting help with their dental health. You can even access a video that takes you step by step through taking photos of your smile. 

Virtual Orthodontics Are Completely Safe

We understand that it can be nerve-wracking to send your personal information online. Know that everything that you send to your orthodontist through the website and everything that you discuss in a virtual setting is protected under HIPPA the same way as information about in-person appointments is. 

However, we must note that the information you send through your email is not encrypted as many of the main email services don’t use encryption technology. The information we have in our office will be protected, but the information you send us has the possibility of being read by third-party services. 

If this is of high concern to you, then we recommend that you come in for in-person appointments instead of having virtual appointments where you have to use your email for certain steps. You could also use encrypted email services to feel safer with the information you send and receive. That way, you can use virtual orthodontics in peace. 

Orthodontics Limited will take any kind of email so if you want to use an encrypted email, then you can. 

Start Your Free Consultation with Orthodontics Limited

With Orthodontics Limited, you can get a free consultation on your dental health by sending us photos of your smile through the website. This makes getting dental care and advice super easy and this consultation can be done by anyone both young and old.

It is never too late to get the dental health you need. If you have been looking for an easier way of accessing orthodontics without having to leave your house as often, virtual orthodontics is incredibly helpful. 

Orthodontics Limited will help you get the smile that you desire. Whether you are looking for help simply for cosmetic purposes or because your dental health depends on it, you can get necessary healthcare through Orthodontics Limited. 

By making services available through virtual appointments, Orthodontics Limited has opened its virtual and physical doors to anyone who needs it. They break barriers to getting orthodontic care by making services available to many more people. Get the smile you love today by contacting Orthodontics Limited either in person or through the virtual orthodontics program.