6 Reasons Parents Should Consider Invisalign First For Their Child

Invisalign First

Published by Dr. Charles Gemmi

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The health of your child is important. You need to make sure that they get regular dental checkups to look for some of the common dental issues that can appear as they age. When it is time to consider getting braces for your child, parents should consider Invisalign first for the best results. There are a lot of great benefits to Invisalign including:

The Appearance

Even though your child may need to get braces to help straighten out the teeth and make them look better, most kids do not like all of the metal that comes with those devices. This can make them less than excited to get the braces and may make you as the parent hesitant as well. All those pictures, events, and other things will now be marred by the sight of metal in the mouth of your child.

Invisalign for kids can be a good option to prevent these issues. They are practically invisible when you take pictures, talk with friends, or even eat and drink. While it is possible to see them when someone is up close, they will not be in the way or cause any awkwardness for the child as they go through some of those formative years.

Parents should consider Invisalign first, even before braces that are enamel-looking or colored, because they come at a lower cost, will straighten the teeth, and they look more natural than other types of braces your family can choose.

The Comfort Level

Once the braces are put in place by a pediatric orthodontist, they become a semi-permanent fixture in the mouth of your child. This device is there to stay until the dentist is ready to take them out. Your child will get used to the feeling of the braces with enough time, but in the beginning, wearing these can be aggravating and they do cause some children pain.

Another issue is that food will often get stuck in all the wires that come with traditional braces. This can make it uncomfortable for children who may get stuff stuck in their teeth during the day. It is inconvenient to always need to check the braces to make sure no food is left behind.

Invisalign is a little bit different. They do not have all the wiring inside, so there is less pain and discomfort after putting them on. It is easy to remove the device after eating, which can help the child to clean the Invisalign and their teeth at any time. Gone are the days that your child has to worry about popcorn, a sticky dessert, or something else getting stuck in the teeth.

Ideal for the Challenging Cases

Invisalign works well, even for children who need a lot of work done on their teeth. Many parents assume that if the dental condition is complicated for their child, such as an aggressive bite, then they have to rely on traditional braces to get the work done. Invisalign aligners are going to be a good option to help almost all cases that require braces.

If you are concerned about how well the Invisalign is going to work for your child and their dental health, it is best to talk with a pediatric dentist to help. They will be able to take a look at the dental health of your child and then come up with the right plan to fix the teeth and get them straight and looking great.


Many dental treatments are expensive for families to keep up with. They may do some great work on the teeth and can keep the smile healthy, but getting these treatments, including braces, is sometimes expensive. Invisalign is similar to the cost of getting regular braces, which can make them an appealing option for most families.

Most insurance plans will approve an Invisalign treatment too. This can cut down on the costs for getting this dental treatment too. Always check with your insurance plan ahead of time to make sure they will cover the cost and to figure out the exact amount you may have to pay upfront for this treatment.

Shorter Time for Treatment

Parents should consider Invisalign first because it can lead to a shorter treatment time compared to some of the other options. For traditional braces to work, the child will need to wear them all day, every day, without a break. While the length of time is different for each child, the average is 24 months.

This is where Invisalign can shine. Your child will not need to wear them for nearly as long as traditional braces. While the Invisalign does need to be worn for the whole day, they take between 6 to 18 months for the whole treatment to be complete. This can speed things up and will give your child the beautiful smile they deserve.

Give Your Child More Confidence

Traditional braces may do a great job at straightening the teeth and making them look nice, but they can do a number on the confidence that your child has. When others notice the braces and make fun of them for wearing these devices, it can do a number on their self-esteem.

This problem can be avoided for children who wear Invisalign. Since these braces are almost invisible, the child is able to smile with confidence. With hardly anyone knowing that the child is wearing braces, they will be able to smile, eat, talk, and go through their daily life without taking a hit to their self-esteem, all while making their teeth better.

Choosing Invisalign for Your Child

Many parents agree that Invisalign is one of the best options to help straighten the teeth and keep the smile of their child healthy. This treatment is affordable, helps to avoid some of the common problems that traditional braces have, and can straighten out the teeth as well. When you are ready to discuss Invisalign with your pediatric orthodontist or a virtual orthodontist, schedule an appointment today!

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