What is Invisalign First?

what is invisalign first

No one likes to deal with a broken and damaged smile, or teeth that don’t grow in right. While cumbersome braces can be a problem for a young child to maintain and work around as they eat and talk, there is another solution. Invisalign for kids is a clear plastic solution that can not only fix your child’s mouth, but can also help their mouth look normal while they do so.

But what is invisalign first? Why is it becoming a preferred method over braces, and how do you use it to get the best support for your child? That’s what this article wants to answer for you.

Using Invisalign for Kids

Invisalign First is a clear aligner treatment that can correct dental problems in the mouth, especially for kids with their first set of primary teeth or baby teeth. Your child shouldn’t have to grow with a mouth that isn’t able to fit them. Our pediatric orthodontist team believes that as your child grows their mouth should grow with them.

If your child is 6 to 10, then you can have them start phase one treatment to get their clear aligner treatment. Here are some of the benefits for Invisalign First that make them very easy for your child to use.

These Invisalign First aligners are designed to treat lots of teeth. It doesn’t matter if your child has a simple problem such as trouble with spacing, a complex problem such as narrow dental arches, or anything else in between.

They are also designed to be removable. Instead of wrestling with the springs and brackets of braces, they can be popped off. This makes eating without the invisaligns and also practicing good dental hygiene much much easier.

Finally, while the invisalign is designed to go over your teeth and slowly start to move them into place, they are still made to be comfortable.

What Is the 1st Phase of Invisaligners?

The goal of phase one treatment for your child’s invisaligns is to develop the child’s young jaws to make sure that room is made for the new teeth that are coming in. There’s nothing worse that having crowding in your mouth, because that impairs your tooth growth and your tooth function.

The Phase one treatment can also straighten your teeth, improve the smile of your child, and can also take care of pre-existing bite issues. Invisalign First aligners are some of the best aligners to make sure that phase one can go off without a hitch, and then you can get started on phase two.

Why Should You Use Invisalign First?

If you are still asking, what is Invisalign First, here’s more information about the company that makes these amazing invisaligns. For one thing, they are fast. Even taking into account what your child needs to get their teeth back in line, most users will see results after about six months.

They also feel better and will allow you to live your life without having to fiddle with all of the wires and springs of braces. If you are eating, playing sports, sleeping, or need to take them out for whatever reason, you just pop them out without any trouble. Then pop them back inside of your mouth when you need them to be returned.

Additionally, Invisalign makes their clear aligners from SmartTrack material. The material makes them comfortable, and allows your teeth to straighten predictably and quickly, and the aligners are completely designed for your mouth. Our pediatric orthodontist will take measurements of your child’s mouth and create the perfect set of invisaligns to get their mouth to where it needs to be.

Everything Is Mapped Out

With all the technology that is going into your Invisaligners, you can rest assured that the orthodontist doesn’t leave anything to chance. They use an ‘outcome simulator’ to map out all the steps to your new smile, making sure that you know every single movement that will happen to your teeth. You will see everything that goes into the new smile, and won’t have any surprises pop up for you.

Using 3D software, we create an algorithm that can calculate the precise amount of force needed for every single one of your tooth movements. Then every tooth will move according to that algorithm and the plan will be followed without any problems.

Most orthodontists can also use precision wings to help fix bite issues and move the lower jaw, and SmartForce Attachments that are able to help direct the force of your alignment. No matter the problems that your child has with their mouth you can rest assured that Invisalign will make sure that everything will work out fine.

They Last For You

Finally, you don’t need to worry about your transformed smile becoming damaged over time. Some Invisalign treatments can take around 6 months or more to get your teeth fully aligned, and you need to make sure that they look good. These Invisalign items are designed to fit into your mouth without any trouble, without causing any problems.

They are discreet and invisible in your mouth, while also being custom made. They are also about two times as durable while also lasting just as long as the top name brand dentures. The Invislaigners last and can withstand quite a bit of punishment from your child, so there’s not a lot that can harm these retainers.

Using Your Invisaligners

You shouldn’t be asking, what is invisalign first anymore. The invisaligners are one of the best ways for your children to get their teeth in order. If you don’t want to worry about your child having damaged teeth and a crooked smile, but also don’t want to burden them with the struggles of braces the invisaligners are a great solution.

Make sure to talk to your pediatric orthodontist and they will make sure that your child is the perfect candidate for getting an Invisalign first treatment. Then you can work with them to get it started, and your child will have perfect teeth once again!