5 Differences Between Invisalign and Mail Order Braces

mail order braces

Whenever you need a way to straighten your teeth and your smile, but don’t want to have to deal with normal metal braces, you have two options. You can use mail order braces or Invisalign braces as an alternative to metal braces. Mail-order aligner brands give you DIY treatment from the comfort of your own home, although it does not have the advantages of a patented Invisalign treatment.

When it comes to comparing the two forms of alternative braces, you need to consider all of the differences before you can start making a real choice. Here are some of the differences between the two, as well as why you should get Invisalign if you have the option.

1. What is Included

One of the biggest differences between Invisalign and Mail Order braces is what is actually included with the retainers themselves. Invisalign braces come with treatment options that include everything. These include all the aligners needed and the retainers as well, and you will receive all the necessary dental procedures from your dentist.

DIY braces on the other hand, tend to be much cheaper on the outset, but they also don’t include everything you need. The mail order braces tend to offer a complete 6-month treatment, but it doesn’t include everything.

The cost of the necessary procedures, extra aligners for refinements, and the supervision of a licensed orthodontist isn’t included. That can rack up a lot of extra dollars and can also cause problems for you if your mail order braces for your kid take longer than six weeks to get themselves treated.

2. The Quality Of The Material

Most Invisalign are made from various high quality materials, and these include the SmartTrack plastic design. SmartTrack plastic is designed to be very durable, flexible, and long lasting. Additionally, each of the SmartTrack braces are surgically done by a dentist to be perfectly aligned to your teeth.

Invisalign clear braces can also use Invisalign SmartForce attachments, and iTero Scanning. These are materials patented to be used with the treatment, and they are not available anywhere else. They are only to be used by the licensed dental professionals to treat patients who are in-office.

Mail order braces don’t have that level of car, and the braces do not have access to the patented technology such as the SmartTrack plastics. They use basic generic plastic which isn’t as durable or flexible. The mail order aligners are not as well made when compared to their Invisalign counterparts.

Invisalign is a brand of clear aligner that can be used by licenced orthodontics only, and it is patented. If you find DIY braces being sold and promising to use Invisalign technology, then it isn’t a store that you want to buy from.

3. The Aligners Have X-rays

X-rays are always needed whenever any orthodontic treatment is required, and you need to get them no matter what type of braces you need. For Invisaligners, you will receive x-rays with your included costs, but with mail-order companies you need to pay out of pocket. This is a separate cost from your clear aligner treatment.

4. They Don’t Treat the Same Conditions

While Mail order aligners can straighten your teeth and make sure they fall in line, they can only support mild to moderate cases. Mail Order aligners have you doing all of the work by yourself without the direct support of an orthodontist, so you can only do the bare minimum without any extra help.

The mail order aligners also don’t use attachments, which are supposed to give your aligners a better grip. However, these invisalign attachments are used with Invisaligners and can also be used for complex cases. You will be working with an Orthodontist while you order and use your invisaligners, and they can make sure that you are using them correctly. The Orthodontist will be able to give you full support, and also help you out as things go on.

Invisalign can treat far more cases than the mail order clear aligners, and can also treat the more serious cases. 

5. The Speed Difference

While some Mail Order Aligners like to boast that they can give you results in 6 months of using their product, we know that it works differently. Only the mild and moderate cases work well after six months, while longer cases will need more time. It is very difficult to figure out how much time you need without using the aid of an orthodontist.

Unless you have the direct supervision of a licensed orthodontist, you might have problems figuring out if issues arise. An orthodontist will work with you to make sure that you are ready to go.

Plus, Invisalign can achieve results in 6 months without fail, even with more complex cases. Invisalign comes with a lot of other benefits to help with the speed, including all of the included and patented technology. The Invisalign braces are custom and tailor made to give you a step by step plan to get your mouth from where it is to where you want it to be. As you go through the process, you will get more and more from the Invisalign braces and the Orthodontist will be around to fix any problems.

What Is the Best Invisalign for Kids?

If your child needs invisalign, you shouldn’t put off purchasing it for them. You should stay away from mail order retainers, and only get Invisalign for your needs. Invisalign clear plastic retainers are designed to be very durable, very effective, and will be used for every case under the sun.

Whether your child has a mild case that needs only minor fixing, or a complex case that might take a few years to fix up, using Invisalign along with an Orthodontist’s support will get their teeth where they need to be.

Then they can get back to a normal life with a new smile and a mouth that will always stay inline. As their teeth continue to grow, they will grow into a healthy and completely straight mouth.