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The iTero Scanner is one of the most exciting advancement in orthodontics. This device uses laser and optical scanning to digitally capture the shape and surfaces of the teeth. By capturing hundreds of thousands of laser points per second, we are able to produce an extremely accurate digital model of your mouth, resulting in better treatment results. The procedure is comfortable, reliable, safe and accurate. Orthodontics Limited is proud to offer the iTero digital scanner as a convenient, efficient and better alternative to traditional impressions.

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When it comes to getting braces, one of the main things people worry about is braces pain and Invisalign pain. Invisalign and braces impressions can cause discomfort, but this part of the process is necessary for the orthodontist to create a set of braces that are customized for the patient. Braces installation and tightening can be uncomfortable, and some patients may experience pain for days or even weeks after a dental visit. That’s why Orthodontics Limited offers the iTero Scanner to orthodontic patients. If you’re thinking about getting braces, here is some helpful information about this new technology that could make you feel more at ease about your dental treatment.

How the iTero Scanner Works

The iTero Scanner is one of the most innovative advancements in orthodontic technologies. The device uses optical scanning and lasers to capture the surfaces and shape of the teeth in a digital image. The scanner captures hundreds of thousands of laser points each second to create a precise digital model of your entire mouth. This allows the orthodontist to deliver accurate treatment results. Getting fitted for Invisalign using the iTero scanner is safe, reliable and comfortable for the patient. If you’re concerned about getting traditional dental impressions, the iTero Scanner could be an ideal treatment for you.

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Benefits of the iTero Scanner

Orthodontists use the iTero Scanner to provide the best service to patients who want Invisalign. The scanner results provide 7x less fitting issues for Invisalign patients and 10x fewer rejections. You can be sure that each set of aligners will fit your teeth without discomfort, so you can focus on straightening your teeth without having to deal with teeth, gum or jaw pain.

The iTero Scanner also helps to ensure that your aligners are created faster. The machine allows for ClinCheck setups that are three times quicker. This means that your images are sent to the Invisalign manufacturer so your customized aligners can be created and mailed to our office. Since teeth straightening is likely something patients have been looking forward to for a while, an orthodontic practice that offers efficient treatment is appealing.

With the iTero Scanner, orthodontists can make adjustments to digital impressions to make sure you get the aligners you need to improve your smile. The scanner also gives orthodontists the ability to easily project corrections and extractions.

In addition to getting impression results from the iTero Scanner, the device also provides an Invisalign Progress Assessment so orthodontists and patients can see how well Invisalign treatment is working. The scanner also works for people who want retainers or digital bracket removal. Since everyone’s Invisalign treatment plan is different, it’s important to have a device in-office that can provide quick results.

iTero Training

Top orthodontic offices invest in iTero training to learn how to properly use the devices to provide quality Invisalign service to patients. Orthodontic teams receive direction from Training Foundations that will guide professionals through an online tutorial that is interactive and self-guided.

Clinical Core is also part of iTero training. During Clinical Core, an iTero clinical instructor provide hands-on training for two hours. Virtual guidebooks and an e-classroom are utilized in this section of training. Orthodontists will participate in these learning sessions from their practices using a webcam, which is included in the iTero system. The online classroom app allows medical professionals to schedule their training and gain remote, client-approved access to the device to view digital images and provide feedback in real time. Once the Clinical Core sessions are complete, orthodontists will have the skills and abilities to use the iTero machine at their practice.

Continued education is also vital when it comes to using the iTero correctly. Part of continued education is peer-to-peer training that supports medical professionals in learning new ways to use the iTero during daily workflow.

iTero Products

The iTero Element is designed to fit into orthodontic practices and has intuitive operations. The Element improves the workflow and has a compact footprint and high high-precision and two form factors so orthodontists can find the best method for them. The device also gives suggestions for third-party treatment planning and the ability to connect to orthodontic and restorative labs. The Element also includes the outcome simulator to let patients know how their smile will look when they have worn all their aligners. Of course, the Element also gives orthodontists and patients important information about Invisalign treatments, so patients will know how many aligners are necessary for treatment, and whether follow-up treatments like retainers are necessary.

iTero provides several scanning products that make it easier to get efficient Invisalign treatment. The iTero Element 2 provides interactive visualization tools and has a large screen and a structure that makes it easy to take the device to various treatment rooms. The Element 2 also provides chairside milling integration. The device has HD visuals and the ability to view impressions in a wide screen format.

The iTero Element Flex is shaped similar to a laptop and comes with a case that makes it easy for the orthodontist to carry this device anywhere. This device has enhanced color features to make images stand out and produces 3D scans in as little as one minute.

The iTero Scanner is just another way Orthodontics Limited is a step ahead of other orthodontists. The machine makes dental impressions easy and painless for patients. This can reduce your anxiety about going to the orthodontist and getting the treatments you need for a healthier smile. iTero scanner painless braces are an option for you if you live in the Center City, Philadelphia area. If you’re interested in getting Invisalign, the images that the iTero records will give you an accurate idea of how your teeth will look after your Invisalign treatment is complete.

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