8 Fun Braces Color Combinations for Summer

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Published by Dr. Charles Gemmi

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If you have bands on your braces, it’s always fun to pick a new color for those bands. Around the holidays, you might choose green and red or blue and white, before Halloween, you might want orange and black or yellow, white, and orange for a candy corn effect. But during the summer, you might feel like you have fewer color options than during the rest of the year. While you might choose red, white, and blue if you have an adjustment close to the Fourth of July, what colors should you pick for the rest of the summer? Here are eight fun braces color combinations for summer:

1. Pink and purple

Depending on what brand of band your orthodontist uses, you might have a lot of different colors to choose from, or you might only have one choice of each hue to pick from. Either way, pink and purple are a great, feminine choice for your braces, especially if you do have neon colors to choose from. While pastel pink and lilac might be a good option if you want something a little more demure, summer is all about bright colors! If you’d normally stay away from bright pinks and purples, summer is the perfect time to try them out and see if they actually like them.

2. Aqua and yellow

Do you want a color combination that is reminiscent of the beach? Then why not try aqua and yellow? Aqua will always be a great color for summer, it’s bright and it hearkens back to long days spent at the beach. Yellow will be a great option for symbolizing the sand and, of course, yellow is another color that is always big during the summer. If your orthodontist has metallic bands available, you might even want to choose gold instead of yellow!

3. Aqua, pink, and yellow

Summer is all about bright colors, and if you choose neon yellow, neon aqua, and neon pink, you will have those bright colors. You might not be able to pick this many colors, depending on how your bands are used (on some braces, the bands are used individual, while on others, they are all connected, so you can only choose a single color for the top and a single color for the bottom), but if you are able to choose more than two colors, you can create a fun, summer pattern with these three colors.

4. Dark purple and red

If you want a color combination that is a little more classic and still fun for summer, without attracting as much attention as neon colors will, try dark purple and red. These two colors are very fashionable right now and they will look great against your white teeth. Especially if you favor either of these two colors in the clothes that you wear, incorporating them into your braces is a great way to maintain a color story with your outfits. While darker colors are often reserved for fall, there’s no reason you can’t also wear them during the summer!

5. Blue and bright pink

Blue and bright pink and both class summer colors. Summers are characterized by bright blue skies and blooming flowers, and you’ll get both of those colors if you choose this color combination. Try and pick the brightest blue that your orthodontist have and a pink that is just as bright. When it comes to braces color combinations, this might not be one of the most traditional, but it definitely will look great!

6. Blue and yellow

Like blue and bright pink, blue and yellow has a very definite summer feel to it. Especially if your orthodontist has a light blue and a light yellow available to you, you are sure to get plenty of compliments on this color combination, whether you want every other bracket to be blue and yellow or whether you have blue across the top and yellow across the bottom or vice versa. This is also one of the best braces color combinations for spring, so if you have more than one combination you want to try during the summer, you can keep this one in your back pocket for next spring!

7. Black and pink

If you want something that is a little bit edgier, black and pink is the perfect option. While you’ll still have a little bit of summer fun with pink, you’ll also get the edginess of black. If pink is just not your color, you could choose to substitute something like dark purple or even red or blue instead. While black might not be one of the most popular choices for summer, if you like this color or wear a lot of black clothing, it could be the perfect pick for your braces.

8. Green and pink

Green and pink, especially neon green and neon pink will be the perfect color combination for summer. Again, if you’re not a big fan of pink, you can swap in blue or even white, for a cleaner, less feminine combination.

Many people feel that they do not want to draw attention to their braces by picking bright colors for their bands. The truth is, however, that people are going to notice your braces anyway and picking just one color for your braces is boring! Why not pick a color combination that you really love and will actually be excited to see when you smile? One of these summer braces color combinations is sure to work for you!

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22 responses to “8 Fun Braces Color Combinations for Summer”

  1. Claire says:

    I like this because it was really helpful for my daughter

  2. Rebecca says:

    These combinations are great!! Wish I would have found them last year! I’m down to the last few sessions of braces, but I’ll make the best of it with some of these color combinations! Thank You!

  3. Morgan says:

    I feel like a lot of the combinations n here include yellow and I have read in a lot of different articles that yellow with show more yellow in your teeth so it would be nice if you could make new combinations without yellow in them

  4. Ciara says:

    Thanks for the choices me and my sister kinda wanna show off our braces so we’re thinking of super bright pink for me an Bright blue for her since we’re gonna be starting braces on June 22 were gonna get red white and blue the next visit but thank you!

  5. Sophie says:

    I like all of these ideas, but the fact that almost all of them have yellow is a problem because I think it would look like your teeth are yellow

  6. shanya says:

    i have braces, but i dont like nun of these colors so can someone help me choose more ?

    • Maddie says:

      Some pretty options I’ve gotten are light and dark blue, dark blue and dark blue, light blue and light pink, navy and burgundy, and purple and pink none of those options will make your teeth look yellow or dirty!

  7. Sabrina says:

    What’s the colour of the braces on the top???

  8. Calie says:

    I just got my braces!!!i used this and it helped sooo much!!!thanks thanks!

  9. maddy says:

    these colors are very helpful! I’m really glad I found this website!!!!!

  10. Best Tech says:

    I have to placed one but i thought that it would be not nice to me. But if i can get that from my fav color it would be nice.

  11. Calie? says:

    I love some of these ideas cause when I go to the Orthodontist I don’t know what colors to get.

  12. Addison says:

    I figure out that pink and black are really nice together

  13. Kenzie says:

    One color combo that also looks good and makes your teeth look whiter is red and black. Also, this website has helped me so much with what would go with what.

  14. Lili says:

    I do not like yellow on my teeth it makes look like plaque and it makes me teeth look extra yellow I personally love the colors black and red together though

  15. K says:

    these are cool but the yellow NO

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