Tips For Solving Simple Braces Emergencies

braces emergencies

Well, using the word “Emergencies” may not be exactly right. However, when something hurts, or even if some little thing is just bugging you, we want to help. Here at Orthodontics Limited, during your orthodontic treatment period, our Philadelphia orthodontists Dr. Gemmi, Dr. Middleberg, and our entire team want to be sure you are as comfortable as possible.

With that in mind, here is some information about some things you can do if you are having minor problems. Of course, we ALWAYS want you to contact us WHENEVER you need to. You already know there are LOTS of ways to communicate with us—including here on our blog (using the comments function or contact form), on our website, on Twitter or Facebook, and the good ol’ fashioned way… by calling (215) 676-7846 in Philadelphia or (215) 675-0542 in Hatboro!

Given all of the technology that we have available to us, you pretty much have a virtual orthodontist available to you whenever you need. Our Philadelphia orthodontists are here to help you through any and all “braces emergencies” and urgencies that you may be facing. If you have any questions, or if anything feels even the slightest bit off to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always available to you, our patients, because we are here to ensure a safe, comfortable, pleasant experience and journey to getting that beautiful smile that you always wanted and deserved.

However, if you feel like your problem is really small, or perhaps you’re out of town or on vacation, or it’s something you want to try to quickly remedy yourself, the video below can help. It was produced by the cool folks at Braces Questions.

You already know some of the basic, simple suggestions we’ve told you before. Remember, don’t “play with” your braces, don’t eat sticky or hard foods, etc. It is very important to take note of all of these little things, because these little things can cause bigger problems if you choose not to follow the advice. For example, eating sticky or hard foods can lead to poking arch wires, loose bands, or even an out-of-slot wire. “Playing with” your braces can also lead to all of these conditions as well as potential additional soreness. Here is a short list of things that can become issues during your orthodontic treatment period:

  • a loose band
  • poking arch wire
  • tooth soreness
  • a sore inside your mouth
  • an out-of-slot wire
  • lost elastic

So, watch this short video now, before you have any issues. It’s good, basic information for every one of our patients to know.

There are many ways to remedy painful or uncomfortable braces emergencies, but you certainly do not have to go through any of it alone. We are evidently always here to help in any way that we can, but we want to make sure that you are aware of all of your options, and that includes some simple remedies for simple braces “emergencies,” or unforeseen circumstances. It can also be helpful to know how to solve smaller issues that are causing you to feel uncomfortable, just so you do not have to put up with any more discomfort than necessary. We are going to dive a little deeper into a couple of the different braces emergencies that we regularly see, so you can have an idea of how to treat yourself at home, either to feel more comfortable until you are able to come see us in our orthodontic office or so you can put yourself out of pain or discomfort completely (e.g., tooth soreness).

We normally give our patients wax that they are able to put over their metal braces brackets if you are experiencing discomfort with the bracket against the insides of your lips and/or cheeks. If you experience a poking arch wire, or even an out-of-slot wire, you can most certainly use the wax over the arch wire or wire in general to allow for a more comfortable feel until you are able to come and see us in person.

Most of the time with tooth soreness, it will go away in due time. Most times, tooth soreness arises around the tightening phases for your braces, or the placement of new aligner trays for Invisalign. This is because there is an increased amount of pressure or force on your teeth that your teeth are not yet used to. After a couple days, typically, this soreness dissipates or goes away. If the soreness feels unbearable though, you are more than welcome to manage the pain using regular over the counter, at home medications like Ibuprofen (e.g., Advil) or Acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol), but this is certainly not necessary if you feel the tooth soreness is bearable. If you do choose to go this route and use over the counter medications, make sure to follow the recommended dosages on the bottle and to not exceed the maximum stated.

If you are experiencing any braces emergencies, we are always available to you. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have our virtual orthodontist ready to serve you. If you need to jump on a quick video call and want to show us what is going on, we are more than happy to do so. Just make sure to reach out to us and we will help you through your braces emergencies as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions—or if you aren’t sure if something is truly an emergency. We are always happy to visit with you and help.

Thanks again for the trust you place in our orthodontic practice.

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