Debunking the Most Popular Reasons for Not Getting Adult Braces

adult braces

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding adult braces. Most people just assume that braces are best suited for children and teens. However, adult braces have actually become a lot more popular in recent years. In fact, adults now make up a sizeable portion of all orthodontic patients.

There are plenty of reasons adults are choosing to get braces. The most compelling of these is that adult teeth tend to shift and move, just as you would see happen in a child. This shift can take place even if the adult had braces as a child or teen. However, there are plenty of other reasons that adults seem to shy away from straightening their teeth. Unfortunately, none of these reasons are based in fact or reality.

Let’s review some of the popular reasons adults don’t get braces, and then we’ll debunk them.

#1. Orthodontics are always easily noticed

It is just not the case that orthodontics are easily noticed. Times have changed and with those times have come several new, more discreet option.  There are plenty of alternatives available for adults who want braces but don’t want the look of metal in their mouth.   For example, Invisalign can be a really great option that is not very noticeable. This orthodontic method uses aligners that are smooth and clear.

Those aligners get replaced every few weeks as your teeth are repositioned. The aligners themselves are entirely transparent so it is nearly impossible to see them. If you are still self-conscious about them, you can even take them out for a special occasion or during meals. You just need to wear them for 22 hours each day.

#2 Braces are Uncomfortable to Wear

Braces have long been considered uncomfortable and there may have been some truth to this decades ago. However, the world of orthodontics has come quite far in this regard. How braces work now is quite different than in years past. In fact, the options that are available today actually put far less pressure on your teeth while realigning them.

Several options available are self-ligating. So, they create less friction and tension when compared to the traditional braces with which we are all more familiar. This reduced tension and friction makes them a lot less uncomfortable to wear. Many discreet options, such as Invisalign, create such little discomfort that some wearers forget they even have them in at times.

#3 Braces are Always Made from Metal

We explored some of this when talking about other options that are available. However, it bears reminding that there are plenty of braces options available that are not made from metal.

These alternatives to traditional braces can move your teeth gently while being much less noticeable. These options tend to use stain-resistant brackets that are made from clear material. Given their transparency, they usually blend right in with the teeth, so they are hard to notice. In many instances, you can’t see them at all. They are also removable, so you can take them out as needed.

#4 Treatment Will Last Years

Orthodontics is a field that is continually progressing and evolving. Many orthodontists use the most up-to-date techniques, technology, and appliances in order to get teeth as straight as possible in as little time as possible. Both Invisalign and braces have had major improvements and upgrades over the years. As such, teeth can be shifted much faster.

Treatment plans can also be generated faster, before any actual treatment even begins. This has a lot to do with improvements in digital imaging. Orthodontists are able to better prepare treatment, which gets the entire process moving faster.

#5 Treatment as an Adult is Inconvenient

Anyone who had braces as a child or teen, or knows someone who did, might assume that treatment requires several appointments. For adults with careers and families, planning multiple trips to the orthodontist can seem incredibly inconvenient. This alone may make some adults think they just don’t have the time for braces.

However, the same improvements that have made wearing braces both less uncomfortable and quicker have also made wearing them much more convenient. The appointments you do have will be much easier and less invasive and the appointments you need will be much less frequent than with the traditional braces of years past.

#6 Straight Teeth Are Cosmetic Only

Many adults may assume that having straight teeth is simply cosmetic, with few actual benefits beyond increased vanity. However, that isn’t the case. Straight teeth are much easier to get and keep clean. That improved oral hygiene can reduce the possibility of developing gum disease and tooth decay.

Gum disease is tied to a number of other health conditions including heart disease, stroke and diabetes. It has even been liked to premature labor in women. The link between overall health and good oral health cannot be overstated. However, that is not all, straight teeth and good oral hygiene are also helpful with the following:

  • Reducing wear of teeth that is abnormal
  • Heling you to speak, chew and breathe properly
  • Help protruding teeth be less susceptible to injuries
  • Make space for dental implants if teeth are missing
  • Create a more balanced bite, which can alleviate pain and headaches as well as TMJ

#7 Adult Braces Aren’t Covered by Insurance

It is true that at one point in time, dental insurance only covered orthodontic treatment for people under 18 years old. However, just as treatment options have evolved, so has dental insurance coverage. Many dental insurance providers now cover adult orthodontics.

If your dental insurance provider does cover braces for adults, it likely will cover all of them, as opposed to just the traditional metal ones. So, it may be possible to have options that are more discreet, such as Invisalign, covered as well. Orthodontist Philadelphia will be able to establish a treatment plan for you. You can use that treatment plan to see how much of your braces will be covered by your particular insurance.