Thirteen Crazy Braces Rubber Bands Color Combinations for the Holidays

braces rubber bands

One of the best things about braces rubber bands is that you can customize them to showcase your own unique personality. There is really no better time to do just that than around the holidays.

If you know how braces work, you know that you get to change the color of the bands on the braces whenever you have your orthodontist appointment. So, traditional metal braces, unlike ceramic braces or clear aligners, give you the opportunity to add some flair to your look. So, what color combinations go best with each holiday? Try these options and show off your personability.


Halloween offers the perfect time to wear a variety of crazy and wacky color combinations. Just about anything goes at Halloween. However, we have some ideas for the best colors to use around this time of year.

1. Black and Orange

Of course, the most traditional Halloween colors are orange and black. This is one option for your braces rubber bands. It matches the theme of the holiday, and likely plenty of the clothes you’ll be wearing for the season as well. Everyone who sees your braces will also get the theme you’re trying to show off, since these colors are synonymous with the Halloween holiday.

2. Costume Colors

While orange and black are great for a standard choice, there are plenty of other customizable options for this time of year as well. You can even match your braces to your costume, if you’ll be wearing one. If you already have your costume planned, you can choose rubber band colors that either match or complement your costume. For example, are you dressing up as Superman? If so, try out blue and red bands. Planning a trip out dressed as the hulk? Choose two different shades of green. Hoping to morph into batman? Try yellow and black.

3. Glow-in-the-dark

There are now glow-in-the-dark bands available as well. These make a great accessory around Halloween. They also match just about everything, including any spooky costume.


There are plenty of color combinations that work for Thanksgiving. What is really nice about this holiday is that the colors are a bit more neutral. They aren’t hard to match or complement.  So, if your next orthodontist Philadelphia appointment isn’t for several weeks, you can still plan to wear these colors for a while.

4. Orange and Brown

A good choice for your rubber bands for braces around Thanksgiving is orange and brown. These are pretty neutral colors that will go with nearly anything. They great thing about them is that they are so neutral, you can keep them in for a while after the holiday. They are really just Autumn colors that will stay relevant up until almost Christmas time. You can also get them if your appointment falls well before the Thanksgiving holiday. They will just blend in with the season.

5. Yellow and Brown/Yellow and Orange

You can also opt for yellow and brown which will be a bit brighter, or even yellow and orange.  These colors will also match the general season.


Hanukkah colors tend to be really bright and festive. What is great about choosing your bands for this holiday is that the holiday actually extends more than one day. So, your braces will be relevant for several days. You can grab a lot of attention with Hanukkah colors, too.

6. Blue and Silver/White

You can try out blue with either white or silver. You can even try out silver and white together. Be careful using white if your teeth aren’t very white. Sometimes, using white colored bands will show how discolored your teeth are, even if you think your teeth are pretty white.


Christmas season is a great time to highlight fun colors in your braces. You can likely make do with keeping the colors for the whole month of December. So, choose wisely when picking your colors since you’ll likely have them for a while.

7. Red and Green

Obviously the most obvious choices for the Christmas season are red and green. These are often considered the most popular colors for the time of year.

8. Red and White/Green and White

If you want to wear the colors the whole season through, but don’t want to be too over the top in your color choices, you have other options for the Christmas season as well. If you’d like to extend your customization for a bit longer, you can also do red and white or green and white.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a great time to showcase your personality when choosing your rubber band colors. That is because there aren’t too many set colors used to celebrate the holiday. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to find these colors with glitter accents, which would really go with the holiday.

9. Silver and White

Silver and white match everything so this is a great option if you want to wear the colors for a while after the holiday has passed.

10. Gold and Silver

Gold and silver are a great combination to celebrate the New Year’s holiday.

11. Gold and White

Gold and White are a great color combination and will match nearly everything. However, be cautious of using white as it can show any discoloring you might have on your teeth.

Valentine’s Day

Everyone seems to wear pink and red for Valentine’s Day, so why not add the same colors to your braces rubber bands?

12. Pink/Red/White

Pink and Red together make a great combination. So does pink with white or red with white. You’ll likely be wearing these colors on and around the holiday, so now you can match your clothes to your bands and stay coordinated.

13. Purple

Purple is another color that doesn’t get as much attention around Valentine’s day, but that really complements the other more traditional colors. You can mix in purple with pink or purple with red.