9 Tips for Decorating for the Holidays

Published by Dr. Charles Gemmi

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Halloween has barely ended when everywhere you look you start to see stores, business and homes getting ready for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. If you are like it me, it can feel like a little too much too soon. Before you hand in the green tinsel and refuse to decorate at all because you can never keep up, remember that the holidays are about enjoying time with family and friends and not with keeping up with the Joneses.

There are plenty of creative ways to decorate for the holidays that won’t break your bank. Try these 9 tips for decorating for the holidays this year:

New Isn’t Always Better

Before you run to the store and spend hundreds of dollars on new lights and gigantic wreaths, take a stock of what decorations you already have and see if there is a way to use them in a unique way. For example all the tinsel you have laying around can be used along with twinkling lights to bring some pizazz to the main stairwell in your home.

Do you still have that old sled you used to play on when you were young? Decorate it with some tree garland and bows and use it to add a rustic feel to your Christmas.

Hosting Thanksgiving this year? Pull out your grandmother’s china that rarely sees the light of day and set the table with it to give the room a more festive feel.

Bring in Nature

For both exterior and interior decorating, natural elements can really add a festive touch to the holidays and bring back nostalgia for days gone by. If you have trees or bushes in your yard outside, then use garland, lights and bows to welcome family and friends to your home when they are visiting during the holidays. On the inside, add some branches, acorns and other natural elements to your table settings. Your guests will love the fresh pine scent.

Little Details Can Be Big

Don’t stress over not being able to afford those large and expensive holiday displays, many times it’s the little details that have the biggest effect. Simply switching out different colored candles to match holiday runners can really bring some holiday cheer into a room.

Choose a Focal Point

There is no holiday decorating rule that says that you have to fill every inch of your home with decorations. A more subtle approach can be even more effective. Pick a focal point of your home where your family and friends are most likely to gather in the holiday season and give that area the most attention when it comes to adding decorations.

For instance if you have a cozy family room with a fireplace that is the hot spot for all family gatherings, then try to add some festive pieces to the hearth like candles, a wreath or garland and then add a few small touches throughout the rest of the room. Remember that not every room in your house needs to scream, “’Tis the Season”.

Light Up the Holidays

Whether you prefer festive colored Christmas lights or more classical white lights, the warm glow from the lighting really adds to the festive ambiance, So have fun stringing up lights in windows, on bannisters and mantels and on trees and bushes. I am also not afraid to admit to be a lover of simple twinkle lights in windows and on mantels even after the holidays. There is just something about twinkling lights that lift your spirits, am I right?

Repurpose Some of Your Ornaments

If you are like me, over the years you have collected more Christmas ornaments than any one tree can hold. Instead of having to choose which ones will go on the tree each year, repurpose some of them as table decorations. You can simple scatter a few on the table or you can tie them to a cinched napkin and used them as a placeholder. For a more informal feel, simply just use different types of ornaments. If you are looking for a more sophisticated look, stick to a certain theme or pattern with the ornaments you choose.

Gifts Make Great Decorations

One easy way to decorate is to wrap gifts you are giving out early and instead off finding hiding spots for them, display them throughout your home. Of course everyone has to have enough willpower to not rip all the wrapping to shreds in their haste to find out what is inside. You can have a lot of fun choosing different types of paper, bows and other gift toppers to complement the rest of your home.

Colorful Throws Warm Up the Place

Family time during the holidays can be a lot more fun when you can all snuggle under some warm but colorful throw blankets while you are watching a movie together or just chitchatting the night away. The colder nights won’t bother you at all with strategically placed blankets draped over couches and chairs. It like they are calling you to all come together and cuddle.

Serve Up With Style

With all the decorating and food preparation, you have to do for the holidays, it is easy to forget about all the serving dishes and trays you might need. Instead of just having to rely on whatever you find in the cupboards of your kitchen, take the time to find pieces that serve their practical function, but do it with a bit of style. Look for cookie plates and chip and bowls that are Christmas themed. Want to serve some snacks and drinks on trays? Look for rustic wooden ones that when filled with colorful mugs of hot chocolate will remind everyone of Christmases past.

Every little detail does really count when it comes to decorating for the holidays. Make your home a warm, cozy haven for your family and friends this holiday season without having to take out a loan by following some of these tips. With a little elbow grease and a whole lot of creativity, it is amazing what you can do!

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