5 reasons to rank braces high on your New Year


The smile is usually the first thing you notice about a person. A beautiful smile can really help you make a great first impression when meeting someone for the first time, whether a potential suitor or a potential new boss. If you have been unhappy with your smile for a while, this time of year is the perfect time to do something about it. Make this New Year’s solution a straighter smile with braces. Here are 5 reasons to rank braces high on your New Year’s resolution list.

They will..

Boost your self-confidence

When you no longer have to hide your mouth behind your hand when talking or take only tight-lipped photographs out of embarrassment over crooked teeth, you will feel so much more confident in all aspects of your life. Want a promotion? It will be a piece of cake with your new found hutzpah. Been crushing on the guy you see on the train every morning? Now you will have no problem going over to him and asking him out. You will be surprise at how much a beautiful smile can change your outlook on life. When you feel beautiful, it shows in all your interactions. They can’t help but respond to you. Don’t be afraid to show people who you really are.

Improve your oral health

Crooked teeth or problems with your bite (malocclusion) is more than just an aesthetic issue though. They can make it difficult to eat and speak, cause jaw pain or TMJ and can lead to overall bad oral hygiene. When your teeth are all crowded together, it can be real difficult to clean them properly, leading to more cavities and plaque build-up which increases your risk for periodontal disease and tooth loss. Don’t risk future problems down the line by ignoring your crooked teeth. Keep in mind that if you are already missing teeth, then you will need to get implants before you can get braces. If you suffer from a lot of dental issues already, it would be best for you to talk with your regular dentist about what the best approach would be.

Keep you healthier

Jaw pain can lead to headaches, and periodontal disease has been known to increase your risk of several chronic diseases including heart disease. Poor oral hygiene can affect so much more than just the appearance of your mouth. Did you know that ear aches and stomach pains can also be related to dental problems? With a simple solution like braces, you can not only have a healthier mouth, but an overall healthy body as well. Why risk your overall health over embarrassment with wearing braces?

Change facial features

Sometimes in cases of severe overbites or underbites, your facial structure can be influenced by the position of your jaw. Braces can alter the position of your jaws, improving your bite and improving your facial features. If you have been embarrassed your whole life by a noticeably protruding or receding chin, then you will love how braces can make positive changes to your facial profile.

Be less invasive

Advanced technology in the field of orthodontics means that you have more options than you did in years past. Besides traditional metal braces, you can now choose Invisalign braces which are basically clear plastic aligners that are more comfortable to wear and don’t throw so much of a wrench into your life like metal braces do. This is because the aligners are barely noticeable when you smile and you can remove them when you eat or brush and floss your teeth. As long as you wear them for at least 22 hours, the treatment will be effective.

There are other orthodontic options as well like ceramic braces and the ability to wear the braces adhered to the front of your teeth or the back. Whatever your preferences, there are a lot more options and flexibility than there used to be in orthodontic care. Today’s orthodontic procedures are less painful and often take less time too. Did you know that Invisalign treatment for adults can be completed in just a year or year in a half?

Don’t let your age keep you from improving your smile either. It is important to keep in mind that teeth can move at any age, whether from injury, an illness or just natural growth. It is not like there is just a small window of opportunity when you are a tween or a teen to do something about your crooked teeth. Even if you had braces when you were young, you may need them again. You are never too old for braces. You may also may be required to wear a retainer after the braces are removed to maintain the new positioning. A positive about getting braces as an adult is that we are usually better able to take proper care of them and follow instructions as adults than as teens.

Braces today are also less invasive to your bank account as well. Most dental insurances will cover at least part of the expense and some dental offices will offer you CareCredit or other payment plans.  When you choose an orthodontist, ask them what payment options they offer and how much they are willing to work with you. Often times, many patients get braces when they are older because their parents couldn’t afford them when they were growing up.

The bottom line is that people are living longer today and want to have quality of life as well as quantity. The better care you give to your teeth now will mean you will keep your natural teeth longer. A straighter smile is easier to take care of properly. Even if you are 80 years old, it is not too late to get braces. It is never too late to make a change for the positive. This New Year’s, do something that will brighten your life in so many ways. Getting braces should rank high on your New Year’s resolution list.