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Published by Dr. Charles Gemmi

A Board Certified Orthodontist and a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, Dr. Charles Gemmi has been a practicing orthodontist with Orthodontics Limited since 2000 and is a member of the teaching staff at Einstein Medical Center. Orthodontics Limited is a Diamond+ Provider of Invisalign in Philadelphia and Hatboro, PA.

Do you feel like you’ve “missed your time” for braces? Maybe the idea of having that metal in your mouth brings back too many memories of your awkward days in middle school. Or, maybe you just feel like you’ll be unattractive while you’re wearing them. Not so.

Our Philadelphia orthodontists remind you that you’re not alone in wondering about such feelings.

Your kids may be in the process of getting their own beautiful smiles at either our Hatboro or Philadelphia orthodontic offices. No need to let apprehension deter YOU from having a gorgeous smile too.

Here’s the truth of the matter… Adult braces are becoming more common every day. Not only are more adults in Philadelphia and Hatboro choosing to straighten their teeth with braces, but there are more options available to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

The most important thing to remember is how braces will make you feel when the short time you wear them concludes! Even if your first thoughts lean towards embarrassment, you’ll enjoy a beautiful, confident smile for the rest of your life! Wearing braces may seem like a big deal to you, but most people won’t feel that way when they see you! Most people will notice the first time they see you… After that it will be a non issue—and people may even admire you for doing something so proactive and positive.

You are working to better yourself. You are working to smile more, to be proud of your smile, and that is not something to be ashamed or embarrassed of. You should really be thinking of adult braces and adult orthodontics as an investment for your future. You may be an adult, but you still have a long life ahead of you. Why not live it with as much confidence, pride, and joy as possible?

Other great things about orthodontic care here at our practice include all the options available to you. Traditional braces are still great for many patients, but choices can also include types of “invisible braces” like Invisalign. Lingual braces are placed on the inside of your teeth, ceramic braces offer less visible metal to your smile, and custom-fit trays like Invisalign straighten without any metal or bands at all.

These various options afford you tremendous amounts of opportunity. Your orthodontics treatment is truly tailored to fit your needs. If your job or day to day life includes you being in front of a camera constantly and you would prefer not to wear braces, then you can speak to our orthodontists about custom-fit plastic, clear aligner trays. With these trays, you will just need to regularly change them, and you are responsible for keeping them in your mouth for the recommended time period designated by your orthodontist, since they are removable appliances.

On the other hand, if you prefer to have something that you never have to think about taking out or putting in, then adult braces are a great option for you. This is a great form of orthodontics treatment for people that want the results without having to take on the responsibility of ensuring that they are contributing to their treatment on a daily basis. You already have so much responsibility in your daily life that adding on the thought of having to time and clean and take out and put in your clear aligners may not be something that you want added to your daily task list. This is a personal choice, and again, we can go into more depth and discuss all of your options with you at either our Philadelphia or Hatboro orthodontic practices.

Having a relative mix of the reasoning for choosing clear aligners versus braces, there is a third option: lingual braces. With lingual braces, the brackets are placed on the inside surfaces of your teeth, or on the tongue side. Because the brackets are on the inside, some patients experience some discomfort with their tongue constantly contacting the brackets. However, for some other patients, they get used to the feeling relatively quickly, and they are completely fine with it. This a personal choice, and it is ultimately up to you and your preferences. Many patients love lingual braces though because there is absolutely nothing that is visible or showing in their smile line- no plastic, no metal, no ceramic. Everything is hidden in a discreet way on the backsides of your teeth.

Finally, one of our other options for patients that are looking  for a more discreet option when it comes to adult braces is our ceramic braces. These braces have ceramic brackets as opposed to our traditional metal brackets. Because of this difference in material, the braces themselves look a bit more invisible when a patient smiles. However, there is still a wire that will show going across the teeth in the smile line. Each tooth though will have clear-looking brackets made of ceramic instead of noticeable metal brackets.

Altogether, adult braces and adult orthodontics as a whole are here to stay. There is no age limit for orthodontics treatment. We are simply here to help you get that smile that will allow you to smile bigger, brighter, and happier each and every day. We want to help you build your confidence by giving you a smile that you are truly proud of.

With all your options for straighter teeth and a smile you can be proud of, there’s no reason to hesitate any longer. Even if you still aren’t quite ready to make a final decision, feel free to contact us with any additional questions you have or if you’d like to have a consultation with one of our orthodontists.

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