10 Things You Notice When You Get Your Braces Off

Published by Dr. Charles Gemmi

A Board Certified Orthodontist and a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, Dr. Charles Gemmi has been a practicing orthodontist with Orthodontics Limited since 2000 and is a member of the teaching staff at Einstein Medical Center. Orthodontics Limited is a Diamond+ Provider of Invisalign in Philadelphia and Hatboro, PA.

Last Update: 25 Jan 2022

Most people, unless they are very lucky, will end up wearing braces for at least eighteen months. Many teenagers wear braces during all four years of high school. By the time you get your braces off, you will have probably forgotten what it felt like to not wear braces anymore. Once the wires are out and the brackets have been removed from your teeth, you experience an adjustment period that is very close to the adjustment period you need at the beginning of your time with braces.
10 Things You Might Notice when You get Your Braces Off

1. Calluses

You have calluses on the insides of your lips. This is one of the first things you notice once the brackets are off of your teeth. If you had metal braces, there are going to be calluses on the insides of your lips where there was once sensitive skin. These develop fairly quickly when you first get your braces on, but because they correspond with the brackets, you usually cannot feel them until the braces come off. Don’t worry – these will eventually go away.

2. Even Teeth

Your teeth are even. While you might have been able to feel your teeth lining up and even see how your smile changes over time, the first time the braces are off is usually the first time you’ll be able to see how even and beautiful your new smile is. This can completely change the way you look, especially if you’ve seen yourself with a mouth full of metal for the last two or three years.

3. Eating is Strange

After years of adjusting how you eat to accommodate your braces, it can be very strange to not have any of those impediments. You can bite into an apple again, eat chips without having to worry about a sharp piece prying off a bracket. Gum, chewy candies, and other sticky foods are okay again. Because you’ve avoided so many foods for so long, it is always interesting to start incorporating those foods back into your diet. The dietary freedom that comes with getting your braces off is always fun!

4. Brushing and Flossing

It’s much easier to brush and floss. No more special brushes or flossing contraptions! Keeping your teeth clean is much easier without a wire and brackets. With fewer obstacles, getting your mouth clean is a breeze, but that isn’t a license to take it easy. Especially as your mouth is getting used to not having the metal in it anymore and as you start incorporating certain foods back into your diet, it’s important to be diligent about brushing and flossing thoroughly.

5. Tender Teeth

The teeth are tender. Getting your braces off is a little bit like getting them on. It’s a big change, and your orthodontist does have to use some force to get the brackets and all of the glue out of your mouth. While it doesn’t hurt, when you get home from your last visit you might notice that your teeth and gums are a little tender. The sensation probably won’t be any different than how your mouth feels after you had a wire adjustment, but it’s still good to be aware that right after getting your braces off might not be the best time to pop in a jawbreaker.

6. Discoloration

Your teeth might be a little yellow. Having braces and getting straight teeth can make it difficult to keep your teeth white and shiny. Your teeth might be a little yellow, but it’s nothing Dr. Gemmi and Dr. Middleberg can’t solve. You might also notice some calcification. This is actually good for teeth (it means you’re getting enough calcium and that the teeth are strong), but you might not love how it looks. Talk to your orthodontist about these spots.

7. Follow Up Appointments

Your treatment isn’t really over. You will probably have at least one more appointment with Dr. Gemmi and Dr. Middleberg after getting your braces off. This is usually to make sure that your retainer fits properly and that it is keeping your teeth in line. Most people have to wear their retainers indefinitely, to prevent teeth from shifting back to their original position. If you go without wearing it for a few nights, you might notice that it feels extra tight or slightly out of place when you put it back in again. This is because your teeth have already started to shift out of alignment!

8. Additional Treatment

You might still need other orthodontic treatments. Braces might not be the end of your orthodontic treatment. Some patients still have other issues that can be addressed by spacers, partial braces, or other solutions. While many of our patients walk away with their retainers, with beautiful, straight smiles, if there are other issues you want to address, even after your braces are off, we can help!

9. Settling

Your teeth might settle. Without the brackets and wires there to hold them in place, and even if you are wearing your retainer diligently, your teeth might still shift. Don’t worry — they’re just settling and this is a natural and expected part of getting your braces off. It’s always for the better! Dr. Gemmi and Dr. Middleberg have taken this into account when deciding when to remove your braces.

10. A Beautiful Smile!

Everyone is noticing your bright, braces-free smile! Getting your braces off is a drastic change, and your family and friends will notice, especially now that they can see how even your teeth are!

If you have braces or are thinking about getting braces, that finished result — the bright, straight smile — is often the impetus behind getting an orthodontic treatment. Once your treatment is over, you’re sure to notice a big difference in your smile and the health of your mouth!

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350 responses to “10 Things You Notice When You Get Your Braces Off”

  1. Brianne says:

    Hi I’m not one of your patients but I recently got my braces off and had my last orthodontist appointment but although my teeth looked great for the first few days they seem to have shifted back to basically how they were before my year and a half of braces but I’ve been wearing my retainer every night I don’t know what to do and I don’t think I can get the braces put back on or anything but it’s really worrying me and I don’t know what to do I was wondering if u could help me out with some advice ?

    • Dr. Gemmi says:

      Hi Brianne,

      Sounds like you have experienced some relapse. We would suggest you make an appointment with your orthodontist to discuss some options to get your teeth back to how they looked when you had your braces removed. There are other options besides braces to straighten your teeth.

      • harvi says:

        what type of other options?

        • Amber says:

          When u just get ur braces off and wear your removable retainer, are u supposed to feel a little bit of pain like when u just get your braces tightened but instead with ur retainer? Because I just got mine off and it hurts a little to put on and take off my retainer especially when I try to bite…

        • Hayley says:

          maybe like spacers or partial braces

      • Megan says:

        I’m getting my braces off in 2 days but I’ve been using a really expensive teeth whitener for the last week and I’m concerned if the part around the brackets are whiter then I don’t want it to be in even and I have the one tooth were my gum is really swollen for months now and won’t go down and I’ve been brushing regularly would you no any home remedies I should try to help

      • Denise says:

        Hi doctor , I had my braces off in December 2017 and I’ve been back many times due to a sore tongue , my teeth have been trimmed so many times since , and the last I’m I went the orthodontist said it was how I was positioning my tongue . My bite is also painful in my jaw . I don’t feel confident to go back now .. any advice ..

      • Leslie says:

        Hi , I just got my braces off today but my retainers are making my gums bleed in som places is that normal ?

      • Sara says:

        I am not a patient. I got my braces off approximately 2 and a half months ago. Some of my teeth still feel loose and wiggle some. Should I be concerned?

    • Dr. Gemmi says:

      Unfortunately, your teeth will always want to move back to their original position. If the retainer doesn’t seem to be working, make an appointment with your orthodontist to discuss other options for maintaining your straighter teeth.

      • Arianna says:

        Hi I got my braces about three weeks ago. I have a large gap in my front teeth, my teeth are a little bit crowded on the bottom and I have a bad over bite. I have to wear braces for 24 months and a retainer for two years. I’m really scared that my gal is gonna come back after u get them taken off or it isn’t going to close completely

        • Dayna says:

          Hi, you sound just like me, I have a huge gap and small crowding on my bottom teeth and a littler over bite, I had braces for over 24 months and I just got them off this summer. I used my retainer every night, except one day and my gap littler came back not as huge as it was before but it’s there… short story I had to get braces again… my advice get retainers that are glued to the back of your teeth. Best of lucks !

      • Ellie says:

        I am getting my braces off tomorrow and my orthodontist has not fixed my overbite and some of the teeth are still crooked and the top two front teeth stick out a little. I dont know what to do

        • Madeline Kamler says:

          You may have to do another round of braces later. I had to have two rounds of braces. My first round was for straightening out some of my permanent teeth, and some baby ones too. My second round was to fix the other permanent teeth that came in later. Now I’m fine.

        • Amy says:

          you should trust you orthodontist, they went through a lot of school and should know what they’re doing. If the inconsistencies are minor it is probably a thing that a retainer can fix!

      • jackeline says:

        i’m not one of your patients but when you get your braces off is it on the exact day or do they schedule another appoint

        • Emily says:

          I’m getting my braces off next week, and the way my orthodontists office has it, is we checked today,to see if I could get them off,n and next week I get my braces off and an impression on one day, and I come in the next day to get my retainer. It might be different for other places.

        • Shianne Gideon says:

          They would get your molds on day, and then they would schedule an appointment about 5-6 weeks later to get your braces off to allow time to Makena your retainer

      • mia says:

        ion not one of your patients but i’m getting my braces off in a few days and i have had swollen gums throughout the process. i brush regularly and use a waterpick. i also brush my gums with something my dentist gave me. however my gums are still swollen. is this normal for your gums to be swollen this late in the braces

      • Cassie says:

        I don’t know what to do my teeth just seem so small and ugly I mean their straight and I have a very good orthodontist I’ve just had braces since fifth grade and it’s been nearly 5 years since I’ve got my braces on and I’m just scared I won’t like the outcome!Do you have any advice?

      • Cheyenne compagni says:

        Hi I’m not one of your patients but I got my braces off April of 2018 and had them on for a year and 4 months . Now my orthodontist told me only wear my retainers when I’m sleeping and during the day my bottom teeth do shift and my top retainers won’t fit after not wearing them all day. Is that normal or is there something I should worry about?

    • Tajae says:

      I’m getting my braces of today and I was wondering if there was any pain involved with getting them off, and if so where?

      • ella says:

        Hi I just got my braces off today. I have fairly sensitive teeth so some parts hurt a bit. On top of that, my gums were tender and when they were touched slightly they hurt. Its a very quick process and Im glad they are off. My smile is beautiful and I hope yours is too.

      • Avah says:

        No, you will feel a little uncomfy when they are getting the mold for your retainer and when they are snapping off the brackets. I also just got my braces off

    • Hope says:

      Can I get my braces off before I’m actually suppose to get them off without paying anymore.

    • Ariana says:

      Hello! I just got my braces off about 3 days ago and it almost feels like my teeth aren’t aligned. When I bite my top and bottom tears scrape against each other. I did were rubber bands during treatment. Thanks.

    • Jenna says:

      My teeth hurt and I just got my braces off today .i got a retainer so I am wearing it .Is if normal for them to hurt

      • Teddi Byrd says:

        yes. it is very normal , i just got my 2nd set of braces off yesterday and i’m in the same pain i was the first time. it’ll eventually get better give it a few days and don’t forget to wear your retainer how you’re supposed to.

    • Isabelle says:

      I just got my braces off and its very sensitive

    • Angela says:

      I am getting braces tommorow.Do they hurt? I am scared!

      • Emily says:

        It just feels kinda weird after but it might feel a bit uncomfortable the next morning so take some Tylenol or mortrin or something like that and it doesn’t hurt to eat anymore.

      • Haneen says:

        The process of putting on the actual braces is not painful at all but after getting your braces the next few days your teeth will start moving and that will make it painful for you to chew but after a few days it will stop hurting and you won’t feel pain while chewing on your food.

      • Claudia says:

        Getting your brackets and wire on is not exactly painful it just feels a little strange…it takes a couple days to get used to havi braces though?

      • Claudia says:

        Getting your brackets and wire on is not exactly painful it just feels a little strange…it takes a couple days to get used to having braces though?

      • alicia says:

        Yes, your gums will be very sore for the first few days and each time you have a wire changed, you will feel this same pain. You do get used to it after a while but it is never pleasant.

        It is worth it however.

      • joss says:

        yes , they will hurt but not smth u cant handle. if the pain gets bad jus take an advil. don’t eat anything hard AT ALL. stick to soup the first couple days they gradually start to eat other things.

    • Harry says:

      I have got my braces of 5 days ago and have retainers but I have very small cheeks and had problems on impressions with getting the tray in and now have trouble getting my retainers out as I have trouble getting my fingers and thumbs far enough back can I get some advice/tricks on taking them out please and thank you in advance

      • Eva says:

        Hi Harry,
        I had the same problem when I got my retainer, and my orthodontist recommended gently pushing them from the back with my tongue.
        Hope this helps!

      • Lois Kindrick says:

        I had invisalign and just got my retainers today. If you go from the inside back molar and flip the tray or retainer up with your fingernail and gently work your way around the retainer, do the same for the bottom. A few tines and you’ll be a pro. Hope this helps, you can also ask for a pull tool or Amazon has them , but I prefer to use my fingers. I never got the hang of the pull tool but it works well for some.

  2. Liz says:

    I’m just wondering (I get my braces off tomorrow yay!) if getting them off will make you feel nauseous. When I got them on I remember feeling a bit sick.

  3. Jar12345 says:

    I just got my braces off and I have puffy gums all round how do I fix that thanks.

    • Dr. Gemmi says:

      Sometimes swollen gums can occur after braces are removed. To reduce the swelling, make sure you are regularly brushing your teeth with a focus on the gum area. If the swelling doesn’t go down in a week or two, make an appointment to see your dentist.

  4. Karina says:

    Hi! I just got my braces removed today and my orthodontist took a mould of my upper teeth to make me a retainer, the main concern I have is that my retainer won’t be ready for a week and I’m concerned that in that time my teeth will shift back..is this possible?

    • Dr. Gemmi says:

      There is no need to be concerned. There will be no noticeable shift in the positioning of your teeth in that time. Just make sure you follow all instructions when you do get your retainer.

      • Emily says:

        I’m worried too that when I get my braces off tomorrow!! Yay!! That my retainer won’t be ready for ages and my teeth will move back but I don’t want them to!! Will this happen to me x

      • Carrie says:

        I am going through a nightmare now in braces 14 months after having to have them put back on because after removal they “relapsed” and I was out of state. In 8 days the “permanent” upper retainer broke as my teeth were insisting to go back. My dentist is 28 with a 6 month smile “Certificate of Achievement” it’s been hell but I would def worry about time between getting retainer and when molds were taken. I wanted this my whole 47 years of life and its the worst experience ever and staff treat me like THAT patient. I paid in full before almost 7K for everything and I have been so intimidated and my dentist doesn’t know what she is talking about –by tech knows better and often must correct her “ideas” SO DISGUSTED and sad over it.

  5. Ally says:

    I just got my braces off today, and there were some metal box-esque things surrounding a couple of my top molars. After coming home from the orthodontist, I noticed there was still noticeable amounts of the glue for the braces on the back of these teeth. Is there a way to make the glue come off at home, or do I have to schedule an appointment to get it removed?

  6. Kesar says:

    HI I’m getting my braces of tomorrow and I have only had them for 5,6 days I wanted them off because they bothered me to much. Yeh and I wanted to ask will my teeth feel different ?

  7. Robin Graves says:

    Thanks for the article, I’m 34 years old and after saying no as a kid to braces, I went for it and tomorrow they come off! Just ordered a takeaway tonight because your article said there may be a feeling about eating strangely when the brace comes off. Thank you and can’t wait for tomorrow. Been on 3 years! Turns out the issue was 1 of my teeth was fused with jawbone as a kid

  8. Ally says:

    My teeth feel like they are moving, is this okay?

  9. Mary says:

    Hi, I’ve been wearing a retainer for a week now and was wondering why my teeth hurt when I eat. I take my retainer off to eat btw.

    • Dr. Gemmi says:

      Your teeth may still be tender from your time in braces. Try to stick to soft foods for now and take a pain reliever for the discomfort. Don’t take your retainer on and off a lot because that could keep your teeth feeling sore. Follow your orthodontist’s instructions exactly and make an appointment if your teeth don’t start firming up in another week.

  10. Trinity says:

    I got my braces off yesterday and I have been struggling to get my bottom retainer in and out, since I am supposed to pull up from back to front, I have been experiencing chapped lips. I reapply chapstick regularly, which helps, but the corners of my mouth are starting to develope little white bubbles that look like calluses, and are very tender. Should I be concerned? When will they go away?

    • Dr. Gemmi says:

      A little bit of irritation and soreness is normal. You just had your braces removed and now you are adjusting to a retainer. Give your mouth a few days to adjust and you should see a difference. If it doesn’t get better though, see your orthodontist to make sure that the retainer doesn’t need to be fitted better.

    • Raina says:

      The front 4 teeth were a little forward so I wore braces for almost 11 months and finally my braces are off. I can see the difference in alignment of my teeth but from the side view and front view my teeth still seem not to have a perfect bite.
      My doctor told once the braces are off teeth will relax and move back and have a perfect bite.I am getting my retainers in next 2 days but hardly seem to have a perfect bite/alignment. What do I do now?

  11. Nyah Manragh says:

    I just got too braces yesterday and I would really like thetreatment plan to be a year and a half id there and thing I can do to speed up this process to make sure it happens

    • Dr. Gemmi says:

      How long treatment lasts depends on several factors: if you are a child or an adult and what type of braces you are wearing. Also, some people’s teeth respond more quickly than others do. This is a process you don’t want to rush because your teeth could slip back into their original position if you take the braces off too soon.

  12. Skyla says:

    Ever since I got my braces removed at my dentist, I’ve been having difficulty eating and rinising my mouth with cold water. It really makes a couple of my teeth hurt and I don’t know if this pain will go away. Please help

    • Dr. Gemmi says:

      It is normal for your teeth and gums to feel a little tender after getting your braces off, but that should fade. If the tenderness continues or you start to feel actual pain when you eat or rinse, then see your orthodontist immediately.

  13. Rather not say... says:

    Hi I’m getting braces in five months and I was wondering, when they take them off does it hurt even a little bit? I can’t handle the slightest bit of pain! (I’m not a patient of yours.)

    • Allie Blair says:

      most orthodontists will let you keep your braces when you get them off lol i get to keep mine. i get mine off in a month or two

    • Dr. Gemmi says:

      It is a very similar process to when you first had your braces put on. No pain, but there might be a little discomfort. When taking your braces off, your orthodontist will have to use some pressure to take off the brackets and get all the glue off your teeth, but it won’t hurt. Your teeth and gums might just feel a little tender afterwards.

    • Brianna says:

      I had to get two of my brackets off today and replaced lower so the teeth will come up. It did hurt for one of the two teeth and felt like it was about to break.

  14. Sharon says:

    Hello, I’m not a patient with you all, but I have a question. I’ve had my braces on for a little over 2 months and I’ve noticed my face has changed. My cheeks look thinner and my cheek bones are more noticeable. Is this something to worry about?

  15. Gaby says:

    So I might get my braces off on Thursday and I know this sounds a bit weird but can I keep my braces?

  16. Lex says:

    So I just got my braces off today but I have a class that I need to speak clearly in (public speaking) but my retainer makes this very difficult. I’m supposed to wear my retainer all the time except for eating but if I don’t wear it for a couple hours every day will my teeth move quickly? I’m only concerned because I just got them off.

    • Dr. Gemmi says:

      It is important to follow your orthodontist’s instructions if you want to maintain your straightened teeth. If you have an important speech one day, then it won’t have a major effect if you keep your retainer out for the class, but you definitely don’t want to make a habit of it.

  17. Bayleigh says:

    Hi Dr. Gemma, I am not one of your patients and I am not getting my braces off in a while (about 7-8 months), but I am concerned about how my teeth will look after I get my braces off. I am scared they will not be as straight as I had hoped and that they will also be yellow. What should I do to prevent these things? Also, my gums are falling over my teeth. How should I floss to fix this?

    • Dr. Gemmi says:

      Don’t worry, if treatment has gone as planned, you will have a straighter, more beautiful smile when your braces come off. Sometimes a little yellowing of the teeth can occur, but this can be easily fixed with whitening treatment a month or two after your braces are taken off. If you are having gum issues, then it is especially crucial that you are brushing and flossing every day. There are special tools like floss threaders and interproximal brushes that can make flossing easier with braces. Ask your orthodontist about them.

      • Shiloh says:

        Ask your dentist about gumchucks (they look like little num chucks) they take a little time to figure out but are worth it 🙂

      • Michelle Kolaskos says:

        Hi i just got my braces last week. I notice my teeth were not has straight or they shifted. So i made appointment to go back in. I dont get my retainer till this monday. My ortho suggested to add a springto my retainer. Now will that rotate the teeth back. Im very cocerned.

  18. Asher says:

    Thank you for writting this article!
    I’m not one of your patients but I did just get my braces off. My entire mouth
    feels sore and advil only helps a bit. Is there anything I can do to relieve the pain?

  19. Saahirah says:

    Hi. I just got braces taken off and I have been given retainers and been told that I should wear my retainers full time for a week. After a week I should wear them only at night. Is this true and if I wear them only at night will my teeth move? Thank you.

  20. Sara says:

    hi! i’m afraid when i’m pretty sure i’m about to ft my braces off and i’m worried my teeth will look weird because my gums are a little inflamed and i’m nervous that they will look really bad when i get them off. what should i do to get my gums looking normal rather quickly? (not a patient)

    • Cody says:

      One thing to remember is that your gums are inflamed because bacteria is building up in them. This is due to the fact that reaching deep enough with floss is hard or even impossible while your braces are on. The best method that I have found is flossing twice a day, and then using mouthwash afterwards to clear the bacteria out. Note: do not be concerned if blood comes out. This discharge is just a bacteria/blood fluid that needs to be released.

  21. sara says:

    Hi! i am getting my braces off in a couple of weeks now and my gums are a little inflamed. they haven’t gone over my braces yet though. I was wondering if there was anything i can do to make them go down rather quickly?

  22. mona says:

    hey i had my braces for almost exaxtly one year and my teeth are definetly straight, they were already straight for a few months, but my orthodontist just doesn’t want to take them off. any advice?

    • Jane says:

      Maybe your teeth being straight wasn’t the only problem? Some people also need braces because of overbites (or other jaw problems)

    • Adrianna says:

      I have had my braces since I was 7, and I still have them now that I am 12. My parents think I got them too early, because my orthodontist is only in it for the money. You might be in a similar situation

  23. Her15 says:

    I just got my braces off today and I feel nauseous and I feel faint

  24. Pranav Mishra says:

    I m getting my braces off tomorrow.
    Can i eat everything ( even hard foods )
    after that..please reply doctor

  25. James says:

    Hi Dr. I just got my braces off a day ago and i noticed that there was a bit of blood the first time i brushed without braces, I wanted to know if this was normal?

  26. Jamey says:

    Because of my rubber bands, three of my canines got pulled out much further than the rest of my teeth. Is there any way my orthodontist can make them line up with my other teeth?

  27. Eva says:

    Hello.I just got my braces removed yesterday and I am unhappy with the result.I feel my upper arch is too inside and I feel my smile is so artificial .Is there a way for the arch to get back to normal shape if I stops wearing retainers

  28. Jenna says:

    I have not got my braces off yet but is there a certain type of toothpaste I should be using to make sure my teeth are white when I get them off. Also how do you prevent bracket staining?

  29. Haley says:

    Hi! I’ve had my braces for 3 1/2 years and I’m getting them off next Thursday. Which retainer is more efficient for keeping my teeth in place? Invisalign, or the traditional wire retainer? And also, will my teeth be stained when they come off? Thanks! 🙂

  30. arman says:

    i got braces off today….can i eat normal things because i am scared to eat anything….my orthodontist told that ill get retainer after 2 weeks….will teeth shift in those 2 weeks…please reply

  31. Mac says:

    Tomorrow I get my braces off and I have metal bands on my back teeth, how are they removed and does it hurt

  32. Morgan H says:

    I got my braces off yesterday, and I immediately noticed that my gums started to inch in between my teeth. I assume this is because it was difficult to maintain a regular flossing schedule, while I had braces for nearly 8 years (I had a lot going on- lol). Every time I brush or flossed today and yesterday, my gums bled a lot! Is this good? Is there any way I can get the gums to go back to their proper form?

  33. Isaac says:

    Hi I’m not one of your patients but is it normal if I only get a bracket off in one place all the time?

  34. jadyn says:

    Hey so I’m not one of your patient but I had braces for about 8 months now and I just noticed that my applicator on the roof of my mouth has left a mark on my tongue will this go away after I take my braces off ?

  35. Avery Trammel says:

    I get my braces off tomorrow. I am scared it will hurt and my teeth will have white and yellow spots. What should I do?

  36. Victoria says:

    I got my braces off but i still have what seems to be 2 sets of brackets, which makes 4, on the top and bottom in the last row of teeth. Am I supposed to have them and if so what are they for or were they supposed to be removed already? Also my teeth are yellow and stained because of the braces.. could i get them cleaned and whitened?

  37. elise says:

    hi! I just had my braces removed today and instead of a retainer, my orthodentist stuck this metal wire on the back of my top and bottom front teeth. it’: hurting my tongue when I lick the wires and my tongue is bleeding. also, the white glue is really itchy to the tongue

  38. Britney H says:

    Hi, i just got my braces off today i have worn my retainers since i got out of the dentist office took it out for a couple minutes while i ate, i feel like my tooth on bottom shifted some already and it hurts really bad to put the retainer back in and out. Would i have to go get another retainer if that tooth shifted or still wear the original one

  39. Izzy says:

    I just got my braces off today, and my retainer is not feeling good in my mouth. Is this normal? I wasn’t sure if it was just that my mouth is sore or if the retainer doesn’t fit right. I didn’t feel this much pain when I got my braces on, so I wasn’t sure

  40. Cyril says:

    I just want to ask what kind of retainer do you prefer the traditional one with gums or the clear retainer like mouthpiece? Thank you 🙂

  41. Camille says:

    Hi, I got my braces taken off 3 weeks ago and noticed my jaw are not aligned. I cannot closed my mouth comfortable where my teeth touches. This is causing a lot of pain in my jaw and my head also hurt.

  42. Matt says:

    Hi I just got my braces off like a week ago an my lower right canine tooth is hurting really bad when I bit down is there any suggestions

  43. Shay says:

    Hi, I’m not with your surgery but i got my braces off in September last year and since then, in my front tooth it looks like the enamel has worn away where the bracket was. It also feels rough and like there is still some glue on the tooth, what should I do?

  44. Libby says:


    I had my braces removed 4 days ago and now my gums are peeling off of my lower front teeth. It’s not painful, but they are peeling so much. Is this normal?

    Thank you!

  45. Yuko says:

    Hi. I am not your patient, but when my Dr. removed braces, they made holes on two of my crowns. One of them an assistant filled cement, but different color and dent, and they didn’t do anything on another tooth.
    I am shocked my teeth look miserable at the end even though I paied $7000, and they did nit explained about that… What should I do? Does Dr. have responsibility to fix? Or should I visit to my dentist to fix? It will be a lot of fee….

  46. sarah jenan says:

    Hi, so I’ve just gotten my braces off and there’s still a very small gap between my teeth. It’s very slight, some people say the retainer will fix it. Is that true? (I am not one of your patients)

  47. em says:

    hi, my braces aren’t off yet, but i was wondering.
    if i go to sleep with my retainer, take it off during school, then put it back on immediately after school will my teeth shift back? (also im not a patient of yours) thank you if you answered my question.

  48. Aisha says:

    I took my braces about 3 weeks ago and when I looked at myself in the mirror my teeth were not all straight the teeth that are beside the two main ones that are in the from were a bit outwards as if they were pushed (I don’t wear retainer, I have the metal thing that’s behind the teeth) I’m also not one of your patients.

  49. taylor says:

    hi i am not a patient of yours but i actually have had my braces on for 12 months and i really can’t wait to get them off the orthodontist said that i will have them on for 12-18 months and they look straight but not 100% and i just recently got a tooth removed on the top right of my mouth and it is the 2nd one from the back teeth i was just wondering how long do you think it will take for the tooth behind that space to move in and take its place. thanks

  50. Eliza says:

    So I’ve had my braces for almost 2 years and I went to the orthodontist the other day and they told me to come back in three weeks to check that my gap had closed between my canine and teeth beside it and then in a couple more weeks I am getting them off. They put a power chain around the whole top and bottom but the gap that was supposed to close did not. If I go back in three weeks and they close the gap will I still get my braces off at the same time or do my teeth have to be good for a certain amount of time before I can get my braces off?

  51. Anayeli says:

    I have a huge question, before I had braces my jaw was perfectly fine, i have 3 years now without my braces , what I have noticed is that my jaw gets locked sometimes or it’s really hard to open my mouth completely , my first year without braces my jaw started to pop every time I would eat , now I don’t pay attention to it as much , but it’s still happening , & it hurts , I have to move my jaw left and right for it can go down all the way , is that normal ? Can braces mess up your jaw ?

  52. Hafsa says:

    I’m not a patient of yours, but I just got my braces off today. My teeth have always been really sensitive even before getting braces, but today they felt extremely sensitive when brushing them right after the glue was cleaned off. I’m worried they’ll continue to be sensitive and only worsen. Is there a toothpaste you’d recommend for sensitive teeth?

    Thanks again.

  53. Brianna says:

    Hi! So I’m supposed to get my braces off on Monday, and I’ve noticed that I can feel my teeth shifting a little bit, even though I’ve been wearing my rubber bands 24/7.

    • Brianna says:

      Sorry, following up what I said earlier, I can also see that my teeth look perfect, they just don’t feel like it. It doesn’t feel like my “fangs” line up, and when I bite down, only one side of my front teeth touches the bottom teeth.

  54. Douglas says:

    I’ve recently got my braces (February), I’m missing both my laterals on the top and I’ve got braces on the top and bottom will this affect my bit when I get them off because the teeth don’t match to the right ones on the Bottom

  55. Sakina says:

    Hi. Im not a patient of yours. I have a3 mm diastema. Im thinking of getting braces but still in doubt. Mostly because of cases of relapse that means i would haave wasted like a whole year wearing braces for nothing. What is the probability of me getting a relapse?

  56. kaylee says:

    hi. i’ve had my braces on for 14 months, i see no difference from when i got them on. they actually look worse and he said they will be off at the end of summer in my last appointment but now he says another six months! he also removed my wire due to swelling in my gums? and all my teeth are shifting because he took out the wire. id like him to close the remaining gaps in my next appointment and take them off is this possible?

  57. Nil1621 says:

    Hi.Will extractions cause my face to change in a bad manner?I have read it on the net about the sunken face effect.I have had two pre molars removed and have two more to go.I am 16 years old.Should I be really this scared about the effects of braces on my face? 🙁

  58. Samantha says:

    Hi ? I ‘ve removed my braces yesterday but my teeth look like a rabbit’s one they are not straight anymore they seem like they are sliding inside my mouth somehow If you know what I mean . Will they return straight again ?

  59. Caitlyn Mitchell says:

    Hello! I just got my braces off today but my Invisalign retainer is super painful, I don’t want my teeth to shift but I don’t want to were my retainer.

  60. Elena says:

    Hi, I’m not sure when I get my braces off, but I’m very nervous that I’m going to have bracket stains. I’m pretty sure that I have another year with braces but I’m still very scared. What should I do besides brush my teeth? (I’m not a patient here, I just had a question) thank you.

  61. Ivy says:

    Hi,I’m not one of your patients, but I get my braces off in 2 days… I’ve had them for over 2 years, and have been pretty good with brushing and flossing and everything and my teeth are white, but I’m scared that they will be yellow under the brackets… is there anything I can do to prevent this as much as possible without using harsh whitening treatments as I already have extremely sensitive teeth…

  62. Susan says:

    Hi, I got my braces off three days ago. Whenever I brush my teeth my gums really hurt, and I tried a softer toothbrush but it didn’t help much. This has been happening since I got my braces off, and I’ve been brushing my gums and teeth two times everyday. Is this something that I need to get checked?

  63. Pearl says:

    I just got my braces off about four days ago. Is it normal to experience bleeding and pain in gums while brushing? I use Arm and Hammer Extreme Whitening Baking Soda and Peroxide as toothpaste. Could my brand of toothpaste be the problem? I’ve always used it.

  64. simran bakshi says:

    Hi. I got my braces removed today and I’m not able to close my mouth completely. I earlier also was not able to close my mouth but now it seems to have worsened. I had braces for around 6 months. My dentist says it’s because i don’t have a prominent chin. But it looks very odd. In fact it looks much worse than brfore. I didn’t go for extractions because my dentist said that they are not good for the teeth and they might create a flat look in future. Can it be that my face isn’t settled now, since i got them removed just onr hour ago? Or should i have gone for extractions? I’m really worried. Pls help.

  65. Jacquelyn says:

    When I was 8 years old I fell and chipped my tooth and now I have that chip fixed but I’m concerned that when I get my braces off it will break that part off again will that happen?

  66. Zora says:

    I’ve had braces for almost two weeks and am getting them off tomorrow. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed my gum has been swelling over two teeth. I brush my teeth and floss around it. When I get them off, will the swelling go away? I’m afraid my teeth will never be the same!

  67. Jenna says:

    I have two weeks until I get my braces off! I’m going to a carnival two days after I get my braces off. Am I going to be able to eat the foods there? Specifically, Cotton Candy. Thanks!

  68. Eleanor says:

    I am getting my braces off soon. But I am worried that it will hurt really bad, when they like take off the brackets! Also what if my teeth are yellow?

  69. Katie Tomp says:

    Hi I have the clear bracket braces and they get really yellow so quickly! Is there any way I can prevent that from happening between my next appointments? Btw I brush and floss daily

  70. Annika Maxwell says:

    Hi! I’m not one of your parents but I’m getting my braces off in 2 days and I’m worried about white spots on my teeth. Is there a treatment to fix white spots if I do have them? Thanks , Annika

  71. Mery says:

    I’ve been wearing braces for four months and now i have a very important meeting…can i take braces off f only for a day and then wear them back again??

  72. Miyuki says:

    I have wore my braces for 1 year now and I have started elastics. They are horrible! What should I do?

  73. Sean says:

    Hi I’m Sean I am going to get my braces off in 6 days and I am really stressing at the thought of my teeth not being clean. I brush my teeth twice and make sure they are clean. Is there any tips you have for me? Also, I have a very sharp pain in a couple of my teeth that only show up when I get my brackets tightened is this normal, and sometimes teeth wiggle. Is that normal?

  74. Chandni says:

    i just got my braces off and i feel like my teeth has shifted too much backward that my face looks awkward when i smile. secondly i got removable metal retainer and it kind of fills up my mouth and there is no place for my tongue to swallow. Is it normal ?

  75. Isabella says:

    I’m getting my braces off soon and I’m nerbous of the drilling to clean the glue from the bracket I have very sensitive teeth and I feel that the drilling is going to hurt a lot

  76. It Sarah says:

    Hi doctor Gemmi! Today was my first appointment with the orthodontist. He told me that I need to take off four teeth. But I am wondering that will the braces move my teeth. But as I said he wants me to take off 4 teeth.please help. So how the braces will move my teeth after taking off 4 teeth.

  77. Sara soso says:

    Hi! Today was my first appointment with the orthodontist. He told me that I need to take off four teeth. But I am wondering that will the braces move my teeth. But as I said he wants me to take off 4 teeth.please help. So how the braces will move my teeth after taking off 4 teeth.

  78. Sara soso says:

    Please reply me back!

  79. Tasnima says:

    Hi I’m not a patient but I’ve recently taken my braces off.. they’re yellow ish..?? I find it so weird and hard to brush my teeth, the texture of my teeth is so weird, when I brush my teeth it usually gets rid of the colours and oily foods I’ve eaten but I can’t seem to get rid of it..?? Help? Is it possible that there’s some glue residue or something left on my teeth even when my dentist took them off? I don’t know how to explain the weirdness.. I basically don’t see a change when I brush my teeth

  80. Sarah Noonan says:

    I’m getting my braces off soon and my teeth are pretty sensitive, is there any medicine that I could take before my appointment to help with the sensitivity so it won’t hurt as much?

  81. Briana says:

    Hi, I just had my braces removed and I went to scratch at my back molar and I had something come off of my tooth that almost looked to be a chip from my tooth? Could this actually be that my tooth chipped in that area or could this possibly be left over glue? It’s why almost like a feeling but kind of looks like my tooth as well.

  82. Briana says:

    I meant to put is it white almost like a filling

  83. Nadia says:

    hi, I got my braces off on July 30 and about two weeks after I’m starting to see a blackish color on my canine tooth. Is it okay to use whitening mouthwash or teeth whitening strips or should I talk to my orthodontist ?
    Please answer back!!!

  84. Batoul says:


    I am getting my braces of in 3 weeks, but I have always had this one tooth (my left front top tooth) that was longer because the gums above that tooth is raised, unlike the rest. Is this going to be fixed after by braces are off? Should I ask my orthodontist?

  85. Aloosh says:

    Hi! I just got my braces off 5 days ago and I still have not gotten my retainer!! My front teeth feel very tender and i don’t know if that’s because they’re shifting back to their original form or not. I’m super stresssd out and I don’t want my teeth to be crooked again. What should I do and why is this happening?

  86. Ali says:

    Hello Dr I’m not one of your patients I have braces of 5 months and now I can’t able to continue the treatment for personal and financial constraints so I asked my doctor and he said no problem you can put off and I wouldn’t have any consequences, so can you give please some advice?

  87. Humairah says:

    So I’ve had my braces for a few months now and I was wondering if when my wisdom teeth grow after I get my braces off in roughly 2 yes will they make my teeth crowded again or move my teeth out of place again??? Also I feel like my tounge has no space in the middle of my teeth its like I’m biting my tounge constantly and I’m worried that since my braces are obviously moving my teeth inwards even more I’ll have even less space for my tounge… Also my orthodontist glued some sort of hooks onto my back molars but they weren’t used so they were taken off for whatever reason they chose not to use them after all… And my molars have kind of like a hole where the metal hooks were glued is this Normal??? I’m scared this will happen to all of my teeth when my braces come off and my teeth will be really ugly or even crack!!!

  88. Madi says:

    I didn’t finish my treatment but I’m switching to Invisalign because I hate braces at my age (18) I’m getting them removed today and getting Invisalign very soon! What should I expect?

  89. Lucy says:

    Hi, I recently go my braces off and started my retainer. The problem is I had a gap they had to close up for an extraction and my teeth don’t seem to sit on top of each other very well on the right side
    . Is this something to worry about?

  90. cha says:

    hey dr… im a girl from malaysia…….and its been two years already im wearing braces…..so the changes that i can see is that…my teeth size is getting smaller…n shorter…..y is it so…..n do u have solution for this….

  91. Rose says:

    When I get my braces off will they be stained permanently

  92. jimmy barr says:

    I am a 62 year old male who had to have braces because a sleep apnea top and bottom splint/appliance eventually altered my bite so that only one top tooth and one bottom tooth touched. (This was at the hands of an holistic dentist.) My regular dentist went bonkers when he saw this change. He immediately referred me to an Orthodontist.
    I will have the braces removed in 3 weeks after having worn them for the past 17 months. My question is will my sleep apnea improve from a better bite with straightened teeth? I live alone so I have no one to monitor my snoring/gasping. I do, however, feel it’s working because I seem to be more rested in the waking hours.

  93. Suruchi says:

    Hey I just got my braces removed last month and still gaps are there my teeths are moving here and there I can feel it but I have not get my retainers yet and have not cleaned properly from the back side and some glue also there on some teeth he is calling me again next month is it ok and he is doing right treatment

  94. Ellie-Marie says:

    How long do you usually have to wear a retainer for? I’ve had braces for a little under two years and my teeth used to be absolutely horrendous, I’m getting them off 7 weeks today however I was a little worried about having the retainer for even longer than I hoped.

  95. elizabeth says:

    What does it feel like to get them off??

  96. Taylor says:

    Hi, I am not one of your patients but I had my braces removed 7 months ago. I recently lost my retainer and my orthodontist can’t see me until Wednesday.. that will be five nights without my retainer. Should I be worried about my teeth shifting?

  97. Isabel Cervantes says:

    I just got my braces off a week ago and I feel like they aren’t straight as before but the thing is I wear my retainer as I was told to

  98. Stephanie says:

    Hi Dr. Gemmi I just got my braces off today! I got my retainers and realized that the bottom ones don’t fit on one side. I was wondering if my teeth would shift a lot if I wait a couple days (no more then a week) to start wearing my bottom retainer. I would still wear the top retainer. I would also wear the bottom retainer while I wait but it’s very uncomfortable and I can’t speak that well when half of it is sticking up. (I’m not one of your patients) I would appreciate your answer thank you in advance!!

    • Tirza says:

      You got your retainer the same day you got your braces off?

      How do they make one on the same day? Don’t you have to wait for them to make one? I’m getting my brces off next week…

  99. raman says:

    hi Dr.gemmi i have removed my braces last year after removing it found that my lips size has been increased.can i fix this problem sir?

  100. Sam says:

    Hi, I’ve recently had an Inman aligner and 3 weeks ago my treatment was completed 🙂 I’m happy with the results and my dentist fixed the back of my teeth in place with glue and a metal bar which meant my teeth took some pressure while he was fixing it in. They have been a little sensitive to eat on since and one of my front teeth is quite sore and strange feeling even now and I think it’s getting slightly worse. Is this normal 3 weeks later?

  101. Meray says:

    Hey doctor, I just got my braces off two weeks ago, and I really didn’t like how I ended up looking only the top teeth. They look overjet/overbite and I have been getting so many negative comments instead of people telling me that I look good they’re all saying that I look bad and that It made my mouth look frontward of course it mostly shows only when I smile. Which is causing me to so much insecurity and making me not want to smile also making me want to cover my mouth whenever I’m talking. I want to know if its a normal thing that the teeth look overbite/overjet after the braces is off, and will the retainers help fix the overbite and overjet. I am so depressed no lie??‍♀️

  102. Jane says:

    Hi dr. Gemmi Just got my braces off today and my gums are red and puffy after getting them off when will they heal ? and what can I do or use to fix this ?

  103. Abbie says:

    Hi dr. Gemmi Just got my braces off today and my gums are red and puffy after getting them off when will they heal ? and what can I do or use to fix this ?

  104. Mila says:

    Hi I have my braces for 5 years and I hate it. I’m dying to take them off. Today I’m going to dentist and I hope she will remove them, she always say that she is going to remove next visit (about 6 months) ago and she didn’t ..ugh annoying ? I’m so scared when I take them off if they will not be beautiful and straight ?

  105. Shira says:

    Hi! I got my braces on in November, and my teeth look perfectly straight to me and my mom. My orthodontist even said they look good; however I am getting on suresmile in 2 months then it takes 2 months to make it, and the he said after that it will be 8 to 10 months. I don’t want them on for that long.What should I do

  106. Emily says:

    Hi, I got my braces off earlier this week and I’m really happy with the way my teeth look. However, my follow up appointment isn’t for another week and a half to get my upper retainer alothough I do have a permanent one behind my lower teeth should I be worried about any movement of teeth?

  107. Ryleigh says:

    Hey I got my braces put on yesterday, I’m getting them off 2 years from now, I can’t handle pain or discomfort very well, just wondering how bad it’s going to hurt to get them off? And how are some ways to get your teeth whiter after braces?

  108. Dalia says:

    I just got my braces on a couple days ago and the wire is very thin and in the middle of the wire there is this little metal rectangle attached that is poking me like crazy. Will this metal box thing be there forever and always poking me. My whole mouth is torn up.

  109. lisa says:

    i just got my braces off about a week and a half ago and one of my back teeth hurt so much anytime i eat like throbbing almost and the same exact tooth on the other side hurts as well how do i fix this

  110. Alyssa bosher says:

    I’ve had braces since february, they are not fast braces i need then for about 2years, and i also have an expander on the roof of my mouth, But the teeth next to the front ones are really small and it makes it hard to brush them sometimes and 1 of my teeth the gum above it hurts when i brush it. is this something to worry about or not??

  111. Rhianna says:

    Hi, I was wondering I get my braces off in a week and I’m terrified it will hurt! Like even the smallest amount, I’ve been told my gums will bleed, is that true?

  112. anna says:

    i get my braces off in a couple of months after having them on for 5 years.. I’m a smoker, I’ve also obviously drank a lot of fizzy drinks and ate sweets over the last 5 years. will my teeth be yellow and have marks on from having my braces on?

  113. Rather not say says:

    I get my braces off in 2 weeks. Does it hurt when they take them off?

  114. Amanda says:

    Hello. I just had my braces removed 2 days ago and received retainer yesterday evening. My bite is off as in there is an open space between top and bottom teeth that won’t close (I can stick tip of tongue through opening), but the dentist won’t be in office again for another 5 days. Will wearing an incorrectly fitted retainer affect my bite I worked soo long for until I can get fitted for a new one?

  115. Livia says:

    Hello Dr. Gemmi,
    my Name is Livia. I am going to get of my
    braces next Monday. But there are still
    gaps at the Front of the Top and Bottom.
    Thanks for reply!
    Greetings Livia

  116. Livia says:

    my Name is Livia. I am going to get of my
    braces next Monday. But there are still
    gaps at the Front of the Top and Bottom.
    Thanks for reply!
    Greetings Livia

  117. Mac says:

    I just got my braces off today. When I first out on my retainer this morning, it didn’t hurt. I took it out maybe an hour later. Now it’s nighttime and I’ve flosses and everything and this time that I put in my retainer, its hurts. Why?

  118. Mac says:

    I just got my braces off today. When I first out on my retainer this morning, it didn’t hurt. I took it out maybe an hour later. Now it’s nighttime and I’ve flosses and everything and this time that I put in my retainer, its hurts. Why?

  119. Anna says:

    I just got my braces off and it looks like I still have some space in the lower bottom that wasn’t there when my braces where on. Is that normal? I am really worried.

  120. Kyleigh Egan says:

    Hi, I’m not one of your patients but I just got my braces off after having them for a year and this morning I noticed that I have a little gap again, is this normal??? I get my retainer in a few days but what should I do so the gap doesn’t get bigger?

  121. Rachel says:

    Hi, when I got my braces on, my gums became swollen, I’m getting them off in abt two weeks, I was wondering wil my gums go back to normal… Like how they where before I got them on?

  122. Riley says:

    hi I just got my brcaes off 2 days ago and they were perfectly straight and i coundlt get my retainer until 2 days after , and one of my teeth on my bottom moved down , I’m really not happy with it , will my retainer fix this ?

  123. Hamda says:

    HI there, can I just say this information is amazing thanks for the comments and the article. I have been wearing braces for a year, (damon clear braces), I am an adult 22 years of age. I had my braces removed two weeks ago and have to wait for my retainers for three weeks, in the mean time I have fixed retainers on ( the ones that are glued under neath the front teeth), is it ok to wait for your retainers that long? also I have upper back triangle gap and my ortho said that will take time to disappear am worried about that as well. any advice will help, thanks

  124. Andrea says:

    Hi , I’m not a patient with you guys but I’m getting my braces off in about one hour and I’m scared because I don’t know what to expect. When it comes to the impressions I always start gagging and it’s embarassing! Is there any tips you can give ?

  125. Lily says:

    HI I am getting my braces off tomorrow and I am really scared that I am going to have white spots. Any words of advice?

  126. VICKE says:


  127. Melinda says:

    My daughter got her braces off today and is freaking out her teeth are not perfect. Her usual orthodontist was at a conference and she is worried they have been taken off too soon. What are options if this is the case?

  128. Issa says:

    I have really puffy gums and I’m getting my braces of in 2 months, will the swelling go down when I get my braces off because the brushing and flossing will be easier?

  129. Jess says:

    I recently got my braces off and and my bite was perfect. My molers were touching and everything was fine. I got my retainer. My molers only touch whe i have my retainer in but when my retainer is out my molers or any of my other are not able to touch. Plz help!

  130. Nanette says:

    Hi doc, I just got my braces off earlier today, i’ve been in braces for 10 years. I’m scared what might happen to my teeth after removing my braces. Help!

  131. Eliza says:

    I am supposed to remove my braces in a month but have noticed a very small gap in between my two front teeth. My dentist gave be elastics to wear and said that the gaps should go away. Will that work?

  132. Ally says:

    Hello Dr. Gemmi. I am getting my braces off tomorrow after two years of having them and I am concerned about them being yellow. Will whitening toothpaste make them turn a little more white after I get my braces off?

  133. Elaine says:

    Good day,I’m 31 and had my braces removed 4 days ago. However when the orthodontist removed one bracket (porcelain)he battled and pulled hard still I said it’s sore. He then stopped and tried another angle to remove it. It felt almost like he was extracting a tooth. Now when I chew it’s sore there. Should I be concerned or will it stabilise again?

  134. Alissa says:

    Hey, i got my braces off yesterday and my retainer felt fine, but now it feels like its extremely tight. Is that my teeth settling? (I have noticed my front teeth have moved back slighly) thanks!

  135. Rafia says:

    I’ve got my braces off today..but I’m feeling that when I openly smile my teeth look very wide and the gums are fully shown..the lips slip away making a wide ugly smile..is it normal and will be recovered with time?

  136. Emma says:

    Hi my name is Emma and I’ve had braces for 3 years. Within this time needed to have surgery to fix a tooth that was stuck in my gum. Anyway I’m getting my braces off in about two weeks. The two teeth next to my two from teeth are very small and pointy so there is a gap bettween my teeth since those teeth are so small. At my last appointment they said a retainer for my top teeth would temporarily fix the look of the spaces between my teeth but they only took and impression of my bottom teeth even though they said I️ would be getting a retainer for my top teeth the day I️ get my braces off does this seem right?

  137. Beth Fowble says:

    I am 46 years old. I have had my braces on for 2 months and have already seen movement. My treatment plan was 12-14 months. Sometimes would it be sooner? Also once they are straight do they come right off or do you wear them for more time even if they are straight?

  138. Sandra says:

    I want to ask if I can take my braces off after 10 moths of having them? Will my teeth go back to how they were before or can they stay in poison if I wear a retainer.

  139. Karin says:

    Hi, I just got my braces out today. My dentist has put a wire glued to the back of my upper teeth, due to which now my bottom teeth are touching the back of my upper teeth. I’m now unable to eat or chew and grind food I take. My dentist said it’s common and teeth will get settled so as the biting problem will go away after wearing retainer for 6 weeks.
    Is this normal? Or my orthodontist messed up a my teeth?

  140. Alexia says:

    I got my braces on around 6 months ago and my gums have been swollen for around 4 months. I don’t know what to do in order to help this. I am also worried that white spots will appear when I get them off. And also the dentist but a blue glue on the back of my molars and it is wearin o she I tell them to put more my top teeth are rubbing against the bottom

  141. Matthew says:

    I get my braces off next tuesday, i am afraid my teeth will have spot on them. Do they whiten them or anything??

  142. Rinki says:

    Hi dr gemmi after fix retainer on upper teeth will teeth move after retainer because i noticed my upper lips are getting thinner and my teeth comes downward. Is it natural? That means my retainer is working how much time it will take to reset my teeth.? Thank you.

  143. Izella says:

    (I got to an orthodontist in Texas ,but…)Hi,my name is Izella I’ve had my braces for three weeks now and the swelling of my gums hasn’t gone down (but my gums ARE NOT red!?)even tho I brush after every meal and use mouth wash. What do I do??

  144. Savannah says:

    I just got my braces off and my teeth look SO big, does this happen with everyone?

  145. Melissa says:

    Hi i am not one of your patients but inwas hoping you could answer my question.. i get my braces taken off next week and while they are straight my dentist says that i need to get invisalign atleast two trays he said something about my two too front teeth not wanting to move back..why is that i thought braces fixed everything

  146. sam says:

    I only have braces at the bottom part of my teeth ny friends who alse have their braces on are telling me that I will not have my teeth alligned correctly and I am getting worried that they may be true since another dentist said that it is better to have braces both in tge upper lower teeth.

  147. Tanja says:

    Hi I am not a patient of your but I have my braces for 10 days now and I dont feel any moving in my teeth so I was wondering from which day should I start feeling my teeth moving?

  148. Tori says:

    I got my braces off yesterday and I have one extremely sensitive tooth . I can’t brush it or touch it. Is this normal?
    I had my braces for 18 months.

  149. Bella says:

    I’m getting my braces off next week
    I have a weak stomach when it comes to taking the mold of my teeth anything I can do so I won’t feel sick ?

  150. bella says:

    Got braces off for a week now and I got a permanent bottom retainer and clear top. I wear it during the day a bit and at night but… not. I put it in normally but in the morning it’s on the floor or in my bed. I recorded myself all night long and I take it off in my sleep. Yes in my sleep… Am I the only one in the world that does this?? I’ve considered everything and i don’t know if they’re is any way to stop me. Is permanent upper my only option ?

  151. Emmy says:

    I am getting my braces off tomorrow but I have a super bad sore throat will it make a difference.
    Emmy xx

  152. Paige says:

    Does your lips go smaller after you get your braces off ?

  153. Beatris says:

    Hello there, I’m not one of your patients but I’m getting my braces off in two weeks and curious if it will change my lip shape at all? Ever since I got braces my lips seems to have gotten a bit off a different shape and a bit of a pouty look. I’m just wondering if getting my braces off will change the shape of my lips?

  154. Gael says:


    i just got my braces for 3 days now but still my front teeth can’t bite through anything I have to use the back teeth but it also hurts.. is this okay

    and I can feel change in only 3 days does it mean I have great chances that my braces can be removed in only a year.??

  155. Dani says:

    I have braces, and I’ve had them almost 3 years now my orthodontist said I’m getting them off soon. But, my teeth are tiny or/ gums are covering most of my teeth. I brush every morning and night but is there any way for my teeth to not look like this I’m really concerned thx.

  156. jojo says:

    How long periods can have retainer on my upper teeth?

  157. Mara says:

    Hi , So i just got my braces removed 2 days ago and every time i put in my retainers it hurts. Also when i wake up they tent to hurt a lot furthermore, when ever i take off to eat and put them back on they hurt what should i do ?

  158. Arely says:

    Hello Dr. Gemmi, I got my braces off about 2 weeks ago, and I loved my teeth after I got them off. I noticed that the next two weeks after I got them off, they look different. I’m starting to get small gaps in my teeth, and I’m not sure if this has to do with my retainer, and if it does, is it possible for my teeth to change back to where they were when I first got them off, if my orthodontist changes the shape of my retainer at my next appointment?

  159. Niamh w says:

    So I’ve had my braces off for 2 years now and there seems to be lump like calluses where the wires ended (top set of teeth). I keep thinking it’s oral cancer because they haven’t left after 2 years. I don’t have any problems with them and they do not hurt as much unless I press firmly on them but I was just wondering if this is normal?


  160. Cristina says:

    Hello I just got braces and one of them detached from my tooth and is sorta just floating there and I can’t see my dentist until 2-3 weeks. Is it dangerous to leave it like that?

  161. Avery says:

    I forgot to where my retainer for one day. Will my teeth shift or could have they shifted??

  162. Mary says:

    I got my braces off about 2 days ago and my retainer won’t be ready for about a week and a half to two weeks, should I ne concerned anout noticable shifting?

  163. Shannon says:

    Hi, I recently got my braces off and now have a retainer but I’m worried that the retainer is causing me to have sore gums which makes it quite painful to brush. Is this normal? (I’m not a patient of yours)

  164. Rather not say says:

    Ive currently got braces and Im starting to get so nervous about the changes that may happen to my face when I get them off. How dramatic can the changes be and how can I decrease change in my appearance. Ive also heard about changes to your lips and Im just worrying so much!

  165. eh says:

    i’m getting my braces off in 3-6 months and i’m so excited! but the thing is, i have super sensitive teeth and when i got my braces repositioned it hurt to get them off and felt super old when they filed the glue off. I also have a super sensitive gag reflex and have to get an impression for my retainer. help.

  166. eh says:

    When i get my braces off i plan to whiten my teeth. is there a specific amount of time i should wait before i do so?

  167. Jaye says:

    I’ve had my braces on for 4 months now and I’ve not been able to bite into anything without my top and bottom front teeth hurting since I’ve had them on. They’re obviously really tender when I’ve had them tightened but even when that pains worn off I still struggle to bite into anything, even soft bread! Is this normal and will I go back to normal when they’re off? Do braces pull at all times and is this why my teeth are so tender when I eat?

  168. Delaney says:

    i just got a powerchain on and i am wondering if there is anything to help with the pain

  169. Ashley says:

    I just got my braces on about a year ago and still nothing has shifted! Is that normal?

  170. Ashley says:

    I just got my braces on about a year ago and still nothing has shifted! Is that normal?

  171. Kenneth L Ward says:

    What do I do if my braces aren’t straightening my teeth fully as was supposed to. I’ve had them for two years and my top teeth aren’t straightened, and overbite hasn’t been fixed.

  172. Andrea says:

    Hi! My orthodontist told me that I had puffy gums which he doesn’t want because then my retainers won’t fit properly when I get them off, how do I make them go away? How do I brush my gums? Circular motion? Rough or soft?

  173. Marie says:

    Hi, i had braces for 8 years in my life, the last 2 years i didnt visit my orthodoncist. I got my braces off yesterday and i wont get my retainers till next week, will my teeth move in those days ?

  174. Rithish says:

    Hy my braces is to be removed by tommorow, iam happy for that but they said that they eill keep permanent braces.my concern is whether it is needed or keep retainer for six months?

  175. mansi says:

    I am getting my braces off probably next to next month it’s around 4 years now. I was having lower jaw class 3 case…can you pls suggest after removal precautions and how will I feel finally??

  176. Cynthia says:

    Hi, I am getting my braces off in 3 weeks I am scared, not only because they are not as straight as I had hoped, and some teeth in the front are not fully touching. I asked my orthodontist assist why they where not touching, and she could not give me a for sure response. And that really worried me, because paying for braces is really pricey… just for me not to get, great results. What should I do???? And will getting my retainer help, them come together???

  177. Erin says:

    I get my braces of in a couple of months and (I believe) I am 20/24 months and I am so nervous of having those white patches when I get them off. How do I make sure this doesn’t happen and can I ever get the white patches removed? Thank you!

  178. Michael says:

    I got braces about 8 months ago and it seems my upper teeth closed faster than my bottom teeth. Now I have a slight underbit when I didn’t have one before. Now my bottom teeth are having problem closing because the top incisors are stopping this movement. How can I get this fixed?

  179. Gracie Baldwin says:

    Hi I am not one of your patients but I wondering what’s the best way after braces to whiten your teeth I am only 14. They are really yellow and I brush regularly and don’t know what else to do

  180. kennedy says:

    i got my braces off about a month ago and my teeth are still straight and everything, i wear my retainer all the time but when i take my retainer off , my bite feels like it has moved , it doesnt feel like im biting the same like i did when i had my braces on. is this normal?

  181. Clay says:

    I have braces but my teeth look a lot more yellow than when I didn’t have braces… Will they be white when I get them off? I brush my teeth two times a day.

  182. Ivan Arras says:

    Hi, I’m getting my braces off on Wednesday and my teeth look more yellow than before and I was wondering if they will look whiter when they are off, is this possible?

  183. Josh says:

    Hi, I still have my braces on but I get them off in a couple months. I’m just curious if there is a time limit to how long you need to wear your retainer. Like will I have to be popping it in every night for the rest of my life, or just a year or so?

  184. Ger says:

    Hi, it is now two years since braces where removed. And my lower teeth hurts for a week every four or five months.please can you help with advice?!

  185. Maeve says:

    I have a gap in between my two front teeth. My orthodontist said he will see this Monday how my teeth are and if they are perfect he is going to take them off the appointment after. Will he take them off with a little gap in my two front teeth?

  186. Mackenzie says:

    I recently got my braces off and i have an essex retainer. it is incredibly painful putting on becuse it scrapes my gums, what should i do?

  187. Saraa says:

    Im from the uk , had my braces about 5 years now. I want them off, im not sure how long my dentist wants me to have then on for even though ive already had them for so long. can i ask to get them taken off? Whats likely to be his answer? Considering im 21 im allowed to make
    my own decisions right?

  188. Grace says:

    Hi! I️ am not a patient with you all but I️ am getting my braces off in a week and I️ am very nervous for any yellow or white spots left on my teeth. Are they common and is I️t bad?

  189. Dee Brace says:

    I had braces for 2 years, after a relapse of my bottom teeth.
    I also have had many periodontal treatments.
    I very strange thing occurred during this time with braces. My gums got healthier. Noticed by my dentist and periodontist. I must admit my dental care was below standard and I thought I would hear words to pick up my dental care with my every 3 month appointments, but this did not occur. I now have my braces off and within a month I see my gums inflammed etc. I have resumed proper dental care ie, flossing more, brushing more and am now suffering. My gums were good prior to removal of the braces what gives? I did not have excessive plaque build up during the time I had braces, now I am seeing more plaque etc. Any reasoning?

  190. Mikayla Mayfield says:

    Hello Doctors!
    I’m really concerned about my final appointment, and about future appointments with my orthodontist (not a patient of yours), because as part of my treatment one particular bracket has had to be removed and upgraded slowly from a surgical button to a full brace. Each time it has been removed, and any time any of the other brackets have had to be removed and replaced, it has been deeply painful. It has caused involuntary tears and can perhaps be likened to the combined pressure-pain of bending a finger backwards until you are forced to stop. I now know that this is very out of the ordinary, but I do not believe my orthodontist believes me when I tell him it hurts, since this procedure should be painless, albeit somewhat uncomfortable.
    Do you have any idea what could be causing this level of sensitivity?

  191. Ang says:

    Hi, I’m suppose to get my braces off tomorrow but the original treatment plan said I needed them for 2 1/2 years. It’s only been 19 months since I got my braces. Last month when I got my wires adjusted on the top, my top front teeth shifted apart after a few minutes of the wire being taken off. I’m afraid my teeth will move apart again once the braces are taken off tomorrow. I’m also having extreme gum (not tooth)pain when I drink cold water. Will my teeth move apart once the braces are removed tomorrow? Will the pain from cold water go away? My orthodontist seems to get annoyed when I mentioned things like this to her. It’s been really hard to get advice from her when I voice my concerns.

  192. Mannat says:

    My braces got removed ! M not able to bite a chocolate so whole life i wont be able to bite hard things ?

  193. Thanuluxy says:

    Hi I just got my braces off recently and noticed that my teeth looks a little flared up is there anything I can do about this

  194. megyn casteel says:

    i might be getting braces in a few months after i have my root canal treatment done answer i need to know if when my braces are off if i can eat with them in because i do not want to take my retainers off in front of everyone in my school cafeteria.

  195. Brittney says:

    I got my braces off last Thursday and ever since that day I have not liked my teeth . The look straight but they are not they feel like they are crowding and over lap with eachother . I don’t know what to tell my orthodontist . Because i know I can’t afford another 3 years of braces

  196. Marie says:

    I got my braces off November 27, 2017. I’m mid line of my top teeth does not match up to my bottom teeth. I wear my retainers like I’m suppose to. I just received crowns on my front teeth a week ago. Is there anyway my orthodontist can put Invisalign on my top teeth to shift them back and will they charge me for it. I’m still seeing them for my retainers.

  197. Cheyenne Kelleher says:

    Hi I am not a patient of yours but I have just recently got my braces off and some of my teeth feel lose and I wasn’t sure if that was normal or not?

  198. gisselle says:

    i just got my braces taking off yayy!!! is it normal that there moving

  199. gisselle says:

    is it normal

  200. Lucy says:

    I had my braces taken of today but my teeth feel really big and also when I brush my gums seem to bleed is this normal? (Not a patient of yours) Also when I was getting my braces taken of the woman that took them off clipped my lip so hard and cut it is this normal?

  201. Jackie O'Brien says:

    hi dr im not a patient of yours but when i eat my mouth hurts . im getting my braces ooff in like 2 days

  202. Michelle says:

    Hello! I’m getting mine removed in a few hours and I’ve noticed that a few weeks ago my brackets started to literally cut up my cheeks. Once I get them off and there’s no more metal scraping against the inside , will my cheeks heal up or are these cuts permanent?

    • Kylie says:

      Hey ! I decided to answer because I know the answer to you’re question. It’s perfectly normal for you’re inside cheeks to be a little cut up from rubbing of your brackets and such. If it hurts or causes discomfort then place wax on the sharp parts of the spots where it hits the sores on you’re cheeks. Also it won’t be permanent. It will eventually heal 🙂

  203. Someone says:

    Hi I am not one of your patients but I did get my braces off last week on Thursday. Today is when I am supposed to be getting my retainer, although I have seen that the gap I had in my two front teeth has opened a slight but again and I was wondering if the retainer will close it. I had braces for almost two and a half years, it was a terrible experience so I don’t want to do it again and before I had braces I had a bad overbite where I had to wear a retainer for four years. My teeth were absolutely terrible when I got my braces off I didn’t really like the end result and also like have this piece of skin at the top of my teeth and they think I may need to cut it otherwise it will get in the way and the huge gap I once had in my front teeth will be coming back even with wearing the retainer. So what do you believe I should do because I have been on a seven almost eight year journey with fixing my mouth and I want to make sure it is perfect and doesn’t go back to looking terrible so yeah… what should I do??

  204. Issa says:

    I had my braces taken off like 3 months ago and just tonight my top retainer crack a bit but it’s still wearable and my bottom retainer i was supposed to get it this week cause it broke like a few weeks ago. and I was wondering will i have to get a new bottom retainer and top??

  205. Kylie says:

    So I have power chains on my teeth. Part of the power chain came off my bracket. It has been pushing hard on my gums for awhile and then I noticed some bleeding. I decided I need to get them off, as when I booked an orthodontist appt they said they couldn’t help me because they were on vacation. So I decided well this power chain cant stay on anymore. It’s causing bleeding and discomfort. So I removed it myself. When I removed it my gums were slit like the whole left side of my mouth and super bloody where I thought I would need stitches ! My appt is Tuesday that’s the soonest they can take me. For now what should I do? The cut is yellowish and really tender! I can hardly eat, or drink anything but water! Also how long do you think it would take to heal?

  206. ashley says:

    When I get my braces off will my gums be swollen? If so, how long? I went to the dentist in January & my gums have been swollen since.

  207. James says:

    Hi I just recently got my braces removed. It was so tender for about a week. And when my orthodontics took them out. It hurt so badly . I almost cryed. Please tell me


  208. Gracie says:

    Hello, I get my braces off in exactly one week, but I’m anxious that I may have white spots because I had a bad habit of drinking soda every once in a while and my bottom teeth seem slightly yellow. I am worried because I had bright white teeth beforehand, so those parts of the teeth weren’t exposed to the same conditions as the rest of the tooth, what can I do to possibly prevent even this late in the game?

  209. Kaylee says:

    Hello, I just got my braces off today after two years, and I noticed I had a bit of an overbite on the right side. Will my retainer fix this? I’m supposed to get it tomorrow.

  210. Ryan Quessenberry says:

    I want my braces off on the first day because it is way too uncomfortable is that good or not?

  211. Joseph M says:

    Do you really see a difference in yourself when you remove the brackets?, o really want to know this because I don’t even remember how I looked before I even got braces almost 3 years ago

  212. Joe Tran says:

    I recently got my braces off and its been hard ti brush my teeth, my gums are extremely sensitive and they bleed when i brush my teeth, how long will this effect lasts?

  213. Lauren says:

    Hi, I’m not one of you patients but I’m freaking out because I just got my braces off 3 days ago and I’ve noticed my two front teeth separating a little bit, should I be worried? Ps- I don’t have a retainer yet I get it in three days.

  214. Me says:

    One of my front teeth has shifted a bit or of pine since my last appt. I’m supposed to get them off tmrw. Is there anything I can do to straighten it out before tmrw?

  215. Unknown says:

    Hello I also got my braces off actually my teeth were very front and I got 1 teeth extracted in both the sides now that gap is filled even after getting my braces removed my teeth little bit are still in front what to do to get them back

  216. Swati Rao says:

    So I had two gaps beside my canine teeths other wise my smile was beautiful and cute.its been 6months I am in braces and this will be my last visit but I am not satisfied. as my gaps are no more but it has changed my overall face structure and I even have a bite problem now.i can clearly see my one side has bigger teeths comparing to left side and my smile has widened.What should I do?

  217. Courtney says:

    I’m getting my braces off tomorrow but my teeth are really straight like in a like at the top should I say something to him or is this normal

  218. Courtney says:

    I’m getting my braces off tomorrow but my teeth arent really straight like in a line at the top should I say something to him or is this normal

  219. Emma sanford says:

    Hello I have been wearing my retainers at nighnight for the past two years and I have two tiny gaps and I have no idea if they are EVER going to close. Will wearing a night guard help close the gaps? Because I really don’t want to have to have on my braces again wore them for a little over 3 years.

  220. Jenn says:

    So I’m about to get my braces off tomorrow morning. But I’ve noticed that my teeth aren’t completely straight, even though I’ve been told by my orthodontist that if I just wear my elastics the way I was told, it’ll straighten out. My wires weren’t tightened very often throughout my process of having braces either. Is that why my teeth aren’t completely straight? My orthodontist hasn’t said anything about a second round of braces either, so I’m a bit scared that my teeth will still be a bit uneven when the braces come off.

  221. Debster says:

    Hello. My braces were removed last week. And they put retainer. And there is inflammation in my gums and I can see there is a gap near the gums. Will it heal by itself?

  222. Tahnee says:

    Hi. I am getting my braces off this fall and I was wondering if what my orthodontist did is normal. I had an over bite and really bad crowding before i got my braces on. The orthodontist suggested that I should get four teeth pulled(two on the top and two on the bottom). What is the purpose of that? When I get my braces off, will my teeth move back to their original position? Thank you.

  223. Kassandra Garcia says:

    So I wore expanders for 6 months and the expander left an imprint on my tongue. What I want to know is how long will it take for my tongue to finally look like it once did before.

  224. Kim Sheckell says:

    I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed next week, and I’ve had braces before in the past. Would I have to get braces again?

  225. Victoria says:

    Why did my orthodontist tell me not to wear my bands anymore (for my braces)

  226. Dvonte says:

    Hi there I got my braces off yesterday however I got my retainer fitted on the day I took the brace off ! They are saying I get my retainer next week ! But I’m scared my teeth with go back to how they was what shall I do?

  227. Cline says:

    Hello! I am stressing out. I’m getting my braces off in 20 days and I’m happy about that. However, for my retainer my orthodontist said he is puttin clear acrylic dots on my top canine teeth that my retainer will “clip” onto. I don’t think this will work very well and I can’t find anything that shows someone else doing this. I want to know if this is a rare thing or if it even exists. He says it’s to help hold my teeth down which I don’t mind but when I’m not wearing my retainer I’m afraid you will be able to see the acrylic dots on my teeth. Please help!

  228. Aradhya sharma says:

    Actually I’m having gum swelling due to braces.Though,I’m gargling with salt water and using stolin gum I’m scared that it will ccause problem.

  229. Harry says:

    So I am from the UK so obiviously not from your practice but I have really tight cheeks and it is a problem when I get my retainers out. It’s not like I can’t get them out but it is a massive struggle and they also had trouble fetting the trays in my mouth for impressions but I can.get my retainer on without issue I just have trouble getting them off. I also had my braces off five days ago

  230. Nicole says:

    i’m getting my braces off in 3 weeks. they said they won’t give me a permanent retainer on the top because my teeth on the bottom could keep hitting it and eventually knocking it out. is this true?

  231. Nancy says:

    Hey I got my braces removed like 4 days ago and the right side of my jaws hurts I even notice that I got a lump behind my head could it be the nerve ?

  232. Summer says:

    I got my braces off over a year ago and I was told by my orthodontist that I need to come back. My mom refuses to take me back because she doesn’t think it’s necessary. I have been wearing my retainer everyday like I’m supposed to and my teeth seem fine. Is it bad that I haven’t been back since I got them off?

  233. grey says:

    getting my braces off in 3 days and my gums have been supper aggited and swoolen even with brushing my gums and massaging my gums the havent got better im worried once my braces are off my retanier wont fit cuase my gums are down

  234. Miro H says:

    Hi I got my braces off last week, and my ortho told me that it takes 14 days to get the retainer. Is it okay to wait all that for the retainer?

  235. James Morgan says:

    Hi. I just got my braces off and my teeth feel rough when I rub my tongue over them. It’s still that way after a cleaning by my dentist. When I pick the surface of my teeth my fingernail catches on a few on them. I assume that’s still glue. Any idea of what’s going on or should I be concerned about enamel damage?

  236. shweta says:

    I got my braces off 10days ago and I m wearing eetainers properly but my teeth are back in its original position that was 2 years ago..I am tensed what to do?

  237. Elesia says:

    I have had my braces on for just over 2 years now, since I have had them on, I feel like my gums have got bigger / my teeth have shrunk. My teeth are more square since having braces and I don’t like it.

  238. Yara says:

    I have been putting my braces for about a year and two months and I have removed them from about a month and a week ….
    there r very yellow spots on my teeth and they seem to be really visible …
    What do you advise me to do !?

  239. Karthik S says:

    Sir ,I have weared braces for 3 yrs and a retainer for 7 months after that.But now I have a problem of hypersalivation,did over swallowing of saliva pushes the teeth back to the original position .Its make me scary of that.please help me doctor

  240. Logan says:

    Hey if u don’t brush ur teeth like ur suppose too will there be a black stain is there any way to get it off my friend might have that

  241. Sharon says:

    I had 4 healthy teeth removed then had braces on for 18 months.the braces were on the back of my teeth.all was good until right at the end as the gaps were almost closed in I began to feel a pinching feeling in my gum where 1 of my teeth was extracted.ive had my braces off for 6 years now & im still feeling that same very annoying pinching feeling in my gum.what is going on? Bone damage due to the tooth extraction??

  242. Kyleigh says:

    Hi! I just got my braces off and I got two permanent retainers and one non permanent for the top only. When I bite down I do not have a even bite. The only teeth touching when I bite is my top two front teeth and bottom two front teeth. Is my bite messed up?

  243. Edith says:

    I know this article is super old so idk if you’d still answer stuff but I need to get my brackets repositioned in a couple days, is getting the glue off uncomfortable/what does it feel like? I’m super nervous about it

  244. Saima says:

    I have an overbite and hig front teeth too…My dentist said my teeth will enhance more after braces…wht should I do.?

  245. alvares says:

    Quick question, my ortho removed my braces today and im unhappy about what my teeth looked like after, bcos some of them are uneven not crooked but uneven, are they supposed to reshape it a little or no bcos she didnt do a thing, im really disappointed.. 🙁

  246. R says:

    Can i ask for fuck’s sake why the heck the teeth aren’t fucking glassy after taking braces off and removing them by scaler? It’s like a layer of my fucking teeth is gone and i’m completely able to see one of my teeth has another layer under it. What the hell????

  247. Hieu Tran says:

    I’m having brace on now. Last month, in my appointment with my orthodontist, I mentioned that my upper pre-molar is little bit long and it touch my lower earlier others teeth, then he polish it (I think) and make it shorter. I felt very much better. Then he move upper one up. Then two weeks after, I call them then talk about my concern because two teeth not touch each other. But he said it can be fit each other after my braces off. Is it true? Should I have another appointment to fix it? I just concern that after braces, I will wear retainer. how my upper teeth can move down to touch my lower one?

  248. Karen says:

    I got my braces off 3 years ago and I noticed that my bottom teeth are not as straight as they used to be and I feel like I may have done something to the wire while flossing. Also I realized when I got them off, I had only gotten a top retainer and not a bottom one. Is there a reason to only get one retainer?

  249. Dan says:

    I had my braces removed couple of months back, and now I’m wearing a retainer, my lower jaw is paining, is it normal for the lower jaw to get dropped from upper jaw when I close my lips??

  250. Kathern says:

    I have recently got my braces off and I’ve noticed a few gaps have opened up…Is this normal? Should i be concerned or contact my orthodontist? Also my orthodontist didn’t explain what the Pre-Finisher was supposed to do for me…could you explain it to me please?

  251. Evelyn says:

    I got my braces off weeks ago and i have a permanent retainer on my bottom front teeth and was told to only wear my top regular retainers at night . I’m afraid my bottom teeth, the teeth from the sides and the back will shift… should I wear my bottom retainers at night even though I have a permanent retainer?

  252. Caleah says:

    I’m not one of your patients but I just got my braces off a week ago and I got my retainers yesterday. My teeth felt fine before I had to put in my retainers but after I put them in and took them out to eat, it feels like I’m biting in two again. I had to keep my braces on longer than necessary because my bite was in two different places. When I had gotten my braces off my molars were able to touch in the right places and the same with my canines, but now it seems like the retainers made it worse than when I got my braces off. Also with my teeth, it feels like something is stuck on the surface of the tooth- something hard and rough. What should I do?

  253. Martha says:

    Hi I have a question I just got my braces off today and one of my front teeth stands out slightly more then the other will my retainer help with that or does the retainer just keep
    Teeth as is

  254. Laura Obot says:

    Hello Dr.,
    I am worried about the present state of my teeth.
    It’s been exactly one year since I started wearing braces. Having to leave the UK where I began my treatment to another country has made it difficult to continue my treatment/checkups.
    It’s been 5 months and I haven’t had a checkup/been able to find a reputable dental practice to continue treatment with and I have been considering taking the braces off to retinue at a later date.
    Note: i haven’t achieved end results with my teeth.

    I have been told if I take off the braces, it could could a future relapse of my teeth.
    My question is , is it okay to wear the braces for as long as since at this point, there’s no teeth movement and the wires are basically just holding my teeth together in position?
    I want to avoid my teeth changing or moving position.
    I will really appreciate your response. Thank you

    • Mominah says:

      Hi, I got my braces off 3 days ago. My teeth have been fine so far but I’ve just realised that one of my top teeth seems as though it’s moving. It’s not aligned with my two front teeth like it was the day I got them off or even yesterday. I haven’t got my retainers just yet as my orthodontist has taken a mould of my teeth and will give me them on my appointment on Thursday. Will my teeth go back to being aligned once I start wearing my retainer or should I be concerned?

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