2017 Back to School Fashion Trends for Teens

If your kids aren’t stuck wearing a uniform to school then they are probably equal parts excited and dreading putting together their back to school wardrobe together. Excited to have a fresh start and a new look for the year, but also dreading any negative reactions?

Here are twelve 2017 back to school fashion trends that will be a surefire success:

The Minimalist Approach

We have all heard the expression “less is more” when it comes to home design, but this can hold true in fashion too. You don’t need a lot of bling or flashy colors or designs to make a statement. This fall, try the minimalist approach by wearing lots of black with just one singular statement like a colorful necklace.

Super Size It

The fall weather can be tricky with some warm summer-like days and other chillier days so sometimes it can be hard to know how to dress. But even on hot days, usually a sweater is a smart idea in the air-conditioned classrooms. An oversized sweater paired with a jean skirt or shorts can be stylish while still being comfortable.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be You

Being you will always be in fashion. Never let any trend overtake your own personal style. Try to combine a trendy item with something that is classically you. For instance, you will see overalls all over school this year. Find a pair in a unique color or one with embroidery on it and pair with one of your favorite shirts.

Skirts and Sneaks? Yes

Most of us have been taught that we need to either dress formal or casual not both, but today’s trends say something different. Go ahead and wear athletic sneakers with a long skirt and form fitting shirt. It gives a rough edge to a softer, romantic look? You can like girly clothes and still be a tomboy at heart, right?

It is All About the Layers

Not ready to put away your summer favorites yet? Don’t worry, by layering you won’t have to it. Start pairing your usual t-shirt and shorts or sundress with a light cropped jean jacket or warm up those legs by wearing colorful stockings underneath a sheath dress.

Another unique way to approach layers is to layer a shirt over a dress to make it a skirt. For best results, use the same color scheme in the shirt as in the dress.

Go Retro with Modern Edge

Luckily in fashion we are never afraid to draw inspiration from the trends of earlier decades. You will see a lot of 70s and 80s lines in fall trends. The A-line silhouette is making a big comeback with a modern twist. Frayed flare jeans and patchwork denim are also making a comeback from the 70s. A patchwork denim shirt can bring some subtle contrast to a denim skirt while frayed flare jeans with a peasant blouse will make you feel like you stepped into a different time era.

Want to go even further back in time? The 60’s bell sleeves on a shift dress will make you feel feminine and trendy at the same time.

Who Doesn’t Love Velvet?

Velvet is one of those fabrics that connotes luxury and who doesn’t want to look like a million bucks? While a completely velvet dress may be overkill for back to school, think subtle touches of velvet on a shirt or a skirt or even on your backpack. A little goes a long way when it comes to velvet.

Do Neon the Smart Way

Bright neon colors can be fun and help you stand out in the crowded school halls, but there is always the danger. The smart way to handle is neon is to pair with simple white to connect it like having a white shirt connect a neon green jacket and neon green skirt.

Embroidery Is Where It Is At

Embroidered fabric is very popular this year and you will see it in dresses, shirts and skirts. Don’t be afraid to let your feminine side shine through. If you are looking to add a richness of texture and color to your outfit, an embroidered piece bring that extra something you are looking for.

Give Your Summer Whites a Second Life

Don’t listen to those naysayers who say not to wear white after Labor Day. Neutrals are great all year. Simple pair your summer whites with some cool crisp denim to bring them into the fall.

Accessorize It

Don’t forget that the right accessory can really make an outfit sing as well. Go with some bling and pair a metallic choker with a simple tee. It’s better not to have too much going on in one look. Pick one item to be the standout item.

Scarves are still popular and very versatile. Tie one around your neck or use one as a belt. There are so many different options to choose from.

Hoofin’ It In Style

What you put on your feet can say a lot about you as well. Lace-up sandals can help you transition from your summer wardrobe to fall wardrobe with ease. They look great with any length skirt as well as trousers. As the chill returns to the air, warm boots like over-the-knee brown suede booth can dress up any outfit.

The most important thing to remember is to always be you. Trends will come and go, but you will always be you. You will feel the most confident and comfortable in your clothes when it speaks to your own personal sense of style.

Make this back to school time so special by finding yourself through clothes. And remember that you don’t have to have a big clothing budget to make all this a reality. Borrow from mom’s closet and get creative with what you have and you will be pleasantly surprised with what you will be able to put together. Your friends will be wanted to know who your stylist is and won’t believe you when you tell them you did it all yourself.

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