2017 Back to School Hair Trends

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If you are like most kids, you are probably look at the start of the school year as a chance as a clean slate, to redefine yourself. What better way to do that then to sport a new haircut or hairstyle for the first day.

Here are some 2017 Back to School Hair Trends:

The Razor Bob

One way girls can make a big splash this year is by sporting a sleek but edgy razor bob. In this modern version of the bob is shorter in the back and longer sides and layers.

The Pixie

The pixie will never go out of style and is a great choice if you want to try a more extreme shorter cut. This hairstyle looks best on square, oval and heart-shaped faces. Remember though that there are different versions of the pixie so bring a picture and be explicit on what you are looking for.

Pop with Color

Color embellishments can make any hair style pop. You just need to be careful about picking the right color. While neon green or blue would certainly turn heads there are more subtle shades that can still make a statement. How about a bolt of red inside just your braid? Consider honey streaks to lighten up a darker shade.

Still very popular is Ombre hair color, where the roots through the mid-shaft are darker but then gradually get lighter through to the ends. Shades of grey are a favorite among teen girls. If you are not afraid to make a bold statement and your school doesn’t have any strict hair policies, then you will love the rainbow pastel look for your long brunette hair.

Twisted Up-Dos & Braids

If you have long hair, there is always a lot you can do with it. You can practically have a new hairstyle every day. Have fun playing around with Dutch braids, a French twist or a simple chignon. Combine your elegant new do with some new clothes to match and you will get all gold stars for fashion this year.

For a unique look, try a more creative style like creating a braid across the top of your head to act as a headband to hold back your curly hair. Or try a side fish tail for a soft, romantic look.

Bring Back the Ponytail

The ponytail may seem too simple, too elementary school-ish, but it is actually totally underappreciated. A low ponytail can look sleek and sophisticated while a half up, half down hairstyle can be a soft and playful look.

If you want to spice up a simple ponytail, add a double crown rope twists. The rich texture will complement the sleekness of the ponytail underneath.

For those sleepy mornings when getting out of bed is a herculean task, the top knot with a train will be your best friend. Easy to style, all you have to do is pull your hair into a high pony tail and then fold it in half and secure it with bobby pins but let some of the ends hang down so it looks like you have a tail coming out of a bun. Make sure you have a sleek center part as well.

Half-Shaved Look

Want to have an edgy look this school year? Try asking your hairdresser to shave one side of your head, while keeping the rest of your hair full and flowing. Not ready to commit to something so drastic? Pull your hair back on one side really tight and pin it for the same effect.

The Undercut

For boys, the undercut with longer layers in the front seems to be the style of choice. With a longer front you can try different things like spikes or a pompadour undercut with the swept up middle. If you prefer a military look then ask to have you sides shaved closely. You will look like a man in action.


Give the world a glimpse into your punk rock soul with a fauxhaux. With this look you won’t get in trouble like you might with a full Mohawk at a private school, but it still will show that you like living on the edge. With a fauxhaux, you can spike up the sides or the middle, however your mood strikes you.

Cut-in Designs

Want to tell a story with your hair? Use cut-in designs to celebrate your favorite things or important people in your life. Just be careful that you don’t get too elaborate and that the designs take over the whole haircut. Subtle is always better when it comes to these types of designs.

Tapered Cuts

Both guys and gals loved sporting tapered cuts where the hair is longer at the top and then gets shorter down the back and sides. Typically with a tapered cut, the top is two to four inches longer than the rest of the hair.

Fade Cuts

Another popular boy’s cut is the fade, where the hair on the sides and back of the head are buzzed to where there is practically no hair but there is more hair as you gradually move toward the top of the head.

For boys with curly hair, a curly high top fade is a cool combo of volume and edginess. Never fight against the natural curl of your hair, make it work for you instead.

Chin Length Hair for Men

For teen boys who prefer longer hair, a chin length cut with hair worked backwards is a good midway style between really short hair and shoulder length hair. And it is still a good length to put up in a man bun!

Back to school time can be a lot fun with all that new beginnings bring. Go ahead and be creative and let all sides of your personality shine through. Ask your trusted stylist for what works best for you and any tips they have to making the most of the texture of your hair and the shape of your face. Your friends will be jealous at how stylish you are this year when you walk in those school doors.

What goes with any haircut? A beautiful smile. Call Orthodontics Limited, PC, today for a consultation and find out easy it will be to transform your smile.

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