4 Yoga Poses to Reduce Inflammation

reduce inflammation

No matter a person’s occupation or trade, certain challenges and side effects are universal. These things don’t have so much to do with exactly what we do, more so what we are. Human.

These are issues that might visit you at some point in your journey no matter what lifestyle you lead. As such, it is invaluable for everyone to develop strategies to minimize their effects. One such human challenge is that of inflammation. Luckily for us, there are plenty of ways to reduce inflammation.

One of the most readily accessible methods to counteract inflammation in our bodies is yoga. This article will address, specifically, yoga poses to minimize these effects in the face or gums. Of course, if discomfort becomes severe, the best thing to do is to see your virtual orthodontist or to visit an orthodontic care specialist’s office.

What is Inflammation, Really?

Inflammation is actually a body’s attempt to right itself. It might be a response to an infection, or an injury. It can even be caused by autoimmune conditions like Type I Diabetes. Inflammation may or may not be painful.

This issue is more likely notable by its symptoms, however. When thinking of inflammation, images of swollen, reddened skin come to mind. This is because, when a part of us is under threat, our bodies send neurophyls to the site, to fight infections or mitigate damage. Because the blood vessels in that area now have more stuff in them than usual, we swell.

There are actually two types of inflammation that differ in how long they last. Acute inflammation is usually caused by an injury, contact with a harmful substance, or an infection, and lasts for a limited time. Chronic inflammation is caused by long-term exposure to harmful substances, sensitivities or allergies, autoimmune disorders, or even a failed recovery from acute inflammation. This type of inflammation sticks around, sometimes indefinitely.

Regardless of your inflammation type, facial yoga can help.

When to Use Yoga to Deal With Inflammation

Ultimately, the best thing someone afflicted with facial inflammation can do is to see a virtual orthodontist or schedule an appointment at an orthodontic care specialist’s office. This, however, isn’t always an immediate option. Here are some situations in which you might consider turning to yoga to reduce inflammation.

  • Your appointment with a virtual orthodontist is far away and your pain is acute
  • You need a procedure done at an orthodontic care specialist’s office, but are at high risk for infection with COVID-19 and wish to wait for lower case numbers in your area to go
  • Your usual orthodontic care specialist’s office is closed due to the outbreak, and you need relief while searching for a new one
  • You have a chronic condition that causes inflammation, like Type I Diabetes
  • You live a holistic lifestyle and prefer to make medical appointments only when absolutely necessary

If you find yourself in any of the above situations, facial yoga might be a great option to reduce inflammation. Here are a few poses to get you started.

Yoga… for Your Face!

Yes, you read that right! There are many yoga “poses” specifically designed to work with muscles of the face. As this is where most discomfort involving orthodontics occurs, these poses will greatly reduce that inflammation. They can be done every day.

Lip Plumper

For those familiar with the beauty tool, you may be surprised to find there is a yoga pose to help plump lips! In the case here, though, that is not its primary purpose. By tilting your head back and puckering your lips forward, you can strengthen not only the lips, but their connection to the gums behind them. Repeat the exercise five to ten times, depending on pain level, to reduce gum inflammation.

Neck Lift

This yoga pose focuses on the lower jaw, where painful inflammation may sometimes leech through muscle. To fight this, you might try the simple neck lift. Tilt your head back until you feel your neck stretching, protruding your lower lip. With a hand on either side of your neck, gently massage down to your collarbone. Repeat this five to ten times to reduce inflammation around the lower jaw.


If you experience uncomfortable inflammation around your cheeks from your upper jaw, this facial yoga pose may help.

Fill your cheeks with as much air as they will hold. Hold the air in for a minute, or as long as you can, up to a minute. When time is up, slowly release the air. Repeating this facial yoga pose five to ten times a day should reduce the swelling.

Cheek Lift

Inflammation of the cheeks is one of the most common symptoms of an orthodontic problem. If you can’t see a virtual orthodontist or visit an orthodontic care specialist’s office, try this facial yoga pose.

Purse your lips, though not all the way to a kissing shape. Think halfway between resting, flat lips and a kiss. Put two fingers under each cheek and lift. Hold your cheeks up for thirty seconds five to ten times a day. The inflammation in your cheeks should reduce.

Time to Heal

Whether you are able to visit an orthodontic care specialist’s office or see a virtual orthodontist or you try these yoga poses at home, time is key. Inflammation is only the signal to you, from your body, that something is wrong. We are not machines. Solving these kinds of problems is not as simple as replacing a damaged part.

If you’re recovering from an orthodontic issue, give yourself time. Follow the directions of your orthodontic care specialist, do the above facial yoga poses every day, or both. Take time to rest. Drink plenty of water. Be patient.

Remember, in case of inflammation, the best course of action is always to see an orthodontic care specialist. However, if you are currently unable to do so, or are dealing with a more chronic issue, the four facial yoga poses in this article could be invaluable to you in reducing inflammation, and increasing comfort.